Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Obama Wants To Feminise Football While The British Threaten To Nationalise Soccer

It has been a recurring theme of this blog that fundamental transformation is a supranational agenda as opposed to a national agenda instigated by the newly re-elected President of the United States.

The other members of the Anglosphere which includes Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Soviet of the European Union have been undergoing the destruction of their national cultures for two decades or more.

The people of the USA have managed to hold out against the tsunami of 'progressivism' that has overwhelmed the rest of the Anglosphere because of their culture of individual liberty which is underpinned by constitutionally limited government.

Unfortunately for the oppressed people of the world, who look to the Americans as an example of how liberty and prosperity are synonymous with each other, any 'progressive' global transformation agenda is not possible if it does not include the USA.

If the USA is excluded from the project then the already transformed people of Great Britian for example, now living in their 'progressive' multi-cultural Utopia of government mandated equality and fairness, would forever be casting their eyes across the Atlantic and looking with envy at their American cousins enjoying their freedom and prosperity.

With the re-election of President Obama as Progressive in Chief, the American people will now be forced to join the already transformed people of the Angloshpere whether they like it or not.

The American government is a little behind in the transformation project so a little catch up is in order.

A top requirement of the new 'progressive' order is that all citizens must be disarmed so this will be a top priority in the Obama administration. The British and the Australian people have already been disarmed.

(Like it or not my American friends they are going to take your guns, they don't care if its this year, next year or 5 years from now, they will take your guns)

The ending of the traditional family is another priority so in concert with British Prime Monster 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, proposals for homosexual marriage are proceeding with all possible haste.

The level of co-operation by the two transformational governments can be confirmed by two announcements that were made yesterday in both countries simultaneously.

Regardless of the fact that Keynesian economics has always failed, expensive and unwanted High Speed Rail projects will be started by the two governments supposedly to to help stimulate the economies. ( This may be happening in other Anglosphere countries also)

The second and more important announcement was that both governments will attempt to control sport and in the case of American football change it into a form that would be unrecognisable by the supporters of today.

President Obama considers American Football is a bit too rough and he would have doubts about whether he would allow a son of his to partake.

It is loved in its present form by tens of millions of the American people but this will not stop an authoritarian politician like Obama who believes his own 'progressive' ministry is his destiny.

President Obama's 'progressive' vision is all that matters to him and he means to impose it on the American people whether they want it or not.

President Obama accepts that his vision for a girlyfied American Football game will be vastly different from the current game and that it will not attract as many followers or the billions of dollars it generates in revenue.

This interference in sport may seem like a benign attempt at making an American cultural icon more inclusive but to us experienced 'progressive' watchers it is one step in the subtle agenda to feminise the culture of America.

Meanwhile across the Atlantic in the country formally known as Great Britain, the British government is far more advanced with their cultural replacement machinery.

Just as American Football is the major sporting pastime in the USA in Great Britain it is Association Football, otherwise know as soccer. It is the closest the British have to a national religion.

(With apologies to British readers, to avoid confusion I will refer to Association football as soccer)

British soccer is run by the Football Association (FA) in conjunction with the Football League, it is independent of government. It generates billions of pounds in revenue and the Premier League has a global audience of tens millions.

In all sports, as in all walks of life, there are different levels and in soccer these levels range from amateur local pub teams to the superstar giants of the Premier League.

Also as is the case in life, if a soccer club over extends itself financially it goes bust as in the recent case of the once mighty Glasgow Rangers.

There is no need for any government involvement at all in the running of soccer, or any other sport for that matter but Great Britain is in the middle of the fundamental transformation project therefore the government is interfering in soccer as it is in all walks of British life.

It may seem unbelievable to freedom lovers around the world but in their attempt to control all aspects of British life, the government has set up various departments that are straight out of George Orwell's terrifying novel 1984.

It doesn't get worse than the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

In an announcement timed to coincide with Obama's plan for American Football,  Members of Parliament from this Orwellian Department threatened the independence of the FA and the Football League by giving them an ultimatum. If they didn't obey the committee's orders to change the nature of the game and how its run they would face legislation.

In their report into soccer governance, these totalitarian 'progressives' announced that they were disappointed about the proposals for the reforms that they demanded. They admitted that some progress has been made but they claim that more reform is needed to make the game more inclusive.

Inclusive to what or to whom remains a mystery but judging by the antics of the 'progressive nutters that infest the British institutions I am guessing at gender neutrality or some such insanity.

They also intend to extend the licencing of soccer and as we 'progressive' watchers know, this is the first step along the road to government control and taxation.

What 'progressive' watchers have learned over years is that their enemy never, ever give up and they will continue to chip away piece by piece at their freedoms and their God given rights until they have all but gone.

The government take over of sport demonstrates that nothing is too sacred to be free from political interference and that unless the people wake up their days of individual liberty are truly numbered.


  1. whilst you're on the subject of football.....
    John Terry, as a player I admire him, not naturally gited, but a real 100%er. Look what happens to him when he used the N word. England career over, villified, dragged through one court, and then a kangeroo court. You would have thought he'd burnt down an orphanage.
    Joey Barton, attacks three opponents... not a word from the police. So in the eyes of the police it's worth persuing a verbal insult on the thinnest of evidence, but look the other way on a proven case of physical assault.
    Paris Claims

  2. The treatment of John Terry compared to Joey Barton is typical of the new order in Great Britain. Political Correctness will take priority over physical assault.

    I never thought much of John Terry other than he was a good football player, now he's one of my hero's.

    The police on the other hand..............