Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tony Blair - Atheist Warmonger Turned Christian Peace Envoy Wants The Bloodletting To Begin

With the news that the life and death of thousands of soldiers and civilians in Syria lay in the hands of a defunct television company's Public Relations executive and a radical Community Organiser with no background at all, it must be reassuring that a global statesman of Tony Blair's calibre has taken time out from making himself millions to give his advise whether it was asked for or not.

Universally known as Phony Tony, this political lowlife, together with a cabal of close friends, is responsible not only for the wanton destruction of the tradition British way of life and culture but the unnecessary deaths of troops together with hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq.

Tony Blair's usurpation of political power is a testament to the effectiveness of propaganda, the futility of tribal voting and the utter stupidity of large sections of the British electorate.

This man hailed from a privileged elite in Scotland where was exclusively educated, who has never soiled his hands with a days work in his entire miserable life and yet he declared himself a socialist then wangled his way to the leadership of the so called working mans Labour Party.

As he lied his way up the greasy pole Blair infamously wrote to then Labour leader Michael Foot that he had "come to socialism through Marxism" while simultaneously networking in preparation for his money making career post politics. Knowing what the British people know now Blair was lying through his teeth when he declared that:

"I am a socialist not though reading a text book that caught my intellectual fancy, not through unthinking tradition, but because I believe that , at its best, socialism corresponds most closely to an existence that is both rational and moral. It stands for cooperation not confrontation; for fellowship not fear. It stands for equality".

If anyone was under the impression that a privileged person who had 'had come to socialism through Marxism' would happily spend his time in the company of working people then they would be spectacularly wrong. By the way Blair sought out the company of millionaires and billionaires in their super yachts and mansions, it should have been obvious, even to his own dumbed down voters, that Blair despised the working classes with a passion and he would most likely shudder at the thought of their proximity.

Blair famously quoted through his mouthpiece, Alistair Campbell that they "did not do God" which is just as well by the way Blair meted out death and destruction to whoever made him look and feel invincible.  In his first six years in power he sent British troops into battle on five occasions. Judging by this record of bloodletting he would be a racing certainty to purgatory, hell and damnation before his harp and wings got anywhere near the Pearly Gates.

While the media created PR man David Cameron and the Community Organiser, Barack Obama plan the bombing of Syria and the possible start of World War III, Tony Blair must be wondering what the hold up is; he must be asking himself why these two novices are dragging their feet. In Tony's day he would have produced his dodgy dossier, lied his way through Parliament, then got those planes fuelled up and spilling blood enough to swim in before Bashir Assad was out of bed.

It must be noted for the record that after he retired from politics Tony Blair saw the light and error of his ways, he decided that he did "do God" after all and joined the Catholic faith. The world is unsure whether his conscience got the better of him or the ghosts of his victims tormented him at night but a private audience with Pope John Paul II seems to have done the trick. Cynics were suggesting that as the Pope was on his way to meet his maker at the time, Phony Tony was laying down a marker as a possible replacement.

For reasons only known to the political elite, Saint Tony was made the Middle East peace envoy for the so called Quartet, who's members comprise of the UN, the USA, the EU and Russia. Such is his effectiveness that since his appointment there have been uprisings, civil wars and general bloodletting in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Iran, Lebanon and of course the six decade conflict between the Arab states and Israel is still unresolved.

One would think that this appointment would be a time consuming full time job and leave little room for any other activities but one would be wrong. Blair travels the world making a personal fortune out of the contacts that he made while in office, and who has recently purchased his seventh property which includes the stately home once owned by actor John Gielgud.

 As the self nominated "straight kinda guy" and committed socialist this fortune should be redistributed in line with his political ideology but as we have noted on this site numerous times previously, redistribution of wealth to these hypocrites means other peoples not their own. ( See Glenys and Neil Kinnock)

Tony Blair, whatever the motivation, is calling for military action in Syria not from the Working Mens Club in his old constituency of Sedgfield, but from a luxury yacht once owned by multi- billionaire Russian oligarch Roman Abromavich after having flown to Sardinia in a private jet.

If the truth be known, Blair, according to his fellow champagne socialist Doctor David Owen, is not a well man, in fact he is not far short of a dangerous lunatic.

Before entering politics Dr. Owen was a specialist in neurology and psychiatry at the world renown St Thomas hospital, London. In his latest book 'The Hubris Syndrome' he informs us that those afflicted, including Tony Blair, are 'pathologically hubristic beyond the normal arrogance that afflicts most politicians'.

The good doctor informs us that Blair fell victim to a pathological obsession with his own political importance and righteousness.

Before quoting Doctor Owen further it's worth pointing out the disturbing similarities between Tony Blair,  Barack Obama and David Cameron as they push the Middle East into a destructive conflict.

The Doctor informs us that sufferers; "have a narcissistic propensity to see the world primarily as an arena in which they can exercise power and seek glory. They have a disproportionate concern with image and presentation, and a messianic manner of talking about what they are doing".

He concludes this section by adding:

"They identify themselves with the State to the extent that they regard the outlook and interests of the two as identical. They have excessive confidence in their own judgment and contempt for the advise or criticism of others".

These passages are disturbing because they accurately describe the behavior of Tony Blair, Barack Obama and David Cameron. The parallels are there for all to see when the Doctor continues:

"They believe that instead of being accountable to the court of ordinary public opinion, they are accountable only to 'History or God', and that in that court they will be vindicated".

"Blair imagined himself to be walking with destiny, convinced that he alone has the answers to all the nations problems".

By his own admission Doctor Owen knew of this in 1997 when, after Blair had won power, he formed a "pattern of hubristic behavior which could legitimately be deemed to constitute a medically recognized syndrome".

