Saturday, August 3, 2013

Illegal Immigrant Spot Checks, Racial Profiling And The Human Rights Industry

News that the United Kingdom Border Agency have stepped up the hunt for illegal immigrants by using spot checks raised the blood pressure of those who make a living on the publicly funded human rights gravy train and it also sent the politically correct thought police of the grievance and self loathing communities into fits of apoplexy.

It is obviously beyond the comprehension of these people that securing the borders and dealing with illegal immigration is the whole point of a border agency. Due to the deliberate scrapping of border controls by the previous Labour government, immigration, and particularly, illegal immigration, is now one of the major issues concerning the British people. Not only are their lives being blighted by crime and disorder, their public services and the economy at large are being adversely affected by this massive influx of economic migrants and criminal gangs.

The self loathing community in addition to the human rights and grievance industries cannot be over endowed with political savvy if they haven't realized by now that these spot checks are window dressing designed to give the impression that the government is acting on the people's concerns ahead of the European elections due in 2014.

Do these people really think that a few border control officers checking random people at a handful of railway stations is going to deal with an estimated one million illegal immigrants? It makes great headlines and it gives the hideously biased BBC plenty of ammunition but it is not going to make the smallest dent in the problem of illegal immigrants.

Myself and other informed punters do not agree with government spot checks because the political class will not miss an opportunity to extend this authoritarian practice to all citizens in the future. They have already tried ID cards, universal DNA databases and car number plate recognition in an attempt to monitor and control its citizens. They are currently busy attempting to control the press and the Internet together with snooping on private emails and phone calls.

Resorting to spot checks is an admission of failure; illegals immigrants should be stopped at the border.

But I digress; it's not the spot checks that send these various 'progressive' industries rushing to the BBC and the media but the thought of racial profiling. To these over sensitive souls, racial profiling is one of the biggest crimes that can possibly be committed against their imagined egalitarian, fair and equal, politically correct Utopia.

To rest of us in the real world it's just plain common sense. If the authorities are looking for Muslim terrorists they don't stop Roman Catholic nuns, if they are looking for illegals from Africa, India or China, stopping Europeans is likely to prove fruitless. Black people can be excluded if the police are searching for a white bank robber, dwarfs can be excluded if the robber is over five feet tall, women can be excluded if it's a man. Stopping a black female dwarf would be deemed 'the right thing to do' in the insane tick box world of politically correct tokenism.

To the human rights mob, the self loathers and the grievance mongers, this point of view is the ultimate heresy and I should, no doubt, be called a racist and cast into the outer darkness for all eternity for expressing such unacceptable views.

The sad fact is that the public sector together with all the British institutions from the police and the BBC down to the smallest Parish councils, are infested with these self righteous, self appointed guardians of the 'progressive', politically correct, multi-cultural agenda who have been enabled by legislation.

Two of the most destructive pieces of legislation put in place by the Blair/Brown government that have done more to destroy Great Britain than any other are the unnecessary Human Rights Act and the unwanted Equalities Act.

To enforce these two agenda driven laws, the government set up the Orwellian Equalities and Human Rights Commission and then proceeded to stuff it with like minded agenda driven bureaucrats who were committed to the cultural replacement project. This bureaucracy is unwanted by the British people and has been a disaster from its inception.  It has acquired a reputation for lunacy and it is now being seen for what it actually is.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is a vehicle used by the politician class to impose their 'progressive' multi-cultural agenda onto the British people who didn't ask for it and don't want it.

Calls for it to be scrapped should be heeded but, as they made abundantly clear, Prime Minister David Cameron and his bag carrier Nick Clegg have no intention of doing so regardless of what the people think.

A fair days work for a fair days pay was the most common mantra for my generation, there was no need and certainly no demand for human rights or equality legislation. These were the brainchild of the remote metropolitan elite who were bent on imposing their vision of a fair and equal, multi-cultural society onto the people whether they wanted it or not.

Its worth concluding with a few quotes from John Deighan, the leader of the Roman Catholic church in Scotland, after the battle over homosexual marriage:

The Commission "is becoming a pressure group intent on imposing the views of the social elites who have worked to redefine human rights to suit their lifestyles".

"the EHRC has become a partisan player in human rights campaigning".

Finally the one that sums it up for many:

"Our society is badly in need of an objective and measured assessment of human rights and equality issues especially as we see the crushing of religious freedom when views are held not to be in keeping with politically correct diktats".


  1. What extra rights did the HRA bestow upon ordinary law abiding citizens? I have put this question on several leftie blogs and newspaper forums. I have yet to receive an answer.
    So far as I can see, the only beneficiaries of Blair's proudest moment are spiv lawyers ( his hideous wife) terrorists, criminals and perverts.

    1. There were no extra rights for anyone outside of the groups you mention. This law was unnecessary and unwanted and it should be repealed.