Tuesday, August 13, 2013

General Butt Naked - War Criminal Free And Enjoying Celebrity Status

What the sane world finds difficult to understand is how the so called great and good can judge which crimes are so bad that they warrant standing trial at the International Criminal Court and yet other criminals or worse are allowed to walk free, and in the case of Joshua Bhahyi, go on to enjoy celebrity status.

The British and American governments spent years and shed loads of taxpayers money trying to catch Slobodan Milosevic, and his henchmen Karadzic and Mladic, in order to bring them to justice at the International Criminal Court at the Hague, while at the same time the butcher of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, not only walks free but is appointed a 'leader for tourism' for the UN World Tourism Organisation.

Mugabe's torturer in chief, Philip Machemedze is as free as a bird and living on welfare benefits care of the British taxpayer because sending him back to Zimbabwe to face trial would infringe upon his human rights. Meanwhile his hundreds, perhaps thousands of victims, remain dead, maimed or broken at the mercy of Mugabe in the hell hole of a country he has created.

The case of Joshua Bhahyi, better known as General Butt Naked, casts doubt upon the commitment of the worlds leaders and its ICC to a common standard for use in bringing war criminals to justice. If there is a bottom to which a human being can sink and qualify for an ICC trial, then General Butt Naked is it.  They don't come any worse than this depraved beast.  He was a tribal priest who went on to become a warlord for the then President of Liberia, Samuel Doe who was a war criminal in his own right.

I will spare writing about the horrors committed by this animal but they include human sacrifice, cannibalism and regular child murder for ritualistic purposes. These are in addition to the usual African civil war atrocities such as rape, torture, amputations, burning alive and good old fashioned mass murder. The General admits to killing around 20,000 personally over a decade. (details here)

Samuel Doe was overthrown by the now infamous Charles Taylor and the public are being asked to believe that the General just happened to find God as the civil war was drawing to a close leaving him on the losing side. He is now supposedly a Christian, traveling around neighbouring Ghana preaching redemption and forgiveness. He is quoted a saying that he "feels so bad" about his past life. It would appear that makes it ok in the eyes of the current world leadership.

It's ironic that Charles Taylor was pursued into exile by the ICC and is now rightly serving time in prison for war crimes but the bestial General is not.

Despite his horrific crimes and being described as the most evil man in the world, General Butt Naked is fast becoming a celebrity and has been the subject of newspaper and magazine articles for publications such as Vanity Fair.  He is also the star of a documentary about his life by the Sundance Institute.

If past form is anything to go by it won't be long before the celebrity world adopts this beast and starts to fete him around the world as an example of redemption and forgiveness. In this racially biased 'progressive' world, one must wonder if it's not the fact that he is a black African that is giving this beast immunity for his crimes. Would a white Zimbabwean be given the same immunity had he committed similar crimes during their civil war?

It must be remembered that Christianity is ridiculed by the 'progressive' world, including the brain dead celebrity supporters of criminals, and all traces of it is being systematically erased from public life, both in Great Britain and the USA.

Unfortunately for the General he chose the wrong religion, it would have been to his advantage if he had discovered Allah and became a Muslim; then his acceptance by the West would have been assured. Undoubtedly he would qualify to join Zimbabwean torturer Philip Machemedze and celebrity Saudi Arabian jihadis Binyam Mohammed and Shaker Aamer (when he is released from Gitmo) on the British welfare benefit gravy train.

The General has volunteered to stand trial at the ICC so there is no need to dispatch the SAS or Seal Team 6 to capture him and bring him to justice.  All the West needs to do is provide him with an airline ticket to the Hague so that justice can be done.

If he is truly repentant and wants forgiveness from his victims and his maker then he must stand trial and pay for his appalling crimes in this world and the next.


  1. I think the Zimbabawian bloke and his wife are both HIV positive and are costing the NHS a fortune. I Could have him mixed up with someone else but I think I'm right.
    Paris Claims

    1. You are correct which makes this a double blow for the taxpayer.

      The perverted mentality that justifies this lunacy is beyond the understanding of most people.