Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Slavery, Child Rape, Acid Attacks – What Happened To Great Britain?

Three news stories from the Sceptred Isle demonstrate how far Great Britain has been degraded from the global superpower that brought civilization and development to twenty-three percent of the world’s population and administered twenty-four percent of the world’s landmass down to something resembling the backward, undeveloped territories they first encountered.

Although the British Empire took just over two centuries to reach its zenith, it took British civilization some five thousand years to develop from Stonehenge c.4000BC to the Bill of Rights in 1689 through to Universal Suffrage in 1918.

In addition, at great cost in blood and treasure and with the help of its allies, Great Britain fought and won two great wars for civilization against enemies so debased that had they prevailed they would have set back civilization centuries.
It would be foolish to deny that during the course of British ascendancy mistakes were made as was the case with all empires but on balance the contribution of the British to civilization around the world far outweighs the negatives.

During this evolution of civilization abolitionist William Wilberforce and his fellow campaigners fought a twenty year battle to abolish slavery culminating in the Abolition of Slavery Act in 1833. Wilberforce and his friends were unashamedly Christian and let it be known that their crusade was guided by religion, morality and education.

By design rather than accident of history so-called ‘progressives’ have driven these virtues from public life as part of the managed decline of the country and as a consequence Great Britain has seen the return of slavery to every major town and city. Likewise the grooming and gang rape of underage white girls by racist gangs of Muslim men and acid attacks on unsuspecting members of the public have entered the public domain.

The modern political class has stood by and watched this descent into barbarity and done nothing to stop it, in fact their inaction over the decades is proof positive it’s a deliberate policy to downgrade the nation.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has reported that modern slavery and human trafficking are more prevalent than previously thought with 300 live policing operations in every major town and city in the country. It also said that previous estimates of between 10,000-13,000 victims were found to be the “tip of the iceberg”.

To the eternal shame of the political class who allowed this to happen, some of the victims of this modern day slavery and human trafficking are children. (See here)

Equally shaming for the political class is their tolerance and tacit approval of Muslim grooming gangs who like slavery and human trafficking gangs have been allowed to operate in every major town and city across the land.

These sub human barbarians gang raped and pimped out 1,200 underage white girls in the English town of Rotherham until they were apprehended in 1997. This horrific abuse was perpetrated with the full knowledge, and therefore approval of, the police, the education system, the Member of Parliament and most horrifically the local authority including the child welfare department.

When the Rotherham grooming gang scandal first surfaced in 1997 the British public were led to believe that this was a one-off scandal exposed and rolled up in the nick of time. The majority of the British public was unaware that Muslim grooming gangs have continued to operate in hundreds of towns and cities across the country to the present day, gang raping and pimping out underage white girls on an industrial scale with the tacit approval of the authorities. (See here)

Now added to this are acid attacks whereby acid is thrown in the faces of unsuspecting victims for the purpose of robbery or punishment for recalcitrant women in the Muslim community. (See here)

These are in addition to other barbaric horrors that are prevalent and tolerated such as the genital mutilation of young girls, incest, child brides, polygamy and pedophilia to name but a few.

This is the sort of uncivilized barbarity one expects in backward, third world hell holes populated by illiterate savages that have yet to emerge into the modern era not in 21st century Great Britain.

This deliberate degrading of Great Britain in the name of the global equality of nations has been in progress for decades but has accelerated since the Blair government opened the borders to all and sundry in 1997 regardless of their position on the evolutionary scale.

But for the global political elite and their ‘fundamental transformation’ agenda there’s no reason that the upward movement toward greater civilization could not have continued in perpetuity for the good of all mankind. The last generation must be turning in their graves at what has become of the country they fought and sacrificed so much for.

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*Please note - The bought-and-paid-for politically correct media distance the Muslim community from these horrific crimes by altering the language they use when referring to the perpetrators and their crimes. 

Hence the grooming, rape and pimping out of young girls is referred to as 'Child Sexual Exploitation' or the initials 'CSE'.

The predominately Muslim offenders are referred to as Asian.


  1. One World Government is what happened to "Great" Britain, with full support from your major political parties. It is happening all across the rest of the West as well. And that is why the Deep State is apoplectic about President Trump, and wants to destroy him at any cost. They are deathly afraid that he can get the United States and Russia to cooperate and upset their outhouse with them inside.

    Oh Lord, hear my prayer!

  2. Indeed a sad age , I would dare say that the Statue from the book of Daniel is almost complete .