Monday, January 14, 2013

Gay Marriage And The Global Progressive Agenda

Its long been a contention of millions of people that there is a covert cabal of powerful people pushing a global 'progressive' agenda.

I have always treated the conspiracy theorists and their Bilderberger, Illuminati, New World Order Freemason beliefs with a large pinch of salt but looking at the antics of the political class around the world I may have to reassess my attitude.

The first clue that raised my suspicions was the fact politicians around the world were spinning that in an integrated global economy if one country's economy goes south the rest will follow, therefore the current economic problems of the the worlds advanced economies all started with the sub-prime mortgage crisis in America.

To any astute student of politics this is nonsense. The fact is that the Western governments were all doing the same thing at the same time regardless of the consequences ie tax, borrow, spend and debt in order to extend welfare entitlements.

Its the issue of Western governments doing the same things at the same time that lends weight to the theory that there is a common 'progressive' agenda.

It must be more than coincidence that homosexual marriage is an now an obsession with the UK and USA administrations regardless of the views of the majority when it wasn't a priority issue in either election campaign.

At a time of crisis when their economies are collapsing under the weight of excessive spending, unsustainable debt, poor growth and high unemployment both sets of politicians are hand wringing about homosexual marriage.

There isn't a day that goes by when David Cameron isn't bleating on in the media about his belief "that this is the right thing to do".

He is in such a hurry to get this issue into law that he plans to bulldoze it through Parliament when there is more pressing business for the government.

It is noticeable that this same issue has taken priority at the same time in other western countries as geographically diverse as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Euroland etc ad nauseum.

Other issues common to the USA the UK and other western countries are their governments plan to borrow money (otherwise known as stealing) from their people's pension funds in order to replace infrastructure. This apparently is going to kick start their economies.

This kind of Keynesian stimulus has failed time and again so this looks like a rouse for politicians to get their grubby hands on private wealth.

The USA and UK Governments are simultaneously planning to spend billions on High Speed Rail and this is also going to stimulate their economies.

A big issue of course is universal healthcare currently being played out in the USA. The disaster that is the National Health Service in the UK does not seem to have put off the American socialists.

David Cameron has ring fenced NHS spending even though the system is out date, broken down and in dire need of replacement.

Both governments are downgrading their military forces.

Bearing in mind the Democrat Party's traditional hatred of the American military and the ordinary American people's respect for it, this is about to become a huge issue in the USA.

David Cameron has already begun his programme of eviscerating the British military and stooping so low as to be sending military personal redundancy notices when they are still serving in Afghanistan.

The once great British Navy is being reduced to a handful of boats, no aircraft carriers and the army being slashed to around 80,000 troops.

( Cameron is Europhile and he is preparing the British military for absorption into a European Union Defence Force)

Cultural replacement of the western world is another global initiative with the war on Christianity and western values being acted out all over the world.

Another global issue vital to the 'progressive' agenda is the brainwashing of children.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (who many regard as insane) allocated billions of taxpayer money for the Sure Start programme which gives the state access to the country's children from an early age.

The Sure Start mission is "giving children the best possible start in life through improvement of childcare, early education, health and family support, with an emphasis on outreach and community development"

David Cameron claims that Sure Start is now part of his Big Society

The parallel programme in the USA is called Head Start which is to " foster stable family relationships, enhance children's physical and emotional well-being and establish an environment to develop strong cognitive skills". 

This is the latest manifestation of Johnson's Great Society

There is also Head Start Australia, Head Start Canada and Head Start New Zealand etc ad nauseum.

There are common global issues on taxpayer funded abortion and contraception.

Using the 'Combating Climate Change' scam as an excuse to increase the cost of energy.

Likewise the 'decarbonising' of  western economies

Extending welfare entitlements

Deportation of illegal immigrants

A global gun ban which is also playing out in the USA.

Global taxation and many more.

The only organisation that can co-ordinate a global agenda on this scale is the United Nations which claims that global government is not in its constitution.

Maybe it isn't but that won't stop government leaders with a common 'progressive' agenda from using the UN and its agencies to create their own Brave New World.

Update - I've been asked to clarify that if homosexual marriage is being driven by the UN, why isn't it being driven in Muslim or other non Christian countries.

The answer is simple, the 'progressive' agenda of fundamental transformation is restricted to Western cultures especially those of Great Britain and the America.

'Progressives' blame the UK and the USA for all of histories ills and this fuels their hatred and paranoia.

They blame the British for Imperialism and the Americans for capitalism and in their perverted minds this justifies the destruction of their respective cultures.


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