Friday, January 25, 2013

Baroness Warsi Accuses Critics of Islam As Being Un-British

If there is one thing that winds up the British people more than stale beer, its migrants coming into their country to take advantage of its freedoms then continually whinging and whining about their hosts and their perceived shortcomings.

Chief among these ungrateful carpetbaggers is East African Muslim and the BBC's favourite 'progressive' Yasmin Alibai-Brown. (YA-B)

Many believe that this irritant makes a comfortable living out of deliberately antagonising the British people with her views on them and their values but unfortunately she actually believes the nonsense that she spouts.

She passes herself off as a Ugandan Asian which leads one to believe that she is a victim of Idi Amin's expulsion but this is false. YA-B came to Great Britain as an economic migrant prior to Amin's descent into insanity.

YA-B's route to riches is to portray herself as a victim and the British people as intransigent bigots because they continue to live their lives as they did before her arrival and who refuse to change their way of life to accommodate her.

I have spoken to many people about YA-B and the sentiment is always the same i.e. if the country and its people are not to your liking, why don't you just leave.

* ( I have re-worded the above statement as the actual wording is not suitable for a family blog)

If YA-B and her whining isn't bad enough, the British people now have to put up with token Muslim woman and Cabinet Minister Baroness Warsi, spouting the same divisive nonsense.

In a recent article she cites a YouGov poll which found that just 24% of voters think Islam is compatible with being British and only 23% say Islam is not a threat to Western civilisation.

Baroness Warsi's response is typical of the modern 'progressive' politician and that is to smear anyone who disagrees with her point of view.

In this case the noble Baroness has accused 76% of the British people of being un-British. She goes on to condemn critics of Islam for "peddling hate".

The Baroness has previous form when it comes to insulting the British people in the name of Islam.

In an offensive speech two years ago she ranted that "Britain's approach to Muslims has made Islamophobia acceptable at middle class dinner parties".

Before proceeding any further it's worth taking a look back to remind ourselves who the noble  Baroness is.

Warsi was born in Dewsbury in the county of West Yorkshire, England of Pakistani economic migrants. As a result of this good fortune she was able to enjoy housing, education and healthcare free of charge and financed by the 'Islamophobic' British people she sees fit to insult.

The Baroness went on to become a solicitor and immediately after qualifying she entered party politics, in other words she has no experience in the real world that the rest of the British people inhabit.

Warsi stood for election in her home town of Dewsbury and was rejected.  This was the first and only time she has subjected herself to the people at the ballot box and  the closest she has ever come to democracy.

Rejection by the people at the ballot box did not signal the end of Warsi's political career, on the contrary, it was the beginning of a stellar rise through the ranks.

Due to her gender and ethnicity she was made a life peer and Sayeedi Hussain Warsi became Baroness Warsi of Dewsbury in the County of West Yorkshire on full allowances and expenses paid for the 'Islamophobic' British people she despises.

At this particular time David Cameron was detoxifying the Conservative Party of its traditional values and trying to establish his multi-cultural credentials so he appointed the Baroness to Shadow Minister of State for Community Cohesion and Social Action.

Cameron then made her the co-chairman of the Conservative Party in a cynical attempt to attract the ethnic minority vote but the Baroness proved herself to be an embarrassment and such an utter failure that Cameron had to move her on for fear of damaging his image with the electorate.

The story goes that she pleaded for a place in Cabinet and based her argument on her gender and ethnic minority origins. "I'm a woman and I'm not white" she is reputed to whined.

Without a doubt Warsi would have played the race card had she been sacked therefore Cameron had no choice but to make her Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and she is currently Minister of State for Faith and Communities also.

Like her co-religionist the Baroness Uddin, she was caught cheating on her expenses by claiming rent when she had spent the night with a friend.

She also failed to declare outside income in the Lords Register of Interests and she broke the Ministerial code by travelling to Pakistan on a business trip with her friend and business partner Habid Hussain.

Hussain just happens to be involved with the radical Muslim group Hizb ut Tahrir which is banned by her own Conservative Party.

Whatever spin the Conservative Party puts on it, Baroness Warsi was promoted on the basis of her gender and ethnicity and was so under qualified that she turned out to be a total disaster who had to be moved aside to prevent further damage.

Baroness Warsi has now reverted to type and joined fellow Muslim Yasmin Alibai-Brown by playing the race and victim card and insulting the British people. This is the same British people who gave them and their families sanctuary together with opportunities that are still not available in their ancestral countries to this day.

These two ungrateful harpies are in denial about the part Muslims themselves play in the British people's attitude to Islam. They claim Muslim extremism is all the fault of the British people.

To quote the noble Baroness:

" the underlying, unfounded mistrust of Muslims is fuelling extremism"

In the British tradition trust has to be earned, so its up to the Muslim population to demonstrate why the British people should trust them.

"the media is not doing enough to combat negative views of Muslims"

Another British tradition is freedom of the press. Baroness Warsi is advocating press censorship in relation to Muslim criminality.

She doesn't want the people to know about the Muslim paedophile gangs in Oxford and Rotherham that targeted under age white girls and subjected them to unspeakable depravity.

The British people shouldn't read about the quaint Muslim tradition of 'honour killings' where women are murdered for being women.

The people shouldn't have a right to know about the lady in Cardiff, Wales who beat her own son to death with a hammer and burned his body because he wasn't memorising verses from the Koran fast enough.

" But let me tell you what's really dangerous. It's when people are treated differently because they hold a different religious belief "

One would be incorrect for thinking that this comment was made in jest, unbelievably she really does believe this nonsense.

I challenge the Baroness to educate us all on the Muslim tolerance of other religions, particularly in her families' native Pakistan where they murder men, women and children, burn down their homes and places of worship just for being a Christian.

"I will not take lessons on loyalty from those on the extreme right who demonstrate the ideology of intolerance"

Predictably as with all scoundrels, Warsi smears anyone who disagrees with her version of tolerence as belonging to the extreme right.

There has never been a more intolerant religion than Islam, which preaches killing of all Kufurs and the beheading of apostates who have finally seen the barbaric side of Islam and converted.

There are over 50 Muslim countries on the planet where the likes of Baroness Warsi and Yasmin Alibai-Brown can depart to where they can be free at last from the un-British people who's traditional views they are unable to tolerate.

*(The message articulated earlier in this post still applies)


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    Paris Claims

    1. It was an article in the Daily Wail, wound me up a treat.

    2. The political leadership is in denial over Islam because it doesn't fit in with their multi-cultural intentions for the British people.

      The comments on Con Home should be a wake up call.