Monday, January 7, 2013

Gerard Depardieu Jumps Ship To Russia - Socialists Just Don't Get It! the most advanced countries, the following will be pretty generally applicable:

2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

The Communist Manifesto, Chapter 2 - Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (1967 edition)

Despite of all the evidence proving that high rates of tax yield less revenue for the Treasury, one has to wonder if 'progressives' are constantly in denial or just plain mentally ill.

They seem to have the ability to ignore all the evidence and carry on with the belief that taxing an ever shrinking number of 'rich' people will finance an ever growing number of welfare recipients.

The evidence they ignore goes back as far as Cicero in 55 BC through to Art Laffer today, its almost as if Karl Marx has removed these peoples ability to understand simple economic theory or even to understand basic arithmetic.

"those who ignore history are destined to repeat it" is a well known phrase but it has obviously not been read by the current crop of brain dead, ideologically driven conmen that infest the worlds Legislative bodies.

I can remember the disastrous Trade Union dominated Labour government in 1970's Great Britain.

As is normal with socialist governments the world over, the British economy had collapsed into bankruptcy as a result of the government spending in excess of its revenue.

'Sunny Jim' Callaghan and his Chancellor of the Exchequer Denis Healy came up with the only possible solution that a socialist is capable of dreaming up.

It was so simple its a wonder that these two geniuses didn't think of it earlier and it was so effective that the aforementioned brain dead conmen still use it to this day to run their respective economies:

a) borrow more money

b) increase taxes on the 'rich'

Those of my generation who remember those days all know how it all ended and they would need to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

Denis Healy promised to 'squeeze the rich until the pips squeak'. (He claims he was misquoted but his actions proved the sentiment was there.)

He raised the top rate of income tax to a staggering 83% triggering an exodus of Great Britain's most talented people and artists, which was affectionately known at the time as 'the brain drain'.

Apart from British industries finest innovators and business entrepreneurs, high profile actors and rock stars were also jumping ship. Some headed for continental Europe but by far the majority headed to the land of individual liberty, free enterprise and low taxes, the United States of America.

The most notable exiles included The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Michael Cain, Cat Stevens, Noel Coward, Tom Jones, David Bowie and surprisingly, The Two Ronnies comedy duo.

Tax revenue plummeted and Denis Healy had to take his begging bowl to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a loan.

Most people associate IMF loans with the backward economies of Africa, and South America but the Labour government of Callaghan and Healy managed to bring third world economic collapse to the once global superpower of Great Britain.

The last Labour government of Blair and Brown ignored history and repeated the Callaghan/Healy mistakes in a spectacular fashion. They opened the floodgates of spending and instituted over a hundred new taxes, including raising the top rate to 50% but were still borrowing in excess of 120 billion per year with the inevitable catastrophic results.

In addition to Great Britain, the socialist imbeciles running Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Portugal all ignored history and followed the same perverted ideology which resulted in economic collapse and a typically socialist equal sharing of poverty and misery for their respective peoples.

One would think that with the lessons of history and all the misery and economic mayhem surrounding him the newly elected President of France, Komrade Hollande, would steer a very different course.

Alas no, he is an unrepentant socialist and he ran for election on a socialist ticket so his first act as President was to lower the retirement age and pay for it by increasing taxes including a top rate of 75% for the 'rich'.

If he thought there wouldn't be consequences the guy must be delusional or have a brain full of merde.

The most high profile Frenchman to jump ship was film mogul and business entrepreneur Gerard Depardieu who headed across the border to Belgium but in a humiliating development for Komrade Hollande, Gerard Depardieu has accepted citizenship from Russia which has a flat federal income tax rate of 13%.

What is not generally known is that Hollande's 75% tax rate has resulted in an exodus of French talent to London which is now home to the biggest French community outside of Paris. The top income tax rate in London is a mere, piffling 45%.

In Great Britain the cynical hypocrites in the Labour Party raised the top rate to 50% only months before they left office and subsequently the number of people declaring an income of 1,000,000 plus dropped from 16,000 to 6,000 costing the Treasury valuable revenue.

The same Labour hypocrites are squealing like stuck pigs because the current government has lowered the top rate from 50% to 45% which has resulted in an increase in revenue for the Treasury.

If any reader knows what planet these socialist morons are living on, feel free to let me know.

To bring this sorry tale up to date, it appears that the current Prime Minister of Great Britain, David ' Call Me Dave' Cameron has made such a mess of governing that he is in danger of losing power to the same gang of Labour Party socialists that wrecked the British economy in the first place.

To make matters infinitely worse for the global economy the newly re-elected President of the United States is also ignoring history and the recent high profile defection of Gerard Depardieu, by taking the first steps along the same road to socialism that is littered with the remains of the once prosperous European countries.

