Thursday, January 17, 2013

Muslim Child Sex Gangs - Oxford Joins Rotherham In The Pit Of Depravity

If any issue highlights the fundamental transformation of Great Britain into a multi-cultural hell hole its the attitude of the authorities to Muslim child sex abuse and its tacit acceptance by the general public at large.

The Rotherham Muslim child sex grooming scandal went on for decades with the full knowledge of the authorities, including the local council and the police.

To refresh our memories, this was the appalling scandal where the multi-cultural agenda of the so called 'progressive' establishment that ran Rotherham was laid bare.

The local member of Parliament at the time, the notorious expenses cheat and political bully Denis McShane, tried to blame the children or their parents. The local police chief David Crompton tried to blame a lack of resources, while the local council leader Roger Stone tried to close down the issue with the usual worn out soundbite that "lessons have been learned".

What kind of people are Roger Stone and his council? How could any sane or rational person with an ounce of compassion offer a 12 year old victim lessons in Urdu and Punjabi after she was drugged, raped and subjected to vile sexual abuse by a gang of Pakistani men.

What is obvious is that the local council, the police and the civic leaders in Rotherham are dominated by so called 'progressives' who are committed to the fundamental transformation of Great Britain into a multi-cultural society and they will not let the sexual abuse of young girls get in the way of their project.

The latest depressing news that a group of Muslim men has been accused of operating a child sex grooming ring in Oxford, with the full knowledge of the authorities, comes as no surprise to those enlightened few who see through the spin and lies of the political class.

It will come as a shock, however, to the tens of thousands of people in Great Britain and around the world who were under the impression that Oxford was a British icon, the noble University town and a seat of learning that dated back centuries. Oxford is also being touted as one of the worlds top tourist destinations.

As the latest shameful court case reveals, a Muslim sex grooming gang had been using the town as a base for child prostitution that encompassed the whole of the country.

The case came to light when nine Muslim men recently appeared in court facing various charges of child sexual abuse, child prostitution, supplying drugs etc.

Details are scarce at the moment but it was revealed that local girls, some as young as 11, were plied with drink and drugs then subjected to sexual depravity and perversion beyond the imagination.

It is also claimed that these young girls were also hired out to paedophiles from around the UK who came mainly from the Asian ghettos of Bradford, Leeds, Slough and London. All the men reportedly taking part in this depravity were either Asian or black.

As was the case with the  Rotheram scandal the authorities were aware that this was going on and as was also the case in Rotheram they deliberately turned a blind eye for fear of cultural sensitivities and political correctness.

It was revealed in court that the accused had targeted children's care homes so it is beyond belief that the care home managers were unaware of what was going on.

First reports of sexual abuse by this paedophile gang were received by the police in February 2006. Then on the 6th September 2006  a 12 year old victim finally plucked up the courage to go to police where she reported that one of the defendants had plied her with drugs and sexually abused her. A doctor confirmed that the girl had injuries consistent with oral sex.

The police interviewed the accused on the 13th September 2006, 7 days later. The police subsequently released the accused without charge and he was therefore free to carry on this alleged abuse for a further 7 years.

One must wonder how, even with Operation Bullfinch and eyewitness reports, it has taken almost 7 years to bring this case to court.

Whatever the outcome of this particular court case it is becoming obvious that there are paedophile rings all over the country that are being ignored by the Establishment and the authorities for political reasons.

What is also obvious by the lack of outrage is that the British people are becoming desensitised to this depravity and are meekly accepting the end of their traditional values and way of life.

It is universally accepted among the enlightened people of Great Britain that the political establishment and local authorities the length and breadth of the country are dominated by 'progressives' who are committed to the fundamental transformation of Great Britain from the country we knew with its own distinct Anglo-Saxon and Celtic-Gaelic cultures into a multi-cultural dystopia where the dominant culture will be based on Islam.

"Suffer little children, and forbid them not to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven"

Matthew 19-14


  1. Daniel, you might want to remove the above comment.
    Another great article, but may I suggest that you should always use the term muslim rather than Asian. The MSM just cannot bring bthemselves to usr the M word.
    Paris Claims

    1. Offensive comment removed. There's always one moron that can't behave like an adult.

      You are right about the MSM being afraid to use the term muslim when dealing with their crimes.

      The headline I used was from one of the daily papers, which on reflection is an insult to non muslim Asians. I will bare it in mind.

  2. This article makes me wonder just WHEN will the British people reach the tipping point and say, "Enough!"

    Will there a third wave of similar low-life gangs, is there a whole Bottom Earth of them?

    My 97 year-old Mum, in or more lucid moments, has a stock phrase, "Set the dogs on them." The thought that this scum will receive free accommodation - plus all the other benefits that the bleeding heart liberals earmark for criminals - sticks in my throat.

    From my experience working in muslim countries, I know that all muslims are like those in the dock in this case, however my patience is wearing thin.

    Enough, now. Take the scum's DNA, deport them and use DNA screening at all entry points AND government social service offices.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I share your frustration as I'm sure a lot of people do. Unfortunately our politicians are so arrogant they they ignore any view that conflicts with their own

      The political class are hell bent on replacing the country we, and your dear Mum knew, with this multi-cultural hell hole.

      If they won't deport Abu Qatada they won't deport these beasts.

  3. If there ever were crimes to support the death sentence they now exist .If these people are convicted they should be hung in public as a lesson to any one else involved in this way of life. How would these men feel if a group of men targeted their mothers and sisters and abused them in this way.

    It is now time to say enough our standards and way of life have been diluted enough by this multi-cultural society. I am sick of seeing these black insects in our towns and cities.If you want to live in Great Britain accept our way of life learn our language or buggar off

    1. The Muslim paedophile trial in Oxford is still going on and as far as I am aware the one in Rotherham is over.

      The Rotherham Muslims were sentenced to prison terms which as we all know will not fit these horrendous crimes.

      In my opinion, by turning a blind eye to the crimes of these animals, the authorities in both towns are just as guilty and should be punished.

      All our politicians support transforming Great Britain into a multi-culti hell hole and therefore they are all guilty of the crimes against these young girls.

  4. the problem does not exist in oxford only, this gangs operates all over UK especially in london, birmingham, manchester leeds and liverpool.
    there are thousands of young girls who are getting used for prostitution and some even being sold from one gang to another
    i even watched a documentary about this issue in UK
    i have no idea why english GOV doesn't do anything about that
    i studied in UK for 4 years i come from centre EU, however i really enjoyed english culture language and people please god have UK and EU in your hands

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is a sad situation when the government does nothing while young girls are abused.

      The government are just as bad as the Muslims paedophiles who are abusing children.

      I hope that one day the British people will take back control of their country and make it Great again and punish the politicians that have allowed this to happen.

  5. MCHH


    It's time for vigilantes if the police are unwilling to do what is necessary.

    1. You won't get any help from the police, they have gone over to the dark side and are now agents of the state.