Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ukraine, Venezuela Or Great Britain - It's Socialism So What's The Difference?

To those people around the world who have the ability to analyse history and recognize socialism for what it is, the violent events in the Ukraine and Venezuela will come as no surprise.

What does come as a surprise is the meek acceptance of the disastrous consequences of socialism in Great Britain, which has been accepted by the people with hardly a pipsqueak of protest. On contrary if the latest polls are correct, a general election held tomorrow would produce a socialist Labour government, if not outright then in coalition with the equally appalling Liberal Democrats.

Red Ed Miliband would be Great Britain's first openly Marxist Prime Minister and the man who wrecked the economy with his socialist policies during the Blair/Brown reign of terror, Ed Balls, would be in control of the nations finances once again.

It's as if the disastrous events in France, just twenty two miles across the English Channel, have never happened let alone the events in the Ukraine and Venezuela some fifteen hundred and five thousand miles away respectively.

In a direct imitation of the British political class, the ruling political class in the Ukraine are ignoring the wishes of the people and taking the country in a direction they do not want to go - in this case into the arms of Presidents Putin's authoritarian socialist Russia. Ironically they would rather take the road to Europe which is an expensive imitation of the former Soviet Union. The lesser of two evils is obviously preferable.

In the new post democratic age, like the British and the rest of the EU, the Ukrainian people have been disenfranchised and consequently they have no option apart from a violent uprising.

This is what people making themselves heard looks like in the Ukraine.

It's a similar story in Venezuela where the history of socialist failure has repeated itself again with tedious predictability. The ruling class have managed to wreck an economy and a country that is rich in natural resources including oil, natural gas, gold and diamonds.

It is now universally accepted that socialism and authoritarianism go hand in hand, therefore the corrupt political class in Venezuela are responding to the people's call for change with violent suppression.

This is what people making themselves heard looks like in Venezuela.

Venezuelan socialism in action here

In Great Britain (and coming to America soon) the ruling political class are ignoring the will of people and imposing their socialist agenda which, in Great Britain's case, includes absorption into a post democratic, Soviet style United States of Europe, accompanied by a fundamental transformation into a so called 'multi-cultural' society.

This un-homogenizing of Great Britain's unique Anglo/Saxon/Celtic culture, which has evolved over thousands of years, is ethnic cleansing using politically correct methods and terminology.

The consequences have been disastrous for the British people with their once green and pleasant land now turned into a series of vile, crime ridden mono-cultural cesspits, riddled with idleness and welfare dependency.

Whole villages, towns and areas of cities have been totally taken over by immigrant communities that have been encouraged not to integrate but to maintain their cultures and practices, some of which are barbaric and belong in the dark ages.

Unlike their counterparts in the Ukraine and Venezuela, the once formidable British people have not risen up in violent protest but rolled over and had their tummies tickled like puppies begging for a another treat.

The formidable British Bulldog spirit that defeated the Kaiser and stood alone against the Nazi war machine, that Bulldog spirit that fought valiantly around the world from the jungles of Burma to Korea, that Bulldog spirit that travelled half way around the planet to kick General Galtieri and his military machine off the Falkland Islands, has all but disappeared.

A sizable portion of the British people have forgotten their illustrious past and now fret about trendy, heart bleeding issues such as gay marriage or horse meat in their supermarket burgers. They need to understand that when they are absorbed into the EU, horse meat will become their staple diet.

It is not strictly true that the British accept their lot peacefully, without a whimper of protest. There have been regular violent protests by sections of the population, with those that have been imported as part of the ethnic cleansing agenda taking the lead.

This what Muslim people making themselves heard looks like in Great Britain.

This is what immigrant people making themselves heard looks like in Great Britain.

As a matter of fact rioting and violence by immigrants demanding more or protesting against their lot in life as been a regular occurrence since the 'progressive' political class embarked upon their transformational agenda.(See here for a previous post including a list of ethnic violence).

On the face of it, it looks like the ruling political class has won and their transformation of Great Britain from a green and pleasant land based on freedom and individual liberty into a socialist, multi-cultural hell hole, is with us for ever but it would be foolish to write of the Brits just yet.

Maybe, just maybe, they will awaken from their socialist induced slumber, revisit their illustrious past, rediscover their Bulldog spirit and do what is necessary to take their country back.

They can make a start at next years elections and kick the traitors out, every last one of them.

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