Monday, August 12, 2013

British Citizenship To Be Abolished - They Can't Say They Weren't Warned

It is slowly dawning on the British people that what many of us have been saying for years is not just defamatory name calling against political enemies but the absolute truth.

It is now an indisputable fact that politicians are professional liars, they lie as a matter of course, they lie every waking moment, they lie in order to impose their political agenda, they tell people what they want to hear in order to secure their votes at election time. Sadly people are only waking up to it at a moment in history when their nation is almost nothing more than a foot note in history.

When governments of all colours lied to get Great Britain to join the Common Market in '70's, informed people were warning back then that this was the first step to a post democratic United States of Europe. On the issue of a federal state the politicians have continually put the case that this is merely economic cooperation knowing full well that they are lying on a monumental scale. At the same time they demonized as liars those who told the truth about the surrender of sovereignty and the eventual end of Great Britain as an independent nation state.

Having already replaced many of the nations unique documents that identify the holder as British, such as passports and drivers licences; the Eurocrats are now replacing the Royal Crest on Birth, Death and Marriage certificates with their own odious symbols. This may not seem such a big issue on the grand scale of things but when it comes to the imposing the United States of Europe on an unwilling people, it is part of a well planned, slow salami slicing away of items that bestow British identity on the holder. European citizenship and identity is being forced on the British people against their will and the political cowards that are masquerading as the government are powerless to stop it.

British politicians from the treacherous cowards Wilson and Heath through to the shameless
deceivers of today, Messrs Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, have lied about the extent of the powers they have handed over to the Eurocrats in Brussels. One of the governments most senior members, Eric Pickles, has admitted that they are powerless to stop this identity stripping due to the powers they surrendered under the European Constitution/Lisbon Treaty.

During the imposition of the Constitution/Lisbon Treaty, the British public were told that this is not a constitution but a tidying up exercise and anyone who claimed otherwise was a swivel eyed loon, a fruitcake and a closet racist. They were lying through their teeth then as they are now and they know it.

A European federal superstate was planned after the ending of World War II, by a group of politicians, in secret and with the declared intent of deceiving the various peoples of Europe to achieve their goal.

One of the architects of this abomination was Jean Monet, a French professional bureaucrat who set the pattern for the European Union which is so familiar today, by having never been elected to public office. He is quoted as saying:

"European nations should be guided towards a superstate without their people understanding what's happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised by having an economic purpose but will eventually and irreversibly lead to confederation".

"Each disguised by having an economic purpose", this says it all. The political traitors responsible for building this federal superstate are being told to lie to the people in order to achieve their totalitarian goal.

Nobody can say that today's politicians have not followed this strategy to the letter while denying their true intent. This is appalling behavior and in the opinion of many it is tantamount to treason.

For the informed people who knew this deceit from the beginning, and who were abused by a lying political class, the words of the real wielder of power in Great Britain, Herman von Rumpuy, only confirmed what they knew already.

This unashamed Belgian totalitarian has already declared an end to the Nation State in Europe and who can disagree with him? In addition to welfare entitlements, social policy, working time policy, judicial policy etc. ad nauseum, the British government no longer controls its own borders. It doesn't even have enough residual power to control what symbols are printed on a Birth, Death or Marriage certificate.

This is the creature who is appointed the 'President of Europe' and who wields immense political power over the British people. He cannot be removed by popular vote, moreover he has threatened war if anyone disagrees with his pronouncements.

This is a dangerous individual who needs to be forced back under whatever rock he slithered out from.  Unfortunately the current British political leadership are much too cowardly and traitorous to do this for the British people who they claim to represent.

If people are skeptical that the end of British citizenship is near then it is worth reminding them that the European Union already has all that is required for it to be classed as a sovereign nation in its own right. It already has:

a) its own legal constitution

b) its own legal code and judiciary

c) its own currency

d) its own central bank

e) its own defence force (which is in the process of absorbing the British military)

f) its own parliament

g) its own foreign office and diplomatic service

h) its own flag

i) its own national anthem

j) its own passport ( to be joined by all other bureaucratic paperwork as mentioned above)

k) it is in the process of getting its own seat at the United Nations

The current political leadership know that the tipping point is fast approaching and that the intent of Jean Monet to take the process slowly forward until it "eventually and irreversibly leads to confederation" is their final moment of glory.

They will not let anything get in their way especially the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) who are threatening to derail the entire project. They will mobilise everything and everyone in their power to abuse, demise and smear any opposition.

In the final analysis there will be more dignity and decency on the bottom of a shoe worn by a swivel eyed loon, fruitcake and closet racist than in the entire body and soul of the traitorous cowards who grovel to the likes of Herman von Rumpuy.


  1. I'm convinced that the only solution is hemp rope and lamp posts. Reasonable discourse is no longer possible through out the West.

    1. It looks like you are right. There is no reasonable discourse anymore. Most of the Main Stream Media are bought and paid for by the so called 'progressives'.

  2. To paraphrase Ben-Hur, El Cid: they can have my British citizenship when they can prise my British passport out of cold, dead hands.

    My Mum's first fiance, the Battle of Britain fighter pilots and support units, the 55,000 Bomber Command dead, the sailors of the Royal and Merchant navies in Davy Jones' Locker, and the thousands of British and Commonwealth soldiers who lie in CWG and other resting place, NONE of these fought and died for this.

    Time to practise the knots needed for those hemp ropes.

    1. That's what saddens and angers me the most, all those brave men and women sacrificed their lives in vain.

      These scumbags don't have the right to give away British sovereignty.

  3. It is entirely logical that a Frenchman was behind the European federal concept.
    Its roots go back to Versailles 1919 when the French insisted on the punitive sanctions imposed on Germany, this guaranteeing WW2.

    The French will do what they like internally, but when it comes to security, they will fight to the last British, American or other soldier.


    1. It's ironic that although the British saved his sorry a*rse, it was General De Gaulle who opposed British membership of the Common Market.

      He claimed the British would not make good Europeans because they have an island mentality better suited to a global trading environment. It grieves me to say it but he was right.

    2. It's a measure of how traitorous these politicians are in that when the European Defence Force is deployed, British troops could be under the command of French or German officers.

      A mutiny by our military will have my full support.