Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bill Gates - Obama Supporter Advocates Equality But Takes Care Of His Own

"All animals are equal but some are more equal than others". If ever there was quote that sums up multi billionaire Bill Gates then this is it. George Orwell buffs will recognize the quote from his world famous novel, Animal Farm. The novel is a parody on the Russian revolution whereby animals, led by the pigs, overthrow their human masters, take over the farm and run it under a communist system. Not unlike today's 'progressive' mantra of equality and fairness, everything on the farm is shared and 'all animals are equal' according to the seventh Commandment of Animalism.

Without giving too much of the story away, the pigs take over the running of the farm, become an elite and start behaving in the same manner as the humans they replaced. Equality and fairness no longer apply to the pigs hence the re-writing of the seventh Commandment.

The resemblance of Bill Gates to the pigs in this novel is uncanny. The formation of Microsoft and the rise Bill Gates into a multi-billionaire is chronicled elsewhere, his nasty flip side and his descent into utter hypocrisy is not.

The current history reads like a modern day fairytale where a geeky college dropout forms a company in his parents garage which grows into a multi-billion dollar global company through technical innovation and hard work, making Gates a personal fortune along the way.

In reality Gates was an arrogant, ruthless operator who attempted to crush any competition from companies or individuals that got in the way of Microsoft's domination of the market. The list of lawsuits by governments and individual companies is endless.

Since his retirement from Microsoft, Gates is now nurturing his reputation as a philanthropist and his support for President Obama is meant to demonstrate his commitment to improving the condition of the American people as well as curing disease in Africa.

The fact that Obama is an unreconstructed radical socialist is now beyond dispute so by lending his support it can be assumed that Gates has adopted Obama's agenda to 'fundamentally transform' America from the free enterprise, limited government system, that allowed him to accumulate his billions, into a socialist state.

Bill Gates doesn't do anything unless there is something in it for himself so his conversion to socialism is suspect. Having made and stashed away his fortune, Gates now advocates higher taxes in order for the government to spend more on entitlements, he is even urging Obama to embrace a global taxation.

Charity giving in the USA is tax deductible so it would be tax efficient for Gates to give as much to charity as possible.

Gates is already being sanctified for his project to cure polio and other diseases in Africa but there is something in it for Bill there too. The big pharmaceutical multi-nationals are up to their necks in dodgy deals in Africa and not all Africans are convinced that Gates is not up to his neck also. His $10 billion donation to vaccine development is now being considered a scam. His polio vaccines, of which he is so proud, has reputedly resulted in the deaths and injury of tens of thousands of African children.

Bill Gates support for Obama's equality and fairness agenda exposes his hypocrisy for all the world to see. President Obama and his radical government firmly believe in equality of opportunity for all of America's children and so should Bill, but when it comes to his own daughter his ideals go out of the window in typical socialist fashion.

Gates obviously doesn't think it goes against his Presidents' agenda of equality and fairness when he buys his daughter a $8.7 million mansion to boost her showjumping career. The level playing field for sporting competitors obviously doesn't apply in the Bill Gates socialist Utopia.

It would be interesting to know whether Gates has paid the applicable gift tax on this mansion or as he found a way around it thus depriving the Obama Treasury of much needed revenue. It would also be interesting to know if the Bill Gates billions will be subject to Estate/Death taxes, currently running at forty percent or has he made a Kennedy arrangement whereby Joe Kennedy's fortune is still intact after all these years, keeping his clan in comfort to this day.

Bill Gates should have remembered from the last Presidential campaign that tax efficiency is unpatriotic and frowned upon by the Obama administration, or maybe that is only applicable when Presidential rival Mitt Romney does it.

As the informed people of the world are aware, the consequences of socialism are only applicable to the little people, the leaders like Obama and the hangers on like Bill Gates make themselves immune from what they preach, they have become the pigs of Animal Farm.

"the creatures outside looked from pig to man and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which" - George Orwell


Watch this hilarious video clip of Democratic sex pervert, disgraced Senator and New York Mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner, debate estate/death taxes with Fox News' Megan Kelly.

What an arrogant and thoroughly obnoxious little so and so he is.


  1. It's hard to find a socialist that is not a hypocrite. I used to think that it was OK for someone, like a miner, doing hard dirty dangerous work, to have socialist views. However, they tended to think of themselves as the elite of workers and deserving of much higher than average pay.

    1. I have never met a socialist yet who isn't a hypocrite.

      Coal miners tended to act collectively due to the nature of their work. I did, however, know lots of coal miners who were not socialists. I even knew a few who hated the trade unions with a passion.

      Arthur Scargill is not welcome in some areas of the former coal fields.