Monday, August 19, 2013

Corrupt Police A Laughing Stock - Establishment Foot Soldiers Declare War On The People

It is without doubt that the British people are living among the ruins of a once great civilization and that civilisation was deliberately destroyed by a self serving elite who committed this act of cultural vandalism without the peoples consent.

Governments of all shades played their part in this destruction including that of Margaret Thatcher who must be held accountable for handing over huge tracts of the people's sovereignty to the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union.

The destruction started in earnest under the Blair government post 1997 when, with malice aforethought, his government set about destroying or at least infiltrating and perverting every British institution from the NHS to the BBC; from the Church of England to the Police Force.  Despite the serious consequences of political interference in the aforementioned institutions it is the perversion of the Police Force that causes the most concern.

Many of my generation will recall the local copper or Bobby, living in the community walking his 'beat' with only a truncheon and a whistle. They were approachable, they applied the law evenly and took their vocation of public service seriously.

Compare that with the ignorant unaccountable bullies that infest the 'police service' today. There are still decent coppers in the force but unfortunately they are outnumbered by the ignoramuses that serve their political masters without question and who rigidly police political correctness rather than the criminal fraternity.

The politicized police have abandoned the people they are meant to protect and serve as they have been given the freedom to selectively apply the law depending on its relevance to the cultural replacement agenda.

The disciples of the new 'progressive' agenda have turned the world, and logic itself, on its head by turning the criminal into the victim. The victim who protects his personal property from the criminal is now the criminal himself. The police will no longer attend a burglary in progress because of its low priority, they may not even perform a timely investigation afterwards, but they will turn out in force immediately for a crime against political correctness.

Apparently the new 'police service' have a zero tolerance to perceived crimes against equality and fairness which makes people of any self appointed special interest group untouchable. Indigenous people are already guilty if they come into conflict with any of these groups, which include ethnic minorities, LGBT's, Muslims, Gypsies, asylum seekers, foxes, badgers etc. ad nauseum.

The new politicized 'police service' is run by fully paid up members of the establishment and they are an important part of the replacement machinery; to this end they are totally corrupt and they always look after their fellow 'progressives' no matter how obvious the crime .

Their behavior confirms this and it is worth looking at some examples which not only demonstrates this point but also proves that what was once a great public institution is now a total laughing stock.

One of the most important institutions in the cultural replacement agenda is the BBC which most people now accept is a publicly funded propaganda arm of the government. The biggest and most horrific scandal in its history was the Jimmy Savile led paedophile gangs which went about raping and abusing under age girls for decades with the full knowledge of the management.

After a year there has been a lot faux outrage, spin and obfuscation but only one conviction and then only 15 months jail time for some the most horrific crimes against children. Honourable Members are now demanding a new inquiry.

The police initially refused to investigate in the BBC pay off scandal whereby executives helped themselves to twenty five million pounds of taxpayers money with impunity. After public pressure they were forced to investigate but, surprise, surprise, they came up with nothing.

Just to help the cops out, former Chief Executive George Entwhistle's friends at the BBC awarded him a four hundred and fifty thousand pounds (450,000) payoff after only fifty four days in the job. He resigned in disgrace due to what many regarded as criminal incompetence and his payoff was twenty five thousand over the legal amount due.

In one of the most blatant examples of police corruption was the case of establishment Member of Parliament David Laws. This low life is a multi-millionaire who was rich enough to retire at the tender age of twenty eight. He stole over fifty thousand pounds from the public, supposedly because he didn't want his mother or his constituents to find out he had a homosexual lover.

The public in these tolerant times will be more concerned with his integrity as opposed to his sexuality so that is no excuse whatsoever. David Laws, being an establishment MP and a homosexual, is a member of a protected species and is therefore untouchable. Other MP's were prosecuted for thieving but not this one. The police had all the evidence they needed to put this guy away but they obeyed their political masters and refused to do so.

This criminal thieving low life is now back in government working in the Ministry of Education. Teaching children the subtle arts of stealing from the public and getting away with it no doubt.

If anyone was in any doubt just how low the 'police service' will sink in order to play their part in the cultural replacement agenda then the Muslim paedophile scandals should put their doubts at rest.

What kind of people run a 'police service' that would allow Muslim paedophile gangs to subject under age white girls to horrific sexual abuse on the grounds of 'cultural sensitivities'?  These so called public servants are behaving like animals themselves.

The war by the 'police service' against the public is what makes them a laughing stock and it has cost them their last shred of credibility. Out of the hundreds of examples here are a few to demonstrate the point. Use the links then laugh or cry whichever emotion comes first:

Mounted police officer arrested Oxford student Sam Brown who was then prosecuted for calling his horse gay. Teenager Kyle Lettes was arrested and prosecuted for playfully growling at a dog.

Police were called to a burglary in progress where a previously deported serial criminal from Romania was in the process of stealing private property from a business. The victims pleaded with the police to arrest the thieving swine but they refused due to health and safety concerns as he was on the roof at the time.

The owners, Stephen Llife and his son Daniel, caught him themselves and were promptly arrested for attempted murder which was reduced later to grievous bodily harm with intent. They were put through nine months of unnecessary stress for no other reason than the police no longer serve the public.

No essay on the new politically correct 'police service' would be complete without the hilarious sight of our brave boys in blue running away from a mob of Muslim demonstrators who are issuing blood curdling threats that would get any non-Muslim arrested and thrown in the slammer.

By the same token one thousand police officers did battle with three hundred demonstrators from the English Defence League and arrested fourteen for demonstrating against the Islamification of their country.

The once respected police force has now been replaced by the new politicized 'police service' who are tasked with policing political correctness and showing zero tolerance to anyone who disagrees with the cultural replacement agenda. It is a sad state of affairs that the  people will look the other way and abandon a police officer to his fate if he is on the receiving end of violence.

They brought this on themselves when they in turn abandoned the people at the behest of their political masters.


  1. "What kind of people run a 'police service' that would allow Muslim paedophile gangs to subject under age white girls to horrific sexual abuse on the grounds of 'cultural sensitivities'? "

    One after another the stories of young girls being raped repeatedly by dozens of older middle-eastern men are trickling out and yet British society does nothing. Where are the fathers, the brothers, the uncles and the cousins of these girls? Why are they not out on the street making life for these invaders so uncomfortable that their third world hell-holes are more attractive to live in? Has the British man become so emasculated that he no longer fights for his family or community?

    Those few who turn out as the EDL are too easily corralled by the police. Only once the numbers swell into the 100's of thousands will the police, and the media, be unable to ignore the message.

    1. Thanks for giving us your thoughts and I share your anger. As I understand it a lot of these unfortunate girls are from broken homes and in the care of the local authorities. They have been sacrificed on the alter of multi-culturalism by these 'progressive' politicians including the police.

      It would appear that the authorities, including the police, are comfortable that the British people have lost the will to fight and will not rise up in sufficient numbers to cause them any problems.

      Unless this happens the country is doomed.


  3. Infested with Common Purpose vermin. Cressida Dick (aptly named) was promoted before that Brazilian electrician chap was cold in his grave.
    Paris Claims

    1. Ian Blair, Brian Paddick and rest of the shower are all Common Purpose disciples. Its all over the public institutions like rash.

  4. Remove Cameron the LibLabCon Party now not in 2015 kicking the EU/ECHR out of Britain now Please go to

    1. I wholeheartedly agree but your website has been disabled