Thursday, January 10, 2013

USA Urges UK Government To Deny Its People Their Right To Vote

It may come as a shock to freedom loving people around the world that the new administration in Washington DC is abandoning its historical commitment to democracy in favour of government by Executive decree.

Despite the fact that the US Constitution has served its people well for over two centuries, the people of the world can no longer regard America as the beacon of democracy and will have to get used to the brave new world of government by Executive decree.

This became hard reality when the Obama administration annihilated the GOP over the manufactured 'fiscal cliff' negotiations and in doing so set the country on a course toward European style socialism.

After the 'fiscal cliff' negotiation was over the President wasted no time informing the media and the world that he will not be having a debate with Congress over the up and coming debt ceiling limit.

The President and his administration believe that in spite of the record deficits and debts they should have unfettered power to raise the debt ceiling as and when they please. In plain language this means unlimited access to the peoples money today, tomorrow and for future generations yet unborn.

The President has indicated that he will use Executive Orders to bypass the Congress if they will not secede to his demands to raise the debt ceiling.

 If this sidelining of the people's democratic institutions isn't bad enough on the debt issue, it gets infinitely worse when  he indicated that he will use Executive Orders to bypass the Congress in order to interfere with the peoples constitutional rights under the Second Amendment.

This abandonment of the Constitution in exchange for government by Executive decree renders the Congress obsolete and after 240 years the American people's control over the way they are governed is ended.

For the long suffering peoples of Great Britain and Europe, control over their governments was ended on their accession to the Common Market in the 1970's.

Over the following decades sovereignty was further surrendered by stealth by using a series of treaties that changed the Common Market into the European Union dictatorship that we have today.

The European Union is an unelected, authoritarian dictatorship built on the failed Soviet model and like the Soviet Union power is held by an unelected Executive that cannot be removed by popular vote. The British people no longer have control over the institutions that govern their lives such as their borders, their Criminal Justice system, their working time regulations and critical areas of their economy, etc.

This system is nothing other than government by Executive decree and it has proved to be disastrous for the British people.

75% of all laws in Great Britain emanate from the European Union together with thousands of regulations that blight the lives of British Citizens on a daily basis.

The country had been changed beyond recognition and it is generally accepted that the once great global superpower is on course to becoming a third world country sooner rather than later.

As the world is aware, the European Union has been responsible for bankrupting the Mediterranean countries such as Greece causing poverty and grief for millions of its citizens, poverty which will be suffered for generations to come.

The EU is a much loved institution by the political class, they believe that its unaccountability is an advantage and when their time is up in their national legislatures there will be a well remunerated non job available for them in Brussels.

Personal fortunes are made in the European Union bureaucracy as the Kinnock family fortune demonstrates, all financed by money looted from the hard pressed taxpayer.

The European Union is a sewer of criminality and corruption who's accounts have not been signed off by an auditor for 19 straight years but that doesn't deter the fanatics who's aim is "ever closer union" to a European federal superstate run by bureaucrats in a new post democratic age.

The British people have woken up and have had enough, the vast majority of the British people want to leave this cesspit and have made their intentions clear.

The ruling political elite are losing their nerve as the British people signal their displeasure by abandoning the mainstream political parties in their droves over this issue. The United Kingdom Independence Party has seen their support increase from 4% to 14% in the past year.

All three mainstream political parties in Great Britain are run by career politicians and it is accepted that these politicians habitually lie to the people.

All three party leaders have promised a referendum on European Union membership and predictably all three have reneged on that promise after their election to office.

The current government has promised a renegotiation of membership terms and a referendum on the new terms but only after the next election.

The people will not fall for this sophistry a second time and demand for an In/Out referendum is overwhelming. Polls indicate that if a referendum were to be held in the near future the British people would vote to leave the EU a result that would signal the beginning of the end for the undemocratic, socialist monolith.

It came as a surprise to learn that the US Assistant Secretary to the UK, Mr Philip Gordon has urged the Prime Minister, David Cameron, on behalf of the Obama administration, to ignore the will of the people and deny them a referendum on their membership of the European Union.

It appears that the new administration in DC as well as showing contempt for democracy at home is encouraging the same for democracy abroad.  This is proof positive that we have at last entered the post democratic age.

Millions of people in Europe and around the world owe the American people a debt of honour for the ultimate sacrifice of their sons and daughters to free people from dictatorship and for restoring democracy in places where it has been usurped.

In years past the USA would have supported the people against an unaccountable government which was being run by Executive decree.

This administration calling for the British Executive to ignore the overwhelming will of the people is a sad development and a bad omen for things come.


  1. I'm not entirely sure what our membership of the EUSSR has to do with Bath House Barry. Perhaps if he'd like to pay our subscriptions, and we could chose what laws/directives to take on and what to reject I'd possibly be more ameniable to remaining in. Until then I say get out now and charge all those responsible for engulfing us in this quagmire with treason.
    Paris Claims

    1. The Germans and Barrosso joined in today, telling Cameron not to hold a referendum. They have nothing but contempt for the British people and democracy.

      Charging the traitors with treason is unlikely as Phoney Tony Blair altered the treason laws by stealth before he sold his country out. I beleive he used the British version of Executive Order to do it.

  2. There's a chap called Albert Burgess who has been campaigning tirelessly to bring treason charges against the high and mighty. He has some videos on YouTube. He really needs some support, any wealthy patriots out there?
    Paris Claims

    1. I have never heard of this guy but I will have a listen to what he is saying.

      Apparantly Phoney Tony used that oily dirtbag Keith Vaz to alter the treason laws. Thats another one for the Tyburn Tree.