Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gareth Bale, Soccer Superstars And Multi-Culturalism - A Message For The Political Class

With the approach of the English Football season and the culmination of the transfer market, all eyes are on the unsettled futures of the biggest names in football such as Wayne Rooney, Luis Suarez, Sergio Aguero et al. Gareth Bale is attracting particular attention due the fact that he is considered by many as the hottest property in the game and he is rumoured to be moving to the Spanish League with Real Madrid.

What attracted my attention to this story was the concern among the pundits that Bale wouldn't adapt himself readily to the Spanish game due to the fact that fitting in with a different culture might be a distraction.

The manager of the Welsh national team, Chris Coleman, put the matter to rest and inadvertently raised some pressing issues that will not please the oikophobes and those who seek to impose multi-culturalism on an unwilling populace.

The current message sent out by these self loathing ideologues and backed up by the political class, is that all cultures are equal and anyone entering Great Britain need not learn the language or make any attempt to integrate or adopt any vestige of the host culture. They are encouraged to carry on with their own culture as this will be enriching for the dull, outdated British people who's own culture is being slowly erased.

Hence we see whole areas of the once green and pleasant land utterly transformed by mosques, temples and Romanian gypsy camps. Streets in may villages, towns and cities are infested by aggressive beggars, rough sleepers and child criminal gangs.

Things that were taboo such child sex abuse, female genital mutilation, spousal abuse, including facial disfigurement and murder, are now acceptable and supposedly culturally enriching for the brow beaten indigenous population.

According to Chris Coleman this should not be the case and as a man who has plied his trade outside Great Britain he is more qualified to comment than any career politician or purveyor of multi-culturalism.

It worth quoting him in full to ensure his words cannot be misconstrued:

"I have no reservations about how he will handle it. When you move to another country you have to embrace the culture and you can't expect everybody else to change for you".

This is in direct contradiction to what the political class and the multi-cultural zealots are telling immigrants and the British people. Immigrants are told that they are under no obligation to embrace the culture and the British people have to change in order to accommodate their cultures under pain of demonisation and even prosecution.

Coleman goes on to say: "For Gareth as a player wherever he goes he will have to learn the language and the culture, but his ability will always be there".

Immigrants are under no obligation to learn the language and show little or no respect for British culture, in fact many immigrants claim offence at some aspects of British culture and make demands for action which is usually addressed by the multi-culturalists in the immigrants favour.

Most official forms are translated into a hundreds of different languages at taxpayers expense to accommodate lack of English in schools, welfare benefit offices and even the criminal courts.

It must be remembered that these footballers and their managers are usually on short or medium term contracts therefore if learning the language and culture is a requirement for them then it surely must be for immigrants planning to settle permanently and become full citizens.

Chris Coleman was expressing views that are held by the vast majority of the British people and most likely he forgot to take into account the politically correct language that is required of all high profile people especially those in the sporting world.

The burning question that should be asked is:  who is right, Chris Coleman or the 'progressive' zealots and the political class?


  1. As a general rule, the left are wrong about everything, all of the time.
    Paris Claims

    1. That pretty much sums it up in one short sentence.

  2. This is another Final Solution: the re-engineering of Britain in order to take revenge for the way the Old Order did things, mostly successfully.

    The Left cannot abide that Britain had a glorious existence in its own order. That explains why history has little place today. The Orange One aka Princess Miranada, constantly drove the 'New' Way for everything.

    The Left Drive got under way insidiously in the 1960s, when I was at school and university, but fortunately in a former colony where the old style of British education prevailed.

    The Left will not sleep while any vestige of conservatism remains in being in any facet of British life and culture.

    Time is running out, I want to save my grandchildren from the fate that currently awaits them.

    1. The British must be erased as punishment for its Imperialist past regardless of the good it did.

      The USA is in the process of being erased because of its Capitalist history, regardless of the fact that it made more people more prosperous than any other system.

      Time is indeed running out.