Friday, August 23, 2013

Sir Winston Churchill A Drunken Bullsh*tter - BBC Helps To Re-Write History

" involved with the news media, entertainment, the fine arts and educational books. Its purpose is to rewrite history to change the facts to fit the Party doctrine for propaganda purposes".

This quote describes the function of the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's novel 1984, which was written as a warning about the reality of socialist totalitarianism into which the world was drifting after World War II.

This quote also describes to the letter, the British Broadcasting Corporation, better known as the BBC. This taxpayer funded mouthpiece for the Labour Party is touted, along with the death inducing NHS, as one of Great Britains best loved institutions. In reality the BBC is run by Common Purpose trained political operatives as an efficient purveyor of 'progressive' propaganda.

The revolving door between the Labour Party and the BBC is legendary and even its own staff unashamedly admit that the corporation is hideously biased.

A recent publication by an obscure Professor rewriting the history of Sir Winston Churchill's wartime leadership, and particularly the public reaction to his speeches, is unlikely to have sold many copies outside of his limited academic circle or the cabal of self loathing 'progressive' Britain haters. That is until the BBC steps in to give the professor's book free publicity on a scale that would be denied to any non 'progressive' authors of books extolling the virtues of Benjamin Netanyahu, Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher.

The professor's rewriting of history includes the assertion that Winston Churchill "was not a decisive influence on the nations willingness to fight on against Hitler when Britain was on its knees in 1940".

He makes this assertion but fails to tell us what did the influence the people to fight on when all appeared lost in 1940. It wasn't his deputy, the discredited appeaser Neville Chamberlain or that modest little man Clement Attlee.

He also claims that Churchill's famous 'finest hour speech' "lacked impact because people thought that he was drunk".

It's no secret that Churchill had a speech defect which was apparent when he was drunk or sober.  He also enjoyed a tipple and was often three sheets to the wind in the House of Commons; whether these had any negative affect on his wartime leadership or the reception of his speeches, is not proven.

In his desperation to justify these assertions this professor claims that his research revealed that when Singapore fell to Japan in 1942 one Londoner said that Churchill's rallying speech was "f*****g b******t and a f*****g coverup". The professor doesn't enlighten us on what the other eight million Londoners had to say.

This is obviously a rewriting of traditional history that paints Churchill as a great war leader and his speeches as inspirational oratory that kept the morale of the nation high during the dark days of Hitler's blitzkrieg across Europe, when Great Britain stood alone. Churchill possessed all the characteristics and values that self loathing 'progressives' despise. Patriotism, Christianity, Imperialism, free enterprise etc. The combative content of his speeches are enough to send any socialist, hippy, peacenick, or CND supporter into fits of apoplexy.

'Progressives' are in the ascendency and on a roll so there is no better time for rewriting history in order to change the facts to fit their doctrine for propaganda purposes, and who better than the BBC to act as the Ministry of Truth.

The debunking of Churchill is no small matter.  To enhance the chances of succeeding the BBC wheels out one of its big guns to act as propagandist in chief. The award winning Andrew Marr is eloquent and well versed in using the media to push the 'progressive' agenda.

The BBC is supposed to be an impartial public service bringing the news to the people without opinion but its leading light, Andrew Marr, is a skilled a propagandist and despite his affability he is a committed radical socialist.

Like all radical socialists he is a total hypocrite with a wealthy background and an exclusive education. By his own admission he was a raving leftie at University known as Red Andy. Normally people tend to grow up after leaving the Students Union bar but Red Andy remained a Troskyite and could be one still.

As a measure of his dedication to authoritarian socialism and his suitability to run the Ministry of Truth it is worth quoting an article published in the Guardian during the smoking ban debate:

"the final answer is the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress. I firmly believe that repression can be a great, civilizing influence for good. Stamp hard on certain 'natural' beliefs for long enough and you can almost kill them off".

No 'nudge units' or 'behavioral insight teams' for Red Andy, just good old fashioned nightsticks and jackboots.

He goes further with the cultural replacement agenda:

"The police are first in line to be burdened further , but a new Race Relations Act will impose the will of the state on millions of other lives too".

Faced with a fanatic with beliefs like that Churchill's reputation is bound to take a hit.

Being a 'progressive', Marr is also an authoritarian who doesn't believe in freedom of speech or the press and he has a particular disdain for political bloggers. If he had his way, only the likes of himself and the BBC would be allowed to report the news or have a world view.

"Political bloggers are socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy, bald, cauliflower nosed young men sitting in their mothers basements and ranting. They are very angry people".

I will give him the benefit of the doubt that there could be a hint of satire in his description but it nevertheless displays a certain arrogance that comes naturally to an elitist who, like our political leaders, has little worthwhile contact with people in the real word. He is an appalling snob.

Andrew Marr is the wrong person to be calling other people inadequate or seedy. Marr is a sex pest and adulterer who cheated on his long time wife, Guardian journalist Jackie Ashley. The sleazy slime ball was also caught on tape drunkenly groping, harrassing and trying to kiss a female colleague.

His enemies, myself included, had a reason to laugh when, after the injunction against reporting his adulterous behavior was lifted, it was revealed that he had been paying maintenance for a child he thought he had fathered. DNA testing revealed that Andrew Marr was not the only one parking his car in his lovers' garage. It is unknown if she paid the money back or was taking both the mugs for child maintenance. Hilarious.