The questions on the lips of every thinking person is why did Doctor Owen keep quiet about this until the damage was done and why is the political class still allowing an obviously mentally ill person like Tony Blair to have the power to travel around the world advocating war for no other reason than he believes he is the messiah.

Update: There's more to Phony Tony than meets the eye.


  1. It would seem to me that the shortest route to immense wealth is to represent the poor and disenfranchised.

    With regard to Dr David Owen and the 'narcissistic propensity' of certain politicians, it takes one to recognise one.

    Following the threats from Russia, China, Iran and Syria and withdrawal of support by his ME "partners", as well as Cameron, the bellicose Nobel Peace laureate is soon going to be trumpeting his backing down over his "red line" warning as success in avoiding a war.

    1. Its reaching the point where only a multi-millionaire can afford to be a socialist. Who was the last working class leader of the working classes?

      The first casualty of war is the truth. Whatever happens the various spin machines will portraying their man as morally right.

  2. Since Blair became special peace envoy the ME has gone from being a dangerous unstable area to a disaster zone. May as well make Prescott Chief Exec of Slimmers World.
    Paris Claims.
    P.S. If you want to feel better about the Blair Creature, just remember that the first thing he sees on waking up most mornings is Cherie( before makeup) Hell cannot be any worse.

    1. You beat me to it, the Middle East has gone down the pan since the mentally unstable Blair became its peace envoy.

      I am desperately trying not to form a mental picture of waking up next to Cherie. Mind bleach required.

  3. Whilst I agree that the use of chemical weapons has to be halted, I do not see that sending in cruise misiles (and probably a whole lot more) will set the tone for a reduction in deaths.

    This could all get very messy.

    1. I am still trying to work out who is fighting who and which faction are the western military planning to support. As I understand it at the moment all the factions are anti-west so why not let them fight it out.

  4. please learn to use the English language.

    As used here, it is ADVICE, not ADVISE...I advise you to take my advice, you see?

    As used here, it is whose, not who's. It's Men's, not Mens. It's a day's work, not a days work.

    There are a few other errors of the proofreading variety. Yes, criticize me for picking on you.

    But, consider: if you cannot spell or use the correct word, or you fail to fix misspellings, then what are we to believe about what you really trying to say?

    1. I think Daniel might be Welsh. A few spelling mistakes here and there does not dilute the message. He's far better than most columnists earning huge salaries in the MSM in my opinion. ( who also make a few mistakes)
      Paris Claims

    2. Thank you for putting me right on the issue of punctuation and vocabulary. There are several reasons these for errors including proof reading by my wife who is a Yank and uses different spellings than I do. That's no excuse so I will pay more attention.

      That said, I am curious as to why you take time out to comment on such a minor issue but fail to enlighten us with your views on the topic under discussion.

    3. Errrr.... '.....But, consider: if you cannot spell or use the correct word, or you fail to fix misspellings, then what are we to believe about what you really trying to say?'

      Should that not be '...... what you're trying to say?'?

      tut tut......

  5. Anonymous - This is the Yankee wife here and yes you are right...we have been having the debate on British vs. American spelling for a while now. The punctuation is a different story and also a different opinion between the two of us. In conclusion, I agree wholeheartedly with Paris Claims.

  6. David Cameron has always had one political hero and that's the War Criminal Tony Blair, Dave is creaming his underwear at the prospect of his own personal War in the middle east, along with the obligatory WMDs. He is so desperate to shed some blood be that British or Syrian that he is helping fanatical Islamic cannibals and Al Qaeda misfits like those we are still fighting in Afghanistan, never let the truth get in the way of a good War.

    1. Thank you Tony, I couldn't put it better myself. I am not sure what it is about these career politicians and their warmongering. I don't think they are capable of understanding the consequences their decisions have on people. They are on another planet.

  7. In the article immediately preceding this one I spelt 'roll' - meaning to move by turning - 'role', as in acting role. I have since thought about this and my only conclusion is that posting a comment whilst eating a bread roll containing pork haslet (with a dash of HP sauce) may have affected my spelling. Sorry.

    Anwybyddwch y pedant, Daniel

    As for Blair, he's certifiable. In the New Labour manifesto of 1997 (I have a copy) Blair ridicules the Tories over immigration and promises a 'crackdown', to bring immigration 'firmly' under control. He did the opposite and, he removed the 'primary purpose rule' - which meant Mohammed could now bring his entire family over, including grannies, uncles, third cousins, etc. You couldn't make it up:

    That Rim Fire in California? The area engulfed is six times bigger than England. Keep that in mind as you imagine the entire population of Louisiana (4.6 million) moving to England over ten years. That's what Tony Blair's New labour did to us.

    Steve (Dorset, England)

    1. It happens to me all the time. My wife and I are continually disputing Welsh English and grammar v American English and grammar. How can anyone who holds her fork in her right hand know about English.

      I only did Welsh up to O level so I looked up your quote and I will do as you suggest.

      As for Blair, he was an all round disaster and I live in hope that one day he will be held accountable for what he has done to Great Britain.

  8. Daniel Thomas @ 11:06 AM

    'As for Blair, he was an all round disaster and I live in hope that one day he will be held accountable for what he has done to Great Britain.'



    1. Thanks for that Steve. That's an eye opener, I wish more people could read this

  9. I have spent 30 years in the R.N. and I know our servicemen are the best and yes they know that if they must fight and die so be it , however War must only be a last resort . This brings me to Blair and other self serving Politicians they must face real justice for the War Crimes they are responsible for , even now hardly a day goes by without Blairs tally of death and injury going up

  10. Thank you for your comment sir. They don't come better and more professional than British service men and women. I salute them all.

    Blair walking free and making millions as a peace envoy is an affront to decency and the victims of his warmongering.

    Justice will only be done when he and the rest of them answer for their crimes in a court of law.