Thursday, August 22, 2013

Skilled Professionals Leaving, Welfare Dependents Arriving - The Destruction Of Great Britain Gathers Pace

It's long been an assertion on this site that the reason why British governments of all shades refuse to close the borders to mass immigration is that they are pursuing a deliberate policy of cultural and demographic replacement. The reasons for this destructive policy are partly historical, partly political but mainly ideological.

It is not a coincidence that the same policy is being pursued in the USA. The battle is raging over immigration control with the 'progressives on one side wanting open borders and the legalization of illegal immigrants and conservatives on the other side wanting strict border controls and deportation of illegals, or at least a credible plan for legalization.

As is the case in Great Britain, it is no secret that immigrants tend to vote for the parties that promote big government and welfare handouts therefore legalizing eleven million illegals in the USA will change the electoral landscape for ever ensuring that there will never be a conservative government again.

The situation is the same in Great Britain, the process however started much earlier therefore the cultural replacement agenda is much further advanced. The government knows, as do the people, that the tipping point is fast approaching from which there will be no return.

The fact that the current government is a coalition led by a so called conservative can be misleading, however all the party leaders condemn themselves by their own words and actions.

All three of the party leaders are from an exclusive wealthy, elite that are unable to identify with ordinary people. David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Red Ed Miliband are identical in thought and they are all self confessed 'progressives'. In direct contrast to the British people they are also self confessed Europhiles. All three believe in the post democratic European Union superstate, run by technocrats such as themselves, which automatically means they accept open border mass immigration and the consequent result, namely, multi-culturalism.

David Cameron made it an article of faith that he was going modernize and 'de-toxify' the Conservative Party which, translated into every day language, means he is going to purge it of conservatives and replace conservative policies with 'progressive' ones.

There is not an iota of difference between the party leaders on the big issues of concern to the British people such as, EU membership, open border mass immigration, political correctness, enforced multi-culturalism and the destruction of their country and culture.

In an attempt to stem the flow of members who are deserting his modernized, 'progressive' party in their droves and with an election due in 2014, Cameron and his spin machine have moved into overdrive. The lies, deceit and obfuscation are pouring out thick and fast.

The biggest deceit, and the most annoying soundbite being repeated ad nauseum by Cameron is that he is going to "reduce net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands by 2015". Any informed person will realize that decreasing net immigration does not stop cultural replacement. If ten thousand highly educated scientists leave and ten thousand illiterate goat herders arrive, net immigration is zero but society is drastically downgraded toward third world levels.

Recent reports illustrate the disaster of cultural replacement in all its ugly glory. Professionals and skilled people have had enough of high taxes, crushing regulations and watching the deliberate degradation of their country therefore they are leaving Great Britain in ever increasing numbers. At the same time illiterate criminal gangs and beggars are pouring in, blighting the lives of the ordinary people who are powerless to stop it.

Emigration of highly trained engineers, aerospace workers and those in the creative industries, is up by a fifth and it is currently running at around four hundred per day. One hundred and fifty four thousand departed British shores last year alone.  One in ten of those who graduated from Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and Exeter Universities have left for pastures new. Twelve percent of students from St Andrews are doing the same. There are currently 1.28 million of Great Britain's most highly trained professionals living abroad, more than any other developed economy.

Unsurprisingly, they are avoiding the highly regulated, over taxed, bankrupt European Union and heading for the tax friendly dynamic economies of the Middle East and Hong Kong.

More worrying is the fact that these desperately needed skilled people are being replaced in the main by unskilled or illiterate welfare colonists from the third world and the poorer parts of the EU.

In addition to the five million non EU immigrants currently residing in Great Britain, two hundred and fifty thousand Romanians and Bulgarians are expected to arrive when controls are lifted in 2014. The majority of these will have no contribution to make to Great Britain other than to put an even greater strain on the public services, a greater increase in the welfare budget, a greater increase in the number of crimes committed and an incalculable increase in the misery of the long suffering British people.

As the highly educated citizens head off to pastures new their replacements are arriving to colonise and trash the once salubrious areas they left behind. Gangs of homeless Romanian beggars have set up camps in Park Lane, Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner.

Look at link and despair.

