Thursday, January 24, 2013

The EU Debate - PR Expert Cameron Takes The British People For Fools

Enlightened people who are immune to spin will be accused of sour grapes when they point out the reality of what Prime Minister David Cameron achieved yesterday with his long awaited speech on Great Britain's place in the post democratic European Union (EU.)

The British people must prepare themselves for months or even years of pro EU propaganda as Cameron's PR machine cranks into action to proclaim the brilliance of his speech and his vision of a reformed benign Europe acting in the interests of the British people and the other people of Europe.

At this point it's worth taking a step back to recap on the events that brought about this so called historic speech in the first place.

Most enlightened people know that if it wasn't for the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and the disenchantment of the British people with the creeping authoritarianism of the EU together with the ever rising cost to the taxpayer, he wouldn't have made the speech at all and it would still be full steam ahead to a federal superstate.

David Cameron is a self confessed, unapologetic 'progressive' and Europhile; he is also totally committed to the EU project of a modern, multi-cultural superstate based on government mandated equality and fairness.

The British people have finally woken up to the fact that the political class and establishment are consummate liars. Politicians cannot go about their daily business without lying; it is acceptable to them and boringly routine for the people.

The politicians of the day led by Prime Minister Edward Heath lied to the British people over accession to the then Common Market. The objective then was gradual integration, or "ever closer union" to a federal superstate. This objective was always denied and the truth tellers were smeared and vilified as xenophobes and scaremongers.

(I recall the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) which was levied at 4.5% or thereabouts. The truth tellers warned at the time that after introduction VAT would only ever go up. They were smeared and dismissed as scaremongers by Euro fanatics such as Michael Heseltine. As was predicted by the truth tellers VAT is currently set at an eyewatering 20%)

Lying about the true nature of the EU project has been carried on through the generations of the political elite to the current crop of habitual liars led by career PR man David Cameron.

The EU has been a total disaster for the people of Europe and especially for the British people. Whole industries have been destroyed by excessive regulation and taxation. There is no aspect of life that has not been affected by petty regulations enforced by faceless bureaucrats.

For the politicians it's a different story.  They get to control people outside the democratic process and make personal fortunes at the same time by helping themselves to taxpayers money. The Kinnock family being a case in point.

The British people are traditionally a free spirited and independent people who are slow to anger but the disaster of the EU has woken them up and they demand a say in their future.

The Euro fanatics see this awakening as a threat that must be neutralised before it gathers momentum and puts their European superstate project in jeopardy.

David Cameron's objectives are those of a typical 'progressive' and are relatively simple when looking at this particular issue. He believes that Europe should be a single, multi cultural, egalitarian entity where the traditional nation states exist in name only.

He believes that his re-election to office is key to pushing this project through to its conclusion and this re-election is threatened if the current disillusionment with his leadership and the drift to UKIP continues.

His response to this is easy to see through because it is typical PR and consists of stealing UKIP's clothes in order to spike their guns, promising jam tomorrow, starting a huge propaganda campaign and above all taking the British people for fools.

David Cameron plans to put into his next election manifesto that he will renegotiate the terms of membership, he will demand certain powers, that have already been given away by politicians like him, be repatriated and he will then put the new terms to the British people in an In/Out referendum.

This is a cynical manipulation and if the the people fall for this they will not only need their heads examined but they will inadvertently give Cameron and his 'progressives' a mandate to finish the project started by Heath and it would signal the end of Great Britain as a sovereign nation.

When the Blair/Brown administration was challenged in court over breaking their election manifesto promises post election, the judge confirmed that election manifesto's are not worth the paper they are written on. It transpires that the promises in their manifesto were aspirations only and not legally binding. Cynical, lying politicians win and the people lose as usual.

David Cameron has past form of breaking 'cast iron' promises that he makes to the electorate. He gave the impression during that last election campaign that he will be the most Eurosceptic Prime Minister ever. After the election he declares he is a passionate European. In other words he lied to the British people.

The whole world and his uncle knows that Euro fanatics do not do renegotiation or repatriate powers that they have spent years stealing from the people. European leaders have already said so together with the leaders of the EU Council, the EU Commission and the majority of MEP's in the European Parliament.

Nick Clegg and his Liberal Democrats, Ed Miliband and the Labour Party, the Trade Union Congress plus an assortment of business leaders with a vested interest,  have all indicated that they want to participate in the United States of Europe and do not want repatriation of powers. Cameron doesn't have now and will not get the votes in any future Parliament to get this through.

Prior to the last election all three party leaders promised the British people a referendum on EU membership in their manifestos, all three reneged on their promises after the election.

