Friday, January 18, 2013

Prime Minister Cameron Ignores The British People Over EU

To a growing number of the British people, their Prime Minister David  'Call Me Dave' Cameron is a weak, vacuous PR man who is implementing a 'progressive' agenda which is not shared by the people he claims to represent.

Watching Cameron's headless chicken act yesterday over his long awaited speech on the EU and listening to his latest orders from President Obama to deny the British people their rights it is now obvious is that other world leaders take a similar view.

There is a huge disconnect between the British people and the exclusive 'progressive' political class led by David Cameron.

Just to recap, the British majority are a proud people who value their independence and who's distinct Anglo-Saxon, Celtic-Gaelic cultures are based on Judeo-Christian values. Their ancestors made the ultimate sacrifice to save us from European dictators and preserve the freedoms we take for granted today.

The European Union (EU) is a project dreamt up by politicians for the benefit of politicians in order to create a European superstate based on a secular, socialist, multi-cultural autocracy controlled by appointed bureaucrats and run by Executive decree.

In order to achieve this there has been a gradual transfer sovereignty over the years from the member states to the centrally controlled bureaucracy, the major consequence of which is that the British people have had their much loved freedoms gradually taken away.

The British people were deceived into believing that they were joining nothing more than an economic co-operation pact when they voted to join the Common Market in 1975 and the politicians have been lying to the people ever since.

The ultimate goal of  "ever closer union " to a federal state was denied by the following generations of duplicitous traitors who have cajoled the British people into a union that has all but transformed the country they grew up in into an impoverished, crime ridden, mono-cultural ghetto infested cesspit, without their consent.

The majority of the British people despise the EU and all its works and it would appear that they have woken up from their politician induced slumber and are voicing their disapproval of EU membership by demanding an In/Out referendum.

The EU is seen by the global 'progressive' leadership as a necessary step in the global transformation project who's long term aim is an egalitarian, multi-cultural, disarmed world run by an appointed bureaucracy similar to that of the EU.

The referndum issue has put the global 'progressive' leadership into a panic because without British membership of the EU the global transformation project will be halted and possibly put into reverse.

David Cameron sees himself as one of the global elite and he does not want to go down in history as the politician responsible for the breakup of the EU and the subsequent stalling of the global transformation project.

David Cameron's response to the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is pure PR and utterly laughable as it consists mainly of smears and insults.

David Cameron continually chickens out of a one on one debate with UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Cameron has also now decreed that UKIP should not be allowed to participate in election debates even though they have more support than his coalition partners, the ever more ludicrous Liberal Democrats.

In an attempt to win back the support of his own Conservative Party members who have deserted him and jumped ship to UKIP he has devised a plan which can only be described as pathetic.

The British people know that Cameron is a slippery PR man who has deceived them many times before with his false promises but that hasn't stopped him making evermore unbelievable promises once again.

In order to win back support Cameron promises to renegotiate Britains' terms of membership, including the repatriation of powers that have already been handed over to the bureaucrats, and then put the new terms to the British people in a referendum.........wait for it............after the next election which is scheduled for 2015!!

In addition to this insult the renegotiation could take up to 5 years therefore any referendum may possibly be held perhaps if we are lucky in 2020. Nice one Dave.

I am sure there are some brain dead Euro fanatics who will swallow this nonsense whole but Cameron must be delusional if he thinks this will placate the Euro realists.

David Cameron is in a panic and he has been busy contacting the other Euro leaders like Merkel of Germany, socialist lunatic Hollande of France and Mark Rutte of the Netherlands to reassure them of his intentions to sell out the British people.

In another development it would appear that the newly re-elected 'progressive' President of the USA has ordered Cameron for a second time to ignore the wishes of the British people and deny them a referendum.

President Obama's disdain for democracy in Great Britain mirrors his disdain for democracy at home where he is busy trying to strip Americans of their inalienable Constitutional rights using Executive Order.

What is it about these new 'progressive' leaders and their addiction to totalitarianism?

As with the other 'progressive issues such as overseas aid, the combating climate change scam, homosexual marriage, multi-culturalism etc. David Cameron is coming down on the side of the political elite against the British people he claims to represent and hopefully the effects of this treachery will become apparent at the ballot box.  


  1. I'm afraid some will fall for his lies, mainly the ex tories who dread the thought of a Miliband led government. I too dread the thought of Labour and Miliband in charge, but I realise it will be no different from a Cameron led tory government.
    Paris Claims

    1. When it comes to the big issues, you can't get a fag paper between the party leaders.

      On EU membership, overseas aid, the human rights act, border control, traditional marriage, government spending and debt etc. there is no difference whatsoever.

      Maybe it will take a couple of years of Red Ed to wake the people up and do something to get their country back.