To the British and other impoverished Europeans, the Presidents' rhetoric is all too familiar, we've heard it all before.

"the broadest shoulders must bear the biggest burden"

or there's that old favourite

"the rich must pay their fair share".


" we are going to ask those who make more than $250,000 to pay a little more"

and then there is

"no one making less than $250,000 will see their taxes go up" (everyone got a tax rise on January 1st due to an increase in payroll tax of 2%)

and my particular favourite in reference to the balanced approach to cutting the deficit

 "you cannot cut your way to prosperity"

It was the British socialist Prime Minister 'Sunny Jim' Callaghan who said, when he was trying to reign in his more loony members that "you cannot spend your way out of debt".

So there we have it, the socialist President of the USA claims that "you cannot cut your way to prosperity" and a socialist Prime Minister of Great Britain claiming "you cannot spend your way out of debt".

Either way the result will be the same, the people will get screwed.

By electing a socialist to the White House the people of the United States are blissfully unaware what they have done.

They'll soon learn as their taxes start to rise year after year to pay for the expansion of welfare entitlements together with the amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants and above all to pay for the interest on their astronomical and ever expanding debt.


  1. Not such a bad thing Cat Stevens clearing off. Shame he didn't take all of his co-religionists with him. A little known fact is that the poster boy of left-wing economic theory, Keynes, was a kiddie-fiddler!
    Paris Claims

    1. Cat Stevens went into tax exile in South America. As I recall a previous bunch of religious loons went there for exile and ended up dranking KoolAid, they were socialist fanatics too.

      I was not aware that Keynes was a paedophile, I will check it out as this information should be in the public domain.

    2. He used to vaction in N.Africa ( like Mandy, I believe)
      used to indulge in a bit of "boy love". Filthy pervert.
      Paris Claims

  2. Its a obviously a little known fact that 1 in 10 of earners contribute
    60% to income tax revenues. Not that you would ever hear a politician quote that statistic. "Make the rich pay" is a sleazy politicians trick (even now for the leftist Tories) that is used to con the mass electorate
    into believing that someone else ("the greedy tax avoiding rich") should pay their "fair" share even when they already contribute the most.

    Progressive income tax is a pre-requisite of any government that requires the ability to get away with spending whatever they want without being held directly accountable for it. If tax was proportionate, ie a flat rate of 13% as per Russia, it would make government spending too transparent to the electorate. After all who wants to pay more tax for uncontrolled spending? Once upon a time we fought a Civil War over this very issue, but I digress.
    As long as the mass electorate remain conned into the fact that someone else is paying for most of the spending, governments will continue to spend on whatever they deem acceptable.

    As long as the mass electorate remain deluded and ignorant about what is really going on nothing will change. We need a political revolution but unfortunately that fire can only start with the mass electorate leading the charge. Sadly that is unlikely to happen in my lifetime.

    Keep up the the good work, its comforting to know there are like-minded individuals feeling the same way. IMS

    1. IMS, thanks for your comment. Your analysis is correct, you are obviously one of the enlightened few, welcome to the club.

      Just as the Boston Tea Party tax protest kicked off the American Revolution, I believe that skyrocketing taxes to pay for universal entitlements will have a similar effect on the current electorate.

      If I am wrong then we are all done for.

    2. But this would require the current electorate to become collectively enlightened. The governing Elite are just too smart with stealth taxing for that to happen. Plus they are clever enough to make the public think that someone richer than them is footing the bill, as I said above.
      I think the time for political revolution will come in either the next generation or the one after, assuming we arent governed under national Sharia law by then.

    3. The governing elite are more than smart, their planning and execution of the 'fundamental transformation' agenda has been nothing short of brilliant, absolute genius in fact.

      At this point in history the so called 'progressives' are in total control and not only of Europe but the USA as well.

      It has taken them two or more generations to get where they are today and it may take the same length of time for the decent people of this world to reclaim their countries.

      We face a long, hard road ahead and theres no time to lose.

  3. The great unwashed in the US, UK and many other places are more interested in watching reality shows (now there's an oxymoron) and other rubbish on TV.

    At least the 1776 colonists had a focus and di something about it.

    BTW, nice site, just discovered it, liked the piece on Peter 'Oxygen Thief' Hain.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that the sheeple are too busy keeping up with the Kardashians to keep an eye on their governments.

  4. That is terrific how you have contrived to completely open up the theme that you have picked for this exact blog entry of yours. By the way did you use any similar posts as an inspiration to fulfill the whole situation that you provided in this blog entry?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don't understand what you are trying to say.

      The inspiration for all my posts is my own personal experience complemented by research to confirm facts.

      This post is based on a fact of history which 'progressives' can't get into their heads, that higher taxes always lead to a fall in revenue.