Thursday, August 8, 2013

Matt Damon - Celebrity Socialist Hypocrite Sings To The British Choir

If there is one thing that can drive what would otherwise be tolerant people to the point of intolerance then it is wealthy socialists preaching one thing in public and doing the exact opposite in their private lives.

Advocates of free enterprise, myself included, tolerated Matt Damon's trendy socialist posturing in order to enjoy his supreme talents as an actor but his latest revelations to Great Britain's politics weary public are too much to ignore.

He may not have realized when he informed the British public that, despite his life long, heartfelt support for public schools he will be sending his own children to private schools; that this kind of hypocrisy is nothing new to them. This sort of behavior is standard practice for Great Britain's most vocal supporters of the socialist Labour party and other left wing groups.

In fact many of the Labour party's representatives in Parliament are privately educated and who, like Matt Damon, preach state schools for the children of the little people but send their own to the exclusive schools they are actively trying to abolish.

Matt Damon comes from the Hollywood centred acting fraternity that is rife with socialist hypocrisy, from George Clooney to Jennifer Lopez, the industry is infested with multi-millionaire celebrities preaching compassion for the poor and wealth redistribution while sitting on personal fortunes and living lifestyles of such excess that it would turn a Roman Emperor green with envy.

That well known supporter of socialism and state schools, Jennifer Lopez, is busy demonstrating her compassion for the poor by earning millions and looking for private schools that are suitable for her little darlings. The list of celebrity socialists is depressingly long but the one good thing that comes out of it for the ordinary folk is that the spoutings of the celebrity elite are so insincere it gives them a reason for much laughter and hilarity.

The sad part is that celebrity socialists of the Ben Affleck, George Clooney ilk, despite their immense wealth, still help themselves to money from the hard pressed taxpayer to finance their films which in turn adds to their personal  fortunes. As the British people have learned to their cost, personal considerations will come before political principle any day of the week, especially for the loudest advocates of socialism.

Matt Damon is visiting the ancestral home of socialist hypocrisy to promote his latest film Elysium. In other words he his selling his wares like a snake oil salesman to a largely poor audience with a view to adding to his already substantial fortune.

Wealthy hypocrites like Damon are labeled 'champagne socialists' and Great Britain like America, is infested with them, and no more so than the Labour party. This was the party of the working man but now less than five percent of its representatives in Parliament has ever had a proper job in the real world.

The working man's party has been hijacked by an exclusively educated metropolitan elite who  adopted the cause of socialism either because it's trendy, through middle class guilt or to satisfy their lust for power. Whatever their reason they avoid the disastrous consequences of their socialist policies for themselves and their spawn.

Dianne Abbott is a typical example, she is a black racist who enjoyed an education that she denies everyone else, who sees everything through the prism of skin colour and she is also a noisy advocate of socialism. She disparages private and grammar schools but finds an excuse to send her son to one. Her reasons for this behavior not only exposes her hypocrisy but her utter contempt for other parents who do not share her skin colour. She doesn't seem to understand that if the schools in her constituency will be bad for her son then will be equally bad for everyone elses. With total predictability she plays the race card with her assertion that a West Indian mother will go to the wall for her children which implies that any other mother, particularly a British white one, would not.

Phony Tony Blair, the self described "straight kinda guy" who professes to have "come to socialism through Karl Marx" was exclusively educated as was his son. Phony Tony left Marxism behind for one moment when he was forced to defend parental choice for his own Education Secretary, Ruth Kelly, who decided to send one of her own children to a private school.

After destroying an education system that provided upward mobility for working class children and smearing the private education system, the new type of working mans representatives are moving the goalposts to justify their own hypocrisy. Even  Peter Watt, the former General Secretary of the Labour Party has bent the rules by claiming that it is ok for socialists to pay for education and health care for their children.

It would appear that equality and fairness doesn't count when it comes to their own children.

The list of Labour Party hypocrites is long and one has to wonder how politicians can afford the school fees considering they are always bleating about being poor and underpaid.

These exclusively educated Labour MP's should be an embarrassment as well as a reality check for anyone, especially working people, who vote for these charlatans or who are considering voting for them in the future. They are actors like Matt Damon who will preach one thing in public and do the exact opposite in their private lives. They don't care about the working class or anyone else, they only want their votes.

As for Matt Damon, I'm sure he'll feel at home mixing with the great and good of the British 'progressive' elite as it is unlikely he will spend much of his time rubbing shoulders with the class he claims to champion. Judging by the nonsense he spouts, Matt Damon could be a relative of the appalling Redgrave family who were the leading lights of the Workers Revolutionary Party.

This family, led by Vanessa and Corin, were appalling hypocrites of the very highest order, who advocated revolutionary communism but took advantage of the system they despised by giving their own children an exclusive education the same they had enjoyed themselves.

Perhaps he could meet up with Saint Bob Geldof, who campaigns for all and sundry to send their money to Africa or to cancel taxpayer funded third world debt. If Saint Bob had sent his children to state school the money he spent on school fees could have gone to the starving kids in Ethiopia. Surely that money would have been better spent feeding the hungry than on an exclusive education for useless celebrities like Peaches, Pixie or Heavenly Hariana Tiger Lily.

Or perhaps Matt can hook up with the hideous Glenda Jackson, that other socialist idiot from the acting fraternity who despoiled a Parliamentary tribute to the recently deceased Margaret Thatcher with an outpouring of bile.

Matt Damon visiting the British Isles is like a Muslim making a pilgrimage to Mecca, a socialist hypocrite spending time in the ancestral home of socialist hypocrisy, paying homage and hoping to milk the working class of their hard earned cash or their welfare benefits in exchange for watching his taxpayer subsidized film.

I have nothing personal against Matt Damon but I hope his movie bombs and it loses him so much money that he will be forced to send his children to state schools.


  1. A very nice public denunciation. The Communist responsible for writing this article has really attacked rich people very nicely.

    1. Thanks for taking time to comment. I am an anti-communist, I am attacking Damon because he is socialist hypocrite.
      Please read the blog header.

  2. Surely you jest in mentioning Damon's 'supreme talents as an actor". Maybe the director or the camera man or even the cutting room should lay claim to that.

    Why do we keep on referring to actors as celebrities? They are not except in their own minds and in the media who have made fortunes out of their puerile glossy magazines reporting on their spoilt and lavish life styles to mindless drones.

    1. That's uncanny, only last week me and my missus were discussing how actors are crap and that its all down to directors and camera men. Wise minds think alike.

      I don't know why we call them celebrities but I have noticed that they are using their fame to push political agendas. This is happening with sportsmen and women and anyone with a high profile in the media.

      It won't be long before Sponge Bob is pushing multi-culturalism.

  3. Replies
    1. In Hollywood or out, Matt Damon is a just another celebrity socialist hypocrite of the very highest order.