Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Muslim Global Agenda Succeeding With Support From The Western Political Elite

"Fight them (the disbelievers). Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace and give you victory over them, and he will heal the hearts of those who believe"

Qur'an 9:14

Those of the last generation who's memories have not been stupefied by the continuous diet of reality television will remember the Irish Republican Army (IRA) controlled 'no go' areas of Belfast and Londonderry in Northern Ireland.

These areas acted as enclaves for the radical minority in the Province who used indiscriminate murder and terrorism in order to further their political agenda of a united Ireland which had already been rejected by the majority of the people at the ballot box.

These 'no go' areas went unchallenged by the authorities leaving the terrorists and murderers free operate in the Province and, with the aid of a high Irish immigrant population, ultimately to spread their indiscriminate bloodshed and violence to the innocent population of mainland Great Britain.

In addition to the big cities of most mainland European countries, it now transpires that 'no go' areas are being set up in the Muslim ghettos of Great Britain, policed by gangs of thugs and which are being largely ignored by the authorities.

Muslim thugs are accosting law abiding British citizens, who have every right to walk unaccosted on the Queen's highways, and stripping them of alcohol, they are forcing women who they claim are inappropriately dressed to cover up, they are vandalising public property that carry advertisements of which they disapprove and they are assaulting anyone they think might be a homosexual.

The intention is that these ghettos will be eventually be run by Sharia law and for all intents and purposes they will become foreign entities in Great Britain where the Queen's writ no longer runs and British law is no longer the supreme law of the land.

If the lessons of Northern Ireland are to be learned then these 'no go' ghettos with their high non integrated immigrant populations will become the centre of operations for the wider Muslim agenda.

Many people are mystified as to why Muslim people who having escaped the misery and tyranny of their home countries come to the civilised West and immediately start trying to recreate the hell holes that they left behind.

The misinformation being spread by the political elite is that Islam is the religion of peace and that it is only a tiny minority of extremists who have hijacked the Qu'ran, perverted its message and given the law abiding majority a bad name.

This is nonsense and the type of distortion we have become accustomed to in Great Britain. It is deliberate disinformation intended to deceive the people into accepting the demise of their own culture and values in order to further the transformational agenda of the global political elite.

This treacherous elite includes the three party leaders in Great Britain, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband together with the leaders of the EU and its member countries.

It is accepted that there are Muslims in the civilised world that are happy with their situation and have no inclination to change their host country nor do they agree with the current war on Christian festivals such as Christmas which is being waged on their behalf by 'progressive' fanatics who will stop at nothing to impose their cultural replacement agenda.

By far the majority of Muslims currently residing in the civilised world put Islam first with loyalty to their adopted countries a long way down their list.

The so called leaders and Imams of the Muslim communities openly call for the destruction of the civilised world they inhabit and who proclaim that it must be replaced by the barbarity of their desert death cult that masquerades as a religion.

Whichever way their Qu'ran is interpreted practices that are just not acceptable in the civilised world are normal in the perverted world of Muslims.

Muslims believe that Kuffur's (non believers) should be beheaded together with anyone who converts to a different religion.

Slavery is still practiced and it is normal for women to be enslaved and abused.

Women are murdered if it is considered they have dishonoured the family. (The authorities are trying to pass this off as 'honour killings' in mitigation but it is still cold blooded, premeditated murder)

Paedophilia is an accepted practice in Islam where it is acceptable for white children to be drugged, raped and used for prostitution.

Child brides some as young as eight or nine are forced to marry older men including close relatives and where any resulting children are severely handicapped.

Cold blooded murder of Jews (or the descendants of apes and pigs as Muslims teach their children) is a requirement not because of a dispute over stolen land but just because they are Jews.

A Muslim woman in Cardiff, Wales thought it acceptable to beat her own son to death with a hammer and set his body on fire because he wasn't learning verses from the Koran fast enough.

Muslims despise democracy and believe that everyone should show blind allegiance to crackpot leaders such as the Ayatollahs, Mullahs, Imams, Ahmedinajad, Mullah Omah, Abu Qatada, Abu Hamza etc.

There is an endless list of other psychopaths who preach that suicide and killing in the name of Allah will guarantee them entry into Paradise and the exclusive right to 72 virgins for them to do with as they please.

One has to ask why the aforementioned psychos haven't practiced what they preach to others and committed suicide in order to claim their virgins?

Virgins in Paradise has got to better than this world that they hate, so what are they waiting for?

It is a forgone conclusion that all Muslims would welcome a world ruled by Islam where no other religions or points of view exist, so why are the leaders of the civilised world aiding and abetting this project against the wishes of their own people who's views they should be representing?

It should be borne in mind that Muslim disruption and their demands for special status is being acted out simultaneously in civilised countries all around the globe including Australia, Canada, the USA and all the major countries of the European Union.

This fact alone will rule out coincidence and confirm that it is a coordinated campaign for dominance.

The truth is that the global 'progressive' elite believe that all nations and peoples should be equal and the biggest obstacle to achieving this is the fact that cultures in the Western or developed world have advanced too far ahead of cultures in the undeveloped world and mainly by exploitation.

To correct this requires a the fundamental transformation project that is attempting to upgrade the undeveloped world while simultaneously downgrading the developed world by transferring wealth from one to the other and also by cultural replacement.

This global transformational project is identical to the one being enacted internally in the target countries where state mandated equality and cultural replacement is now the law of the land.

Cultural replacement is so far advanced in Great Britain that is it is unlikely it can ever be reversed. This tragedy together with national bankruptcy will be the lasting achievement of the Blair/Brown administrations and will form part of the legacy that the Labour Party 'progressives' have left future generations of a once great country.

