Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unleashing Hell In Syria - What's The Hurry And Who's Side Are We On?

When it comes to unleashing weapons capable of such awesome destruction on people we know very little about it's best to take several steps back to make sure the reasoning is sound and the repercussions are well understood.

If the latest opinion polls are to be believed then there doesn't appear to be much of an appetite for war among the peoples of Great Britain and America and for good reason. Politicians, particularly modern day career politicians, are not known for their honesty; in fact they are notorious for their propensity for spin, deceit and outright lying, as the British people found out to their cost.

As the world knows, the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had already made the decision and committed the British people to war in Iraq long before he made the case to Parliament. When he did make that case it was a tissue of lies, exaggerations, 'sexed up' language and a media onslaught by his well oiled spin machine. Blair even ignored his own Attorney General Lord Goldsmith, who was also a personal friend from student days, as to the legality of his military adventure with President Bush.

As was revealed in yesterday's article, Tony Blair is suffering from a recognized mental affliction called the 'Hubris Syndrome', which appears to affect the political class more than any other group of people. The people of the Middle East, and the world at large, deserve an explanation as why a mentally unstable man with an appalling record of warmongering was appointed Middle East peace envoy representing billions of people from the USA, the EU and Russia?

The British team in this latest military adventure is being led by the increasingly arrogant Prime Minister David Cameron and the American team is being led by Nobel Peace prize winning Messiah elect, Barack Obama; both of whom have little or no experience of the real world or its various peoples and cultures.

Who can possibly have faith in a forty seven year old career politician who's only experience of the world outside of party politics is as a Public Relations executive at a defunct television company and a fifty two year old community organiser with no experience whatsoever in anything other than radical socialist politics.

Watching and listening to these two perform it is obvious, even to the casual observer, that like Blair they are also guilty of narcissistic behavior and hold very high opinions of themselves and their views to the exclusion of everyone else's.

Their arrogance and dictatorial behavior over gay marriage, overseas aid and the European Union, are clear evidence of their belief in the righteousness of their causes, or put simply, their belief that only they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Prior to unleashing death and destruction on the Syrian people, there are several questions that need to be answered.

There are so many different factions involved it needs to be made clear which faction will benefit from western interference?  What is more worrying is the fact that the majority of these factions despise the West and are openly engineering its downfall via violent jihad and various cultural replacement agendas.

It needs to be made clear what the mission goals are.  Is it regime change and if so, in favour of who? At the moment the choice appears to be between the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, al Qaeda or Hamas - all enemies of western civilization.

Will there be reprisal attacks by home grown Muslim jihadis in participating western countries? If so will the establishment and local authorities suspend the forced multi-cultural agenda?

To avoid another Afghanistan or Iraq, what is the exit strategy?

If Israel is attacked, what will the military response be? Will the mission be expanded to include bombing Syria's allies?

And the biggest question of all is why are western powers getting involved in an internal Middle Eastern conflict?

Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon etc. are all brimming with the latest western supplied military hardware and possess the expertise to use it.

Why don't these countries under the auspices of something like the Arab League sort it out for themselves? Or as Ms. Palin said, "let Allah sort it out".

David Cameron is using the humanitarian angle in order to justify his hurry to unleash hellfire on Syria.

"The West cannot standby and let this happen", claims Cameron in reference to the massacre of civilians using chemical weapons but the obvious response to this is, why not?

The West stood by while Hutu and Tutsi tribal members massacred almost one million of their compatriots in Rwanda. Who is to say that being hacked to death with a machete is less of a war crime than using chemical weapons. One of the beneficiaries of this horror is Rwandan President Paul Kigame who is now a favourite of Cameron's Conservative Party and is in receipt of hundreds of millions of taxpayers money via the overseas development aid scam.

The West stood by while Pol Pot murdered over one million citizens in the name of Karl Marx in Cambodia.

The West stood by while helpless, starving refugees were being massacred in their tens of thousands in Dafur, Sudan.

The West has stood by for over thirty years while Robert Mugabe has raped, tortured, murdered and plundered the Zimbabwean people into starvation and abject poverty.

The West has stood by for six decades while the Kim dynasty has brutalised, massacred and starved the North Korean people into submission.

The list goes on and on so it must be asked as to why Syria is being singled out by Cameron, Obama and the West for special treatment when the crimes of its rulers are mild by comparison to those dictators that went before?

In conclusion I would point out the insensitivity that can only come from an inexperienced elitist that has no idea whatsoever how real people think and react is on display with David Cameron. He is busy eviscerating the British military in preparation for it to be absorbed into the European Defence Force.  This process includes giving serving soldiers their redundancy notices while they are on active duty in Afghanistan.

This media created abomination abuses and pours scorn on the history of the British military then has the gall to expect our brave men and women in uniform to put their lives on the line in a military adventure that is not the business of anyone outside the closed political circle in which Cameron and his cronies live.

Update: This deserves a wider audience. There's more to Phony Tony than meets the eye.

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  1. Only a few short weeks ago Cameron said he wanted to export gay marriage around the world. Perhaps, instead of bombing Syria flat, he could personally lead a plane load of faggots into any rebel stronghold in Syria and educate those primitive bearded savages about the joys of same sex marriage.
    Paris Claims

    1. Cameron probably thinks we have all forgotten his joyous pronouncements about exporting gay marriage around the world.

      This warmongering is a shallow idiot trying to pass himself off as an international statesman.