There are a number of urgent questions that need to be answered by the PR man and his team of spinners.

Exactly what powers does he want repatriated? No spin just details.

In line with all sovereign states, will the British people regain control of their borders?

Will the British people be allowed to decide who is allowed into their country?

Will the British people be allowed to deport people who are detrimental to the public good?

Will the British taxpayer still be forking out 60 million per day in membership fees?

Will the British taxpayer forfeit the Thatcher rebate?

Despite previous promises (all broken) will the Common Agricultural Policy be reformed?

Likewise the disastrous Common Fisheries Policy?

Since this renegotiation is not scheduled to happen for another 5 years will there be a moratorium on "ever closer union" in the interim period?

Will there be a suspension of job strangling regulations until the referendum is complete?

Will the estimated 2 million Romanian and Bulgarian beggars be allowed in before the referendum is complete?

etc. etc. etc.

We need the referendum now or else it will be five more years of "ever closer union" and the British people will be so far into the mire it would be unlikely they would ever be able to extricate themselves.

In conclusion,  the people should beware the words of the spinners and PR men, they should always pay close attention to what they say.

Cameron stated many times at the last Prime Ministers Questions (PMQ's) that he passionately believes Great Britain should be a member of the EU and that he will campaign to stay in.

"if we can negotiate such an arrangement, I will campaign for it with all my heart and soul"

He failed to answer a simple question 3 times yesterday that if he cannot get a successful renegotiation will he campaign for a 'No' vote?

Failure to answer this simple question indicates that he will campaign for a 'Yes' vote whatever the outcome of a negotiation.

If the people don't know what his negotiating position is or what powers he wants repatriated he can claim success whatever the outcome and campaign for a 'Yes' vote.

Most enlightened people can see through the PR deceit and wouldn't trust Cameron as far as they can spit but unfortunately there will be the unenlightened masses who will fall for the PR  and who will be convinced of Cameron's sincerity.

These are the people who need to be convinced in the years ahead that if they don't wake up to Cameron's deceit they will be condemning themselves and their compatriots to a future of multi-cultural poverty and authoritarianism in the well publicised post democratic age.


  1. There are two really big facts about the EU and our membership that trouble me -
    The first is the total lack of understanding by the average Brit on just how interventionist European Legislation has been on a multitude of issues that demonstrate clearly how little control we have, and our own politicians for that matter, of ever being in control of our destiny and liberty.
    Secondly, and because of the above point, I am disgusted that previous Prime Ministers of this country all the way back to Ted Heath (including Thatcher unfortunately) are ALL guilty of Sedition and Treason.
    We shouldnt be talking about whether we stay in or out - whats really important to us as the taxpaying public is to know that those who committed the crimes against the British State in the first place will be punished for it. That would be the most satisfactory outcome.
    The current farce over a referendum and the reactions by all 3 parties is showing them all to be a bunch of self serving lying reptiles who cant even decide whether they will or will not offer a referendum (labour and lib-dem) until the clearly see which way the wind is blowing.
    The only politicians who comes out of this with any credit at all are the hardcore Eurosceptics - Hannan, Farage, Redwood et al.

    1. Thanks for your contribution to the debate.

      Unfortunately due to years of dumbing down the average Brit is unable to process information and form an opinion using their own analysis. They are only capable of accepting soundbites and slogans.

      The standard of the policians currently infesting Parliament is abysmally low and getting worse. I agree that they are guilty of treason and should be punished accordingly.

      They know that they can get away with anything including thieving from the taxpayers and handing over sovereignty to Europe in exchange for personal wealth as demonstrated by the vile Kinnock family.

      The battle ahead is going to be dominated by getting the message out to the average Brit. They must be told that they are being sold down the river by their political leaders from which there will be no return.

  2. Just a small point...

    In Luxembourg, considered almost to be a vassal state of the "EU", they just sensibly interpret the rules.

    Buying a meal in a restaurant there is a surplus of 3% vat. Oh, also in the pub. These are not luxuries at all by any modern human definition, but they are in the majority of the EU!

    Yes, the different nations decide upon VAT. Perhaps you should shoot the civil service before you shoot the EU?

    It is true that the EU is undemocratic. So are the useless empire-building British civil servants who seek to impose the maximum upon us even though they have other options.

    1. The EU was dreamt up by politicians for the benefit of politicians so it will never have democratic legitimacy. It is government by Executive decree rubber stamped by treacherous politicians.

      The civil service are as guilty as sin but it is the politicians that have allowed them to decide policy over the years. Most are career people with no experience of the real world you and I inhabit.