Friday, January 11, 2013

Merkel and Barrosso Join Obama's Anti British Agenda

If  President Obama's interference in the internal affairs of the British people isn't bad enough then German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Union President Jose Manuel Barrosso joining him in this interference is a step too far for many.

It is universally accepted that the European Union has no democratic legitimacy and that it is a complete disaster for the people of Europe. Unemployment and particularly youth unemployment, is higher than it was decades ago and economic growth has all but dried up.

The European Union is run by a 'progressive' political elite that cannot be removed by popular vote and they govern using Executive decree.

Their goal is not the well being of the people but the creation of a European superstate based on a 'progressive' agenda of state mandated equality and fairness together with secular multi-culturalism except for Muslims.

Whenever this 'progressive' agenda has been put before various peoples of Europe in referendums, they have been soundly rejected and this is the reason that the appointed rulers of Europe avoid consulting the people at all costs.

Referendums never produce the result that these autocrats want and these results have the effect of delaying the creation of their beloved superstate.

I can just about accept that Obama, Merkel and Barrosso have a right to voice their opinions on the European Union but by urging the Prime Minister to deny the British people their God given right to vote on how they are governed is preposterous and clearly demonstrates that their agenda has a higher priority than the fundamental rights of the people.

The British people have been ganged up on before and they have been forced to fight alone with disastrous consequences for the world.  I hope this attempt to remove the fundamental rights of the British people will be the final insult that galvanises them to action.

If these global leaders are attempting to transform the western world into a 'progressive' Utopia, then implementing their policies in 27 European countries simultaneously makes the project easier and more likely to succeed.

It would be an enormous setback to the superstate agenda and the global 'progressive' project if the British were to leave the EU and become successful as an independent sovereign country. 

This is the reason why global leaders are desperate not to give the British people an In/Out referendum on this issue.

British Prime Minister David Cameron considers himself a part of this 'progressive' global elite of political leaders and he will soon have to decide who's side he is on. He should be on the side of the British people he claims to represent.

The British people will find out when he makes his long awaited and much delayed speech on European Union in the near future.

The Obama administration is anxious for the European superstate to succeed so it can be used as an example of what a modern, disarmed, peaceful country looks like compared to a backward looking, uncool America where the people are still clinging to their Bibles and guns.

Although they have been battered and bruised by over a decade of 'progressive' rule and they have stood by as their country has been fundamentally transformed in to a third world ghetto. The British are still a proud people and it would be foolish to write them off just yet.

They have survived against the odds before and God willing they will do it again.

"And now it has come to us to stand alone, in the breach, and to face the worse that the tyrant's might and enmity can do.."

Winston Churchill July 14 1945


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    1. It looks like UKIP is the only alternative.

      Cameron's long awaited speech on the EU is going to be a howler.