Monday, January 28, 2013

British PM Cameron To Appoint Cronies As Legislators

Readers from outside Great Britain will be forgiven for thinking that the headline is a typographical error. Many will look on the idea of a Prime Minister appointing legislators as something that only happens in corruptocrat African dictatorships or the plethora of socialist tyrannies that infest our planet.

Unfortunately its a sad fact of life for the disenfranchised British people that the Mother of Parliaments is rotten to the core and is reduced to government by Executive decree and cronyism.

Those of the British people who are still capable of independent thought are aware that the second chamber of the British Parliament known as the House of Lords is such a cesspit of corruption, cronyism and thievery that its little wonder their country is in the mess it is in.

They are also aware that their Prime Minister, the vacuous PR man known as David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, made a promise before the last election that he will reform the House of Lords as part of a package to reform the whole of Parliament.

This reform package included a plan to equalise the size of each constituency, to reduce the number of MP's that currently foul the benches of the House of Commons from 650 to 600 and to reduce the number of crooks in the House of Lords from 800 or so to 450.

He also promised that he would ban political appointments to the second chamber and not indulge in cronyism.

It didn't happen of course but he is a politician after all.

Anyone taking a detailed look at these shocking numbers will realise that British democracy is a sham and that the British people are powerless to alter it. In effect they have been disenfranchised.

The population of the United States of America is approximately 315 million souls. Their lower House, the House of Representatives, consists of 435 directly elected voting members.

Its second chamber, the US Senate consists of 100 directly elected Senators.

The population of Great Britain is approximately one fifth of America at 63 million. The lower House,  the House of Commons, consists of 650 directly elected members, 215 more than our American cousins.

The second chamber, the House of Lords consists of a staggering 800 or so members. That is 700 more than the US Senate.

Of these members, 26 are ecclesiastics representing the Church of England, 92 are hereditary Peers and the rest are appointed.

It sounds unbelievable but regrettably it is true that not a single member of the second chamber of the British legislature is elected and worse still they are appointed for life therefore they cannot be removed.

To translate that into easily digestible figures it means that approximately 708 (seven hundred and eight) legislators are appointed, mostly by the political hierarchy of the day.

The appointment system itself is wide open to corruption as the competing political parties attempt to fill the second chamber with their own supporters.

Corruptocrats like Phony Tony Blair killed two birds with one stone by selling seats in the House of Lords to his own supporters in exchange for party donations.

The Bill to reform these two Houses of Corruption failed to pass a referendum due to infantile wrangling between the two political parties that make up the current coalition, therefore, and much to the relief of the politicians, both Houses remain unreformed.

One would think that the government would leave the numbers as they are until another opportunity arises for reform but the chance to exercise patronage and to reward cronies, donors and party apparatchiks proved to be too tempting to pass up.

The vacuous PR man 'Call Me Dave' Cameron has just announced that he, and the rest of the political class, are going to appoint a further 50 new legislators to the House of Lords including 15 Liberal Democrats some of whom are financial donors to the party. He has also announced that he intends to appoint another 100 over the next two years.

Assuming that none of the current lot will kick the bucket in the next two years that will take the number of freeloaders in the second chamber to approximately 950!!

I think that 'Call Me Dave' should go the whole way and make it a nice round 1000, after all whats another 50 when it's the taxpayer that is picking up the tab?

The reason given to justify this corruption and misuse of public money is that the current House of Lords does not reflect the House of Commons or result of the last election.

This is the type of lying and deceit that these crooks subject the British people to on a daily basis and then they wonder why their reputation stinks to high Heaven.

There's nothing to say that the House of Lords must mirror the House of Commons or reflect the results of the previous election.

If that's the case, and bearing in mind that these are appointments for life, then there will be a requirement for hundreds more of these shysters if the results are reversed after the next general election.

The truth is that 'Call Me Dave' and the rest of the political class that misrules Great Britain are corruptocrats of the very highest order and these appointments are to reward their political friends, their party apparatchiks and their party donors.

Despite the never ending promises to the contrary the British political class have no intention of reform or of returning political power to the people.

I hope and pray that the British people will wake up and take the necessary action to throw these charlatans out on their ears or better still into a jail cell.

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