Apart from the Sharia controlled Muslim ghettos, the following is a brief look at other achievements of the 'progressives' which reveals all that there is to know about the current political leadership, their motivation and their loyalties.

a)  the British people are being brought to heel by fear and a zealously policed political correctness agenda
There are smear units in every institution ready to condemn anyone who disagrees with their perverted 'progressive' agenda.

b) the debate about immigration and multi-culturalism is being shut down by government  intimidation. The Orwellian Equality Act enshrines multi-culturalism into British law. Anyone wanting to take a job in the public sector must practically swear an oath to multi-culturalism and they are also obliged to celebrate diversity or be sacked.

c) This Equality Act means cultural suicide and goes against everything the British people hold dear.

It has not been repealed or amending by the current Conservative led government which is supposed to represent the traditional views of the people.

d) Although the majority of the British people do not attend church, traditional British culture and values are based on Judeo-Christian principles and these are being eradicated in favour of others including Islam.

Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter are being downgraded or ignored while foreign festivals such as Ramadan and Eid al Fitr are being upgraded and celebrated nationally.

e) There is an acceptance by the authorities of foreign cultural practices no matter how disgusting and vile while at the same time they are clamping down on innocent Christian cultural requirements.

British Airways tries to fire an employee for wearing a tiny crucifix while the authorities in Rotherham and Oxford turn a blind eye to Muslim paedophiles who drugged, raped and subjected underage white girls to unspeakable sexual abuse before using them for prostitution.

*At time of writing I am unaware that anyone from the Rotherham or Oxford authorities have been held responsible for the hell that these girls went through nor as anyone been punished. ( I am happy to be corrected if I am wrong)

f) Life long resident of Rochdale, Ms Gillian Duffy, was smeared as a bigot for daring to ask the then Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown about his immigration policies that have transformed her beloved town into a crime infested multi-cultural cesspit.

g) Muslim extremists and jihadis are allowed to insult returning British troops and desecrate the memories of their fallen comrades unmolested by the police while counter protesters are arrested and vilified.

h) The politicians from the three main political parties all support cultural replacement using mass immigration. They refuse to use powers that are at their disposal to put in place a moratorium on non EU immigration or to put in place measures to halt destructive EU immigration.

"Reducing 'net' immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands" is a meaningless soundbite by David Cameron's Conservative Party designed to deceive the British people into believing that the government is listening to their concerns and taking action.

i) The politicians refuse to deport illegal immigrants or foreign criminals including murderers and rapists.

j) The politicians refuse to deport Muslim terrorists or their supporters even though they advocate doing harm to the British people.

k) The politicians allow Saudi financed mosque and madrassa building in Great Britain while the Saudis will not allow reciprocal house of worship building in Saudi Arabia.

l) Muslims are allowed to break British laws concerning animal welfare with reference to halal meat.

m) The Communications and Data Act will subject law abiding British people to government intrusion into their private lives in order to protect them from Muslim terrorism instead of deporting known terrorists and preventing others from entering the country.

n) Law abiding British citizens are subjected to intrusive searches at airports because the politicians refuse to use profiling for fear of Muslim sensitivities.

o) One man one vote has been the cornerstone of British democracy but abuses by Muslim imams and so called community leaders are being ignored by the politicians when actions to counter this fraud would be simple and effective.

This list of what the current crop of 'progressive' politicians are doing to bring about cultural replacement in Great Britain is endless and as this is part of a global agenda it is highly likely that the same is happening in the other civilised countries around the world.

With the re-election of the worlds leading 'progressive' in the USA and his inauguration declaration of war against tradition American values it would appear that the last bastion of individual liberty and religious tolerance is all but doomed.

"Allah is our objective, the Qu'ran is our Constitution, the prophet is our leader, jihad is our way and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations"

The Muslim Brotherhood


  1. I do quite enjoy your rants but this is just plain depressing, mainly because its hard to disagree with a word you have said.
    Its all very well highlighting these issues but the question is - what is to be done to reverse the process and return Britain to "Great" Britain?
    We need solutions, not rants.

    1. It wasn't intended as a rant just a plain stating of the facts as I see them but I do agree that it does make depressing reading.

      Try as I may it is difficult to be upbeat and cheerful when writing about a subject like this.

      As to solutions, thats the hard part and I am working on it.

      I would be grateful for any suggestions

  2. Well our hands are completey tied on immigration whilst we remain part of Marxist Europe. We have no control over our borders until we remove ourselves from their undemocratic unelected rule, which may or may not happen withhin the next 5 years. (Unlikely my guess)
    Assuming we do come out of Europe, I still doubt whether any political party will have the will or backbone to send these disgusting low-lifes back to the shitholes they emanate from.
    Political revolution is required, probably militant based and run by extremists but backed by most of the population due to lack of alternative options. Sound familiar?

    1. It looks like the treacherous Cameron is dangling a referendum in front of the peoples noses in 5 years time.
      I am not confident Britain will leave the EU.

      I fear you are right and it will take a revolution. Maybe a couple of million Romanian and Bulgarian beggars will wake the sheeple up and kick it off.

  3. Not having a leftist bone in my body, I cannot even start to imagine how these "progressive" retards think they can control islam when their numbers reach tipping point. Do they think if they receive enough welfare they will all transform from fanatical mo-worshippers into compliant clients of the state?
    The only possible solution, in my opinion, is to stop voting for the liblabcon party, get behind UKIP, and pray Farage doesn't sell out.
    Paris Claims

    1. "progressive" retards, never was there a more apt name to describe these traitors.

      The Muslims will soon have enough numbers to from their own self governing enclaves and this is treason on behalf of our government who are standing by and letting it happen.

      You are right, liblabcon are identical and should be removed.

      If UKIP is the only alternative then so be it.