In conclusion, I would add that it is not surprising that at this particular time when 'progressives' are emboldened and in the ascendency, some university professor, aided and abetted by the BBC, has chosen to rewrite history with a view to trashing the reputation of one of Britain's greatest heroes. Needless to say that compared to Winston Churchill, the professor and Andrew Marr are maggots feeding on the fetid dung heap known as the BBC.

When this parasitic pair are turned to dust Sir Winston Churchill's reputation will remain stamped across history like the giant he was.

The British people say goodbye to Sir Winston Churchill


  1. Marr also suggested the (white) British should be "vigorously miscegenated" [sic] to rid them of racism, apparently. How Fabian of him: the eugenicist inside every elite socialist is never far away.

    Had a word with my Dad about your article Daniel. His wartime memory of Churchill on the radio is one of a family (in Torquay) huddled around listening intently to his every word.

    More memories of 1940:

    Dogfight over Torbay. Spitfire engages Me.109 near Thatchers Rock.

    Dad was up from the town on his bike, delivering wet fish to the wealthier areas, for his Dad (Grandad). The German had been randomly strafing the town. Dad watches as the 109 climbs slowly away from the quay over towards him. Suddenly the sound of machine guns forces my Dad to ditch his bike and leap behind a wall. A Spitfire appears at high speed from the direction of the sea, guns blazing. The scream of the Merlin engine is very familiar to my Dad and he jumps with joy as the German is forced to role hard to escape the bullets flying past his cockpit.

    The Spitfire roles tighter and opens up again as the 109 rips the sky over my Dad's head. Spent bullet casings from underneath the Spitfire's wings fall to the ground around my Dad. The German can not shake him and so he turns toward the sea and makes a run for it. A third burst from the eight Brownings shreds the tail of the 109.

    The Jerry pancakes into the sea. Job done.

    A "beautiful sight", my Dad says, "something I'll never forget, especially the victory role over the bay".

    Good blog, mate.

    Steve (Dorset, England)

    1. Hello Steve, thanks for your comment and for sharing your Dad's anecdote. Watching a Spitfire in a dog fight and eventually shooting down an ME must have been a sight to behold. I saw a Spitfire at an airshow once and the sound of that Merlin engine is unmistakable.

      I moved to London as a student and met loads of people who were blitzed night after night, as with your Dad they would huddle around the radio hanging every word Churchill said. They would not have anything bad said against him. They idolized the man.

      The potty professor must have found the only malcontent in the entire capital that didn't like him.

      As for Marr, underneath that affable exterior is a nasty piece of work and a dedicated Great Britain hater. With people like him unchallenged in its prime slots, BBC news and opinion cannot be impartial. It is nothing other than subtle left wing propaganda.

      I am glad you enjoyed the article and all the best to your Dad.

  2. Sir Winston was a great man. A very great man. God bless him.

    He saved England, Britain, and Western civilization from a terrible evil.

    These despicable bastards at the Beeb hate him because he knew exactly who and what they were -- slavemasters, would-be dictators, and evil.

    1. Thank you for summing up what real people think about Sir Winston Churchill.

      Yes he was a very great man

      Yes he did save England, Great Britain and Western civilization from evil.

      And yes the BBC are despicable bastards.


    2. A view from "across the pond", for what it is worth . . .

      Winston Churchill is widely viewed in America as the greatest statesman of the 20th century. He recognized the existential threat the Nazis posed to the West, and he was able to convince FDR to provide the support Great Britain so desperately needed.

      Our newsreels from WWII prominently featured his stirring speeches, and he became the embodiment of the British people's indomitable spirit. The world will long remember his courage, and the way he inspired his people as they faced their darkest hour.

      Thank you, Mr. Thomas, for speaking out against the execrable "progressives" who are trying to re-write history, and their attempts to denigrate the great man.

    3. Thank you for commenting. It is without doubt that America's entry into World War ll swung the balance in the Allies favour.

      America sacrificed its sons for Europe's freedom and I for one remain eternally grateful.

      I have visited the Churchill museum in Fulton, Missouri and its awesome. Its heartening to know that America at least still respects a such a great statesman.

      Rewriting history is nothing new for these so called 'progressives' because they have no one to offer. They despise Churchill as they did Margaret Thatcher. I won't hold my breath waiting for the next great 'progressive' statesman.

  3. As a young boy I wittnessed the bombing of Coventry a sight which I will never forget. Yes, Winston Churchill was the only man who could have brought us through those terrible years. And by the way where was Mr. Marr during this period? And further more how many nobel prizes for literature does he and his sad cronies have?

    1. Thanks for commenting. From what I understand Coventry took a terrible pounding from Luftwaffe. I remember my mother saving up some money to go visit the rebuilt Cathedral. I still have the souvenir she brought back. A six inch framed picture of a tapestry, which is apparently enormous.

      I have tried but I cannot find anyone other than Churchill who could have saw it through.

      Marr and his ilk are a privileged elite remote from the real world that we live in. Image what Churchill would have done to him had he appeared on his Sunday morning show.

    2. That pip-squeak Cameron would have booted him out of "his" conservative party the same way that fat traitorous poof Heath did with Powell.
      Paris Claims

    3. Cameron is the self confessed 'progressive heir to Blair' and with that comes cowardice. The current head of the BBC is Chris Patten, another 'progressive' Europhile, statist, pinko coward who has made a living out of being a complete ar*e.
      For the sake of Great Britain its time to get rid of them all.