Cameron, Clegg and Red Ed Miliband should come down from their taxpayer funded ivory towers and explain to the British people how the economy is benefiting from these welfare colonists, how are the British peoples' lives being culturally enriched and why should they be celebrating diversity?

The scale and wanton destruction of the cultural replacement agenda is best illustrated by the deliberate Islamification of Great Britain, which in many peoples view will be the final nail in the coffin for Great Britain's unique Anglo/Saxon/Celtic culture.

London, the capital city of a once great civilization, has already fallen. Looking beyond the historic buildings and the tourist hotspots, there lurks a cesspit of crime ridden mono-cultural ghettos including sharia controlled areas where even the police fear to tread. Mohammed is now the most popular boys name in London and other major cities and the tradition indigenous English people are now in the minority. Cameron, Clegg, Miliband know this but refuse to act because they are actively encouraging the cultural replacement agenda.

The loss of Great Britain's brightest and best has spurred a leading Conservative Member of Parliament into action and it is worth quoting Nick de Bois to illustrate his imbecility:

"more needed to be done to 'sell' Britain to the talented professionals that live here in a bid to keep them".

This quote illustrates just how out of touch and stupid these people are. Why should anyone have to 'sell' a country to its own citizens?

It gets better: "we have to convince those people, who we have invested so much in, to make Britain their first choice. We have to drive lower taxes, we have to keep driving the change and reform in our public services".

Why would any government have to convince British people to make Britain their first choice? I am not sure what 'reforming public services' as got to do with it but his own Chancellor could lower taxes but refuses to do so.

The genius continues to enlighten us with his grasp of the situation: "many of those leaving Britain are emigrating to work in Hong Kong and countries in the Middle East, where they have a better standard of living and education for their children".

Deliberately downgrading the country to the level of a third world slum and filling the schools with non-English speaking pupils does not help convince aspirational people to stay.

The increase in the  population by four hundred and twenty thousand in a year, more than the increase in Germany Belgium, Holland and Sweden combined, demonstrates that for all his net immigration rhetoric Cameron is doing absolutely nothing to calm the British peoples concerns about mass immigration.

Unless the British people wake up and very soon, their country and culture will be gone for ever, destroyed by the same people who will be canvassing for their vote in 2014. For the sake of future generations, don't give it them!

Update: Here is an excellent article from the USA highlighting their version of cultural replacement which equally applies in Great Britain. Highly recommended.


  1. A bit of a generalisation, but white, Christian, English speaking, tax payers are being replaced by brown, muslim, illiterate welfare dependent types.
    That bodes well, doesn't it?
    Paris Claims

  2. Since the 80’s, the multiculturism of Britain has been achieved with the threat of anybody objecting being prosecuted for racism. These days, the merest suggestion that multiculturism is not working (or not wanted) will attract attention and suspicion of inciting racial hatred.

    But Britain is being forced into accepting multiculturism by the EU. Note, Switzerland does what it wants – they are self-governing. We’re not, and as long as the EU has this control, we’re not changing.

    The ‘brain drain’ will continue, and the government will argue that net immigration is low. Ie. We lost 100,000 scientists and took in 120,000 unskilled persons who are now on benefits. So, actually the loss of tax revenue + the cost of providing benefits is the true impact. Terrific.

    My wife works in local government as an accountant, and she knows the figures involved in providing social care – be it housing or elderly care. The revenue from tax payers is hard pressed to cover the costs which are always increasing. There needs to be a sea-change in what the State can provide, and until then we’re in an ever decreasing spiral towards bankruptcy.

    It’s hard enough providing for the population as it is. Accepting immigrants who are high-cost just makes it all impossible.

    Basically, we’re being mugged. Imo.

    1. Mugged is right. This kind of universal provision is not sustainable but it guarantees votes.

      Despite penal levels of taxation, both local and national, the government is still borrowing circa 120 billion per year.

      Without trying too hard anyone can come with 120 billion in savings without inflicting hardship.

  3. The problem is that the time is coming when this thing will only be decided with violence and it will be horrible,if only the pols had enough savvy to realise the situation that is developing and the balls to say it we might avert becomg the sequal to yugoslavia.

    1. Sadly its looking like you are right. The politicians cannot keep forcing the British people to accept the destruction of their own culture.