Friday, August 2, 2013

Unelected EU Baroness Preaches Democracy In Egypt But Punishes Democratic Israel

No thinking person will be surprised by double standards and hypocrisy when it comes to the European Union. This whole institution was built on the basis of 'government in the post democratic age' using the Soviet Union model as a template.

It is stuffed to the rafters with a mix of professional career politicians, failed legislators, unqualified cronies, hangers on and communist apparatchiks left over from the former East European dictatorships.

This whole place is run by back scratching, patronage and back room stitch ups, which allows failed politicians from the member states to take lucrative non jobs for long enough to fill their pockets with taxpayers money and qualify for a gold plated pension for life.

The latest episode of gross hypocrisy is the visit of the grandly titled High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security, the Baroness Ashton, to the Middle East to put Egypt firmly 'on a path to democracy'. She met with the various Egyptian political parties including the Muslim Brotherhood who are advocates of totalitarian Sharia law.

One would have thought that the European Union is the last institution that should be preaching democracy but using Baroness Ashton as its leading preacher is beyond parody.

A brief look at Ashton's Curriculum Vitae reveals that she doesn't have a democratic bone in her body. My generation remember Ashton as one of leaders of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), a group led by a gaggle of naive professional left wing agitators and clerics who advocated unilateral nuclear disarmament during the cold war period of Soviet aggression.

It is certain that the CND had been infiltrated by the Soviets and Ashton refuses to acknowledge Soviet financing of her organization to this day. Her political career started in earnest when she was appointed to the upper chamber of the British legislature, the House of Lords, by Tony Blair. Although totally unqualified, her rise through the ranks took off like a rocket when she was:

Appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Education and Skills.

Appointed Minister for Sure Start

Appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs (in preparation for pushing the EU constitution through Parliament without a referendum)

Appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice ( see above)

Appointed Leader of the House of Lords and Lord President of the Council.

Appointed Great Britain's Commissioner to the European Union.

One doesn't have to be a student of politics to note that Ashton acquired vast amounts of political and legislative power over the British people without a single vote being cast. She has never offered herself for election over her entire career and what makes this situation even more undemocratic is the fact that she is appointed for life therefore she cannot be removed by the British people regardless of her performance.

This is the person chosen by the Leaders of the European Union to preach democracy to the various blood soaked dictators of Egypt and the Middle East. These EU leaders don't stand up to scrutiny either considering the amount of power they wield over the peoples of Europe.

President of the European Council, which is accepted to be the Executive branch of the EU, is sinister Belgian totalitarian Herman von Rumpuy who was appointed without consultation with the people or Parliament.

President of the EU Commission, which is accepted to be the legislative branch, is Portuguese Maoist Jose Manuel Barrosso who, like von Rumpuy, was appointed without consultation. The Vice President of the Commission just happens to be the Baroness Ashton.

President of the European Parliament is the German socialist thug Martin Shultz. This appalling man, who can barely disguise his hatred of Great Britain, was appointed after a closed door stitch up between cronies and hangers on.

Any sane person is bound to question how an organization like this, stuffed with people like the anti-democracy Baroness Ashton, can be taken seriously when they start preaching democracy abroad.

Hatred of Israel is mandatory for a hard left 'progressive' zealot like Baroness Ashton and she demonstrates this, together with her hypocrisy, by declaring a cultural war against the only multi-party democracy in the Middle East, Israel.

While she is indulging the Muslim Brotherhood's deposed dictator Mohamed Morsi, who describes Jews as the 'decendents of apes and pigs', she is applying sanctions on Israeli academics and businesses alike.  These sanctions are likely to hurt Arabs as well as the Israelis that she hates so much.

This fact won't bother Ashton as demonstrating her anti-Israel credentials is more important than hurting the very Arabs she is supposed to be helping.

This double standard is nothing new for the long suffering people of Europe. Prior to Baroness Ashton they had to suffer the hopelessly under qualified, multi-millionaire socialist, the Baroness Kinnock. This venal pseudo intellectual has made a multi million pound fortune despite never having had a real job outside of politics. The taxpayers pockets are deep and always open for the politicians to plunder.

Another hard left 'progressive' in the Ashton mould, Glennys Kinnock demonstrated her idiocy by lecturing President Obama on how his government's subsidies to cotton farmers was making it difficult for their counterparts in the developing world to compete; all the while she was the Commissioner of an organization that provides the biggest subsidies to farmers in the history of agriculture, including its own cotton farmers! The EU's Common Agricultural Policy has ruined the entire agricultural sectors of developing countries since its inception decades ago.

The world will wait with baited breath to see if the efforts of the appointed, undemocratic Baroness Ashton will succeed in teaching Middle Eastern tyrants the virtues of democracy but maybe she should listen to her own lectures and democratize herself and the organization she represents first.


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