Sunday, January 6, 2013

PM Cameron Trashes Mrs Thatcher By Claiming Her Values Are Toxic

The Prime Minister of Great Britain,  David  'Call Me Dave'  Cameron is such a phony it's difficult for enlightened people to take him seriously.

For a man who has had the advantage of an elite education David Cameron doesn't seem to be displaying an iota of common sense.

He appears to be so clueless as to what the attitudes and more importantly, the hopes and aspirations of the British people are, that he comes across as arrogant and out of touch every time he makes a speech.

He always adopts the opposite stance on sensitive issues from the stance that his core party members, and the majority of the British people, would adopt and now he goes further by giving priority to issues that are only important to the minority Metropolitan 'right on progressive' elite.

David Cameron has followed the well worn path of the modern career politician. He had and elite education followed by the inevitable degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) then into a manufactured position within his political party.

Following the standard procedure for career politicians, Cameron spent a few token years in Public Relations with a minor television company in order to claim that he has experience outside party politics.

The truth is that Cameron has spent his whole life in a remote, closed circle of powerful like minded people who have no experience in the real world that the rest of us live in.

This circle of powerful people consider themselves to be 'progressive' that are above traditional party politics. They claim to be blue sky thinkers, movers and shakers and in a show of contempt for the people, opinion formers.  They also have an agenda they are determined to impose.

For 13 years this 'progressive' elite used the 'New' Labour Party to impose their 'progressive' agenda on the British people, but because this agenda was imposed without the British peoples consent there was always a danger that some time in the future another Margaret Thatcher could come along and put the whole project into reverse.

David Cameron is one of this remote elite and after becoming the leader of the Conservative Party he set about purging the party of its traditional values and policies and replacing them with 'progressive' policies, or as he termed it detoxifying the party.

The Conservative Party was the party of traditional British values and culture such as economic responsibility, patriotism, individual liberty, free enterprise, law and order, fair play, good manners, cricket on the village green, warm beer, church bells, old maids cycling to Evensong etc.

These were, and still are, the values and culture of Margaret Thatcher and the majority of the British people which David Cameron believes are toxic and an obstacle to his re-election.

Cameron believes that the cesspit of a country that was created by Labour's fundamental transformation is superior to the one it replaced and that it is here to stay whether the British people like it or not. He buys into the modern 'progressive' agenda and is determined that the British people will accept it.

The truth is, as the latest polls indicate, that the support for David Cameron's modern, detoxified party has been decamping in droves to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) who are now the guardians of the traditional British values and culture that were purged from the Conservative Party by David Cameron and his so called modernisers.

If an election were held in the near future David Cameron would suffer a humiliating defeat and the disastrous Labour Party would resume power to finish the destruction that they started and in the process consign the Conservative Party to history.

To remind readers, the Labour Party sold itself as the traditional party of the working man and who's aim was the eradication of  poverty and injustice by the redistribution of wealth and the provision of welfare entitlements from the cradle to the grave.

The truth is the Labour Party derives its core philosophy from Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. This can be confirmed by simply reading it and by paying particular attention to A.J.P Taylor's Introduction.( My copy is the 1967 edition).

The Labour Party despises the traditional Great Britain and is dedicated to its destruction and the building in its place of a state mandated, multi-cultural, egalitarian society that is demanded by their perverted ideology.

The Liberal Democrats are an amalgam of the old Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party who broke away from the old Labour party in the 1970's over policy disagreements. They sell themselves as libertarian and champions of minor causes.

Although they come across as harmless, eccentric, sandal wearing, vegetarian hippies, they truly are a very nasty party with policies further to the left than Labour. They despise private wealth and believe that they have the right to confiscate it for redistribution as they see fit.

The Liberal Democrats are European Union federal superstate fanatics who are neither Liberal nor Democratic.

All three party leaders describe themselves as 'progressive' and they all adhere to the same 'progressive' policies:

All three leaders agree that government can spend peoples money better than the people can spend it themselves.

They all put raising revenue via high and progressive taxation above cutting government spending.

None of the leaders have a plan to cut the nations crippling debt.

They all believe in state mandated equality and fairness.

They all use the discredited 'combating climate change' scam as an excuse to artificially raise energy prices forcing more people to be dependent on the government.

They are all Cultural Relativists who believe in equality of nations, thus they all believe in giving taxpayers money to foreign governments regardless of how its spent.

This is also good their international creditability which will come in useful for future employment when they get kicked out of office.

They all support a federal European Superstate. They all promise a referendum on the issue but never hold one.

They all obey mandates and treaties from the continually dysfunctional and discredited United Nations.

They all support the destruction of the traditional family and they all support homosexual marriage.

They all believe in a multi-cultural society and refuse to end open border mass immigration.

They all endorse zealously policed political correctness as means to control language and thought.

They all refuse to stop the downgrading of our Christian heritage while simultaneously upgrading Islam.

They all believe that the hideously biased BBC is impartial and should continue to be funded by the public under threat of imprisonment.

The all believe that the monstrously inefficient socialist monolith know as the National Health Service (NHS) is the nations most cherished institution and that it is the envy of the world.

They all disapprove of the traditional British pub culture and support a minimum price for booze as a social engineering exercise.

They all endorse voter fraud by refusing to stop electoral malpractice such as bogus voter registration and multiple postal voting by Imams and tribal elders.

They all believe in the dumbed down socialist comprehensive education system.

The fact is that all three party leaders are 'progressives' and they all endorse the fundamental transformation of Great Britain from what it was a decade ago to the shambles that it is today.

Of all the insults David Cameron has heaped upon the British people nothing is worse than claiming that their traditional values and culture are toxic.

David Cameron is a spineless intellectual midget who isn't fit to polish the Iron Lady's handbag.


  1. They despise private wealth......
    except for themselves.

    A slight improvement on an otherwise excellent piece. You really should have a column in one of the nationals
    Paris Claims

    1. They despise private wealth...except for themselves seems to be standard behavior for socialists.

      You mention this on the day that champagne socialist Phoney Tony Blair announces increased profits for his complex web of companies.

      I wonder how much he plans to redistribute?

  2. With regard to the referendum on Europe, (a particular peeve of mine as I possess that rare quality eluding 99% of MPs called common sense) they know categorically that the answer the British public will give them is "get out of Europe" and thats exactly why they will never have one.
    We all know this and on this one fact alone they demonstrate their total contempt for the public that they are meant to serve whilst at the same time only caring about thier own warped agenda.
    Great article, keep it up. IMS

    1. Its true what you say about an EU referendum and even more true about the lack of common sense among MP's.

      All the parties have promised a referendum at some point and they all renege on that promise. As we all know its a cynical excersise to get elected.

      Your reference to contempt for the public and their warped agenda sums up my thoughts to the letter.