Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mathew Who? - Government Minister Is Unaware Of The European Union Or He Is Lying

The abysmally low caliber of candidate that the people elect as their representatives is one of the reasons why Great Britain is in the state that it is. Putting to one side the outright weirdo's, criminals and perverts, those that do mange to stay away from the criminal justice system are of no use whatsoever. Judging by the way they dress, talk and behave one would think they all come from the same flawed gene pool.

I am not sure that many people outside of his constituency would have heard of Mathew Hancock, who labours under the grandiose title of Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Further Education, Skills and Life Long Learning. Such is the demand for this political non job that he is forced to share his genius between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Skills. The rumour that he will add the Ministry of Silly Walks to his portfolio has been denied.

Hancock is in possession of a Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree which, judging by the number of senior charlatans in possession of this qualification, appears to be mandatory for government office.

Experience in the wider world of industry and wealth creation is obviously not required.

In a statement which only served to demonstrate his complete lack business knowledge or his belief that interference by politicians can create jobs, Hancock claims that employing people is more important than making a profit. It beggars belief that this economically illiterate attitude comes from a member of the supposedly free market Conservative Party.

To compound his demonstration of utter stupidity this Hancock fellow is either unaware of the existence of the European Union or he is a compulsive irredeemable liar. He believes that companies have a 'duty to employ British workers' when he should know that his European Union bosses in Brussels forbid this kind of nationalism and are offering one thousand pound bribes to businessmen and employers to hire foreign workers before British ones.

He should also know that 800,000 British jobs are being advertised, at taxpayers expense, by the European Commission, an appointed body to which his party gives its full support.

His humiliation is complete when the government, of which he is a member, are making him a laughing stock by not only ignoring his Brownian plea  'British jobs for British workers' but they are actively involved in flying in foreign workers for tunnel maintenance projects.

Mathew Hancock must be walking around with his head firmly planted in some unmentionable part of his anatomy if he hasn't realized by now that his leader, Prime Minister David Cameron, the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and his Department Head at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Skills Vince Cable, are all self confessed Europhiles who are committed to the post democratic United States of Europe and who will obey, without question, the diktats from Brussels about the access of foreign workers to the British jobs market.

If does realize this then he his a liar of the very highest order and he is treating the public with contempt if he thinks he can get away with such blatant nonsense.

It is up to the good people of West Suffolk to replace this numbskull with a representative of a higher caliber at the earliest possible opportunity.


  1. Liar or stupid, either way, he's superbly qualified for political office.

    1. I live in hope that the people will wake up and start electing real people instead of political clones.