Monday, January 21, 2013

If Bill Gates Has No Use For Money He Should Give It To The Government

If anyone epitomises the American Dream its Bill Gates. The college kid drop out who went on to form one of the worlds biggest enterprises and making himself one of the worlds richest men in the process.

The question as to why he gave candidate Obama his support in the recent election remains a mystery to many people who are forced to live in the real world of government interference and ineptitude.

Bill Gates and his partners built up Microsoft from nothing by their own efforts and ingenuity. Government played little or no part in its success except to tax it at every opportunity and to restrict its growth with thousands of job strangling regulations churned daily out by faceless bureaucrats wanting a piece of the action.

The election campaign laid bare the Obama administration's ideology and their intention to fundamentally transform the free enterprise system that allowed Bill Gates to become successful into a European style socialist system where economic life is centrally controlled by government bureaucrats and only the well connected can become rich.

Surely he must remember the shocking insult by the Obama campaign that if you owned a business "you didn't build that, somebody else did".

The Obama campaign spent millions of dollars demonising millionaires and billionaires like Mr. Gates together with corporate jet owners of the job creating class.

There would be no place for the Bill Gates's of this world in the new fundamentally transformed America where individual success and wealth would be frowned upon and be replaced by the state provision of entitlements in the interests of equality and fairness.

These same entitlements would be paid for by an ever shrinking number of entrepreneurs like Gates.

It may be the case that Bill, having already made his fortune, would not be affected by this infant socialist state and by the time it becomes fully effective he will have shuffled off his mortal coil and gone to meet his maker.

Much is made of his philanthropy and his intention to spend his billions curing diseases in the undeveloped world. This is truly a noble cause and there can be no doubt that thousands, possibly millions of poor people have benefited from Gates's generosity but it is also utter hypocrisy on his part.

Bill Gates helped to elect an administration ideologically committed to government mandated equality and fairness. It is a government that does not believe in equality of opportunity but legislates for equality of outcome.

The Obama administration does not believe in individual action or initiative, it does not believe in individual wealth and prosperity but collective mediocrity.

Bill Gates has claimed that he has no need for money so in that case he should simply hand it over to the government.

Gates should not be immune from the actions of the government he was instrumental in electing. It is therefore incumbent upon him to put his trust in the Obama administration and hand over his $65 billion fortune so that they can decide how it is spent, after all he is just another citizen in the new equalised America.

He is currently on a crusade to eliminate poliomyelitis, a noble aim, but surely if he left this to the government that he championed it will be done quicker and cheaper thus saving thousands more lives and leaving extra resources to be spent on other noble projects.

The truth is that Bill Gates has been fundamentally transformed himself from the college dropout to a fully paid up member of the remote 'progressive' elite that believe in redistribution of other peoples wealth but not their own.

Gates wants to keep his fortune out of government hands and to spend it on what he wants rather than what Obama wants because he knows that his money will disappear down the black hole due to government inefficiency and incompetence.

The majority of enlightened Americans want the same as what Bill Gates wants and that is to keep their money and spend it on their priorities not the governments.


  1. Well I assumed Gates donated to Obamas campaign for no other reason than to buy favour with the administration? Why else do large businesses/billionaires do this?
    Politically I have no idea if Gates has socialist leanings but that would be completely at odds with his rellentless pursuit of success for Microsoft, which included aggressively destroying all competition in the process. He ultimately produced inferior software to many early competitors but they lacked his single mindedness and ruthless ambition perhaps greater than even Rockefeller. Hardly the mind of a socialist but a hypocrite of the highest order no doubt.

  2. You are correct. I don't think Gates is a socialist by any stretch of the imagination.

    Underneath that geeky image is a ruthless individual who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

    He is just like the other hypocrites who supported Obamacare then applied for wavers so it didn't apply to them.

    I am simply calling him out to to practice himself what he preaches to others.

  3. Underneath that geeky image is a ruthless individual who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

    Actually, that's a pretty good definition of a socialist. That is a political socialist ( as opposed to a "working" socialist). I don't have any issues with someone working in a hard unpleasent job having a left of centre perspective. Don't agree with their viewpoint, but they're entitled to it. It's the hypocrites I cannot stand.
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  4. 50+ African children are now paralyzed after receiving a vaccine promoted by Bill Gates:

    Maybe he can spend some of his money on these poor bastards?
    Paris Claims

    1. Bill Gates wants to be remembered as a philanthropist and humanitarian therefore he spends his money accordingly.

      He does not want to be remembered as a ruthless authoritarian in pursuit of a fortune or a purveyor of dodgy vaccines.

      You should read the Constant Gardener by Le Carre. Its all about dodgy pharmaceuticals in Africa.