Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rowan Williams - Former Archbishop Blesses The World With His Marxist Double Standard

One has to have a heart of stone not laugh when 'progressives' like the venerable Archbishop of Canterbury (rtd) bless us with their pearls of wisdom without checking whether it conflicts with something they have said previously.

The irony, or hypocrisy, of Rowan Williams issuing statements on his solidarity with the poor while ensconced in Lambeth Palace was lost on those who adopt 'progressivism' as a replacement religion to Christianity.

One has to wonder what qualifications a Marxist cleric thinks he has to pontificate on government policy concerning the reform of the welfare benefit addiction system that is blighting the lives of the British people.

Rowan Williams takes the standard Marxist view that the government must take from the productive sector of society and give to the unproductive on account that 'poverty' must not be allowed to exist next to affluence. It comes as no surprise that Williams himself and his Church are somehow exempt from the same redistribution of wealth that his ideology demands of others.

It is on the issue of 'poverty' that the Venerable Marxist gets his cassock in a twist and obviously fails to notice the double standard that he is applying to the justified concerns of his own flock.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Williams chastises his own flock for claiming they are being persecuted in Great Britain and America, suggesting that they should stop their whining and "grow up".

Reading the article I have to wonder how a man steeped in Marxist philosophy and who has no empathy with Christians, came to be the leader of the worldwide Anglican church; in fact I have to wonder if he is a Christian at all.

I don't believe for a minute that the Christian community in Great Britain or America are comparing themselves with the murderous persecution of their co-believers in Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Egypt or Nigeria.

It is more likely they are referring to the war being waged by 'progressives' on tradition Christian symbols and festivals, such as Christmas and Easter, and the wearing crucifixes in the workplace.

Nadia Eweida, the British Airways lady and nurse Shirley Chaplain, eventually lost their jobs for wearing a crucifixes at work, while the same employers tolerate, turbans, hijabs and yarmulke's. They are entitled to feel persecuted although they acknowledge it is not of the same severity as their co-believers in places like Nigeria.

Rowan Williams never seems to miss an opportunity to chastise and belittle his own flock and in doing so expose his own hypocrisy and double standards.

Its worth quoting the old fool at length to get a measure of his contempt for his flock:

"I am always uneasy when people sometimes in this country or the United States talk about persecution of Christians or rather believers. I think we are made to feel uncomfortable at times. We're made to feel as if we're idiots - perish the thought!"

The Venerable old fool doesn't stop there, he's on a roll:

"But that kind of level of not being taken very seriously or being made fun of; I mean for goodness sake grow up. You have to earn respect if you want to be taken seriously in society".

He then goes on to unfairly compare their plight with Christians who suffer systematic brutality and murder abroad.

Williams puts his double standards on clearly display by concluding that the two situations are different, the persecution abroad "is real. It's not quite what we're facing in Western society".

Rowan Williams needs reminding of his very public opposition to the governments attempts to cap welfare payments at five hundred pounds per week. That's 800 dollars per week for our American friends.

By articulating so well that persecution at home cannot be compared with persecution abroad then the same must be said for poverty. Inferring that the recipients of five hundred pounds per week are poor is an insult to those who live on less than sixty five pence per day.

No food, no housing, no schooling, no health care, no hope, that's what I and many other expatriates witnessed with our own eyes, and to quote the Venerable Marxist ideologue, the poverty abroad
"is real. It's not quite what we're facing in Western society".

It must be acknowledged that there are people in the West who do not have the same access as others to the basics and through no fault of their own. These people are catered for by a generous welfare system but even the most indoctrinated of Marxist theologians has to accept that the vast majority of welfare recipients in the West enjoy a level of wealth and material possessions that genuinely poor abroad can only dream about.

According to Williams and his ilk, owning flat screen televisions, mobile phones, a ready supply of beer and cigarettes, tattoos, X boxes, annual holidays etc. still qualifies people to be classed as poor.

This is the old Marxist trick of using 'relative poverty' as measure in order to justify the poverty creating policy of wealth redistribution.

This is shameful hypocrisy and double standards which is unbecoming of a supposed leader of the worldwide Anglican Church. It is also the reason why most people who have listened to or read any his pronouncements dismiss them as the ramblings of an out of touch ideologue from the bygone era of hippy political activism.

Rowan Williams needs to heed his own advise: "You have to earn respect if you want to be taken seriously in society".


  1. Hand picked by Blair was he not?
    Paris Claims

    1. He was indeed. A total idiot of the highest order.

  2. The CoE lost me a long time ago with their Marxist policies and more concern about how much they could extract from my pocket than care for my soul. Williams confirmed how good my choice was.

    1. As the previous commentator says, he was handpicked by Blair to do a specific job, which was, in my view, to destroy the old Church of England in order to form a new 'progressive' one. He succeeded as the current church is more concerned about Marxism than saving souls.