Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mugabe Steals Zimbabwe Election - Business As Usual For The Aid Industry

The fact that the present disaster in Zimbabwe is of the western worlds making is studiously ignored by current commentators who are trying to distance themselves from their action of putting 'Butcher Bob' Mugabe into power.

According to these commentators, the Prime Minister, Ian Smith, was an out of date colonialist from a bygone age for wanting to maintain living standards in Rhodesia and for wanting to fight the communist insurgency that was ruining the economies of the neighbouring countries.

Ian Smith and the rest of the informed world knew what the result would be of handing over power to the Marxist led liberation movements but then, as is the case today, political ideology took precedence over the well being of the people. Ian Smith's successful leadership led to high literacy rates, record levels of employment, a surplus of agricultural products for export and ' not a single empty belly'.

With the collusion of the western leaders, Rhodesia went on to be fundamentally transformed by its Maoist leader, Robert Mugabe, from the breadbasket of Africa to the basket case of the world, within a decade or so.

The descent into the abyss began when the world's progressive hierarchy at the time, including British socialist Prime Minister, Harold Wilson and the American global troublemaker Henry Kissinger, forced Ian Smith to start the process of handing over power to the black majority who were not prepared or equipped to handle political power.

White minority rule offended their perverted sense of justice despite the economic success of Ian Smith's leadership and the threat of a disaster under a communist black leadership.

Regardless of any negotiated outcome and with complete disregard his for his reputation for lunacy, the worlds progressive leadership wanted Robert Mugabe in charge from the outset. He was their chosen man.

At the negotiated Lancaster House settlement, an interim power sharing government was set up until elections could be held; these were eventually held and won by the moderates led by Bishop Abel Muzorewa. That victory should have signaled the start of a new era of self determination in the newly decolonized African states. With encouragement and western support the newly created Zimbabwe could have remained the bread basket of Africa to the benefit of the entire continent.

To Kissinger, Wilson and the rest of the 'international community', Bishop Muzorewa, being a Christian and pro-western, was not deemed African enough to satisfy their progressive vision of independent African nations led by proper Africans. In an act of treachery which has gone unpunished to this day, they undermined Bishop Muzorewa's administration by refusing to recognize his government and left crippling economic sanctions in place; in effect they engineered its downfall.

Unsurprisingly Mugabe and the rest of the revolutionaries continued the war and as history shows us they eventually usurped power to the rejoicing of the west.

In an attempt to disassociate themselves from the consequences of their treachery, these same 'progressives' and their descendants claim that nobody could have predicted Mugabe's behavior prior to his anointing.

This is nonsense as any junior student of African history will know. Robert Mugabe was an unashamed disciple of Mao Tse Tung from the start of his political career. His vision for Zimbabwe was stated clearly in 1975 during his exile in Mozambique.

"a new progressive society could not be constructed on the foundations of the past and they would have to destroy most of what has been built up after 1900 before a new society, based on subsistence and peasant values could be constructed".

This statement cannot be mis-interpreted into anything other than what it is. It is classic Maoism as put into practice by Pol Pot and the Kymer Rouge in Cambodia. The western 'progressive' leaders knew this when they chose him to be their man in Southern Africa.

Peter Hain, the coward who abandoned his South African comrades to their fate when he ran away to Great Britain, was a Mugabe supporter from the start.

This political low life is quoted as saying; "Throughout the 60's and 70's, I demonstrated for an end to the Ian Smith white regime. I was delighted when Robert Mugabe won the elections in 1980".

Peter Hain must have been equally delighted when Mugabe began his reign of terror not long after his anointing when he sent the infamous North Korean trained fifth brigade into Metabeleland to massacre any opponents to his rule. Twenty thousand people or more, including women, children, the old and the sick were raped, tortured and butchered with the full knowledge of the Western leaders. There were no sanctions imposed on Mugabe for this genocide as was imposed on Ian Smith for his successful running of the country.

On the contrary, he was feted by adoring academics from Great Britain and America as if there were no massacre in Metabeleland. Over the mutilated bodies of the slaughtered he was given an honorary degree by the University of Edinburgh in 1984, by the University of Massacheusetts in 1986 and by the University of Michigan in 1990. And to her eternal shame he was even knighted by the Queen in 1994.

Hain and his ilk cannot claim surprise when their man did what he promised he would do prior to his election.  He set about fundamentally transforming Zimbabwe into a country based on "subsistence and peasant values".

Since 1980 Robert Mugabe, the 'progressives' choice for Zimbabwe, has been a classic blood soaked African dictator, rampaging through his country, looting, pillaging, killing and above all rigging elections so that his reign of terror carries on interminably. That's thirty three years where the west has stood by and allowed this disaster to continue.

Where, might one ask, was the United Nations or the Organisation of African Unity? They have intervened in Sierra Leone, Sudan, Libya and other places but turned a blind eye to their boy in Zimbabwe. They even managed to ignore his invasion of the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo where he looted its mineral wealth for himself and his cronies.

Regardless of Butcher Bob's carnage and the overwhelming evidence that giving aid to Zimbabwe is doing more harm than good, the Aid industry cannot find a reason to suspend giving this beast shed loads of taxpayers money. See here how Mugabe and his henchmen, including his opponent Morgan Tsvangerai abuse British taxpayers money. Even by British MP's standards, 1.2% of total public expenditure on foreign trips is a bit excessive.

With the re-election of Mugabe for another five year term in what was a standard African election, i.e. rigged from start to finish, what can the long suffering Zimbabwean people expect from the current batch of western leaders?

Not a lot by all accounts.  Peter Hain, the South African coward and former British government minister is trying to distance himself from Mugabe but as usual he is all hot air and obfuscation. He is also busy doing what he does best, that is stabbing the loyal people of Gibraltar in the back by siding with Spain in the current border dispute.

'Oh how the mighty have fallen' is apt when referring to the current political class in the once 'Great' Britain. The rattle of a sabre by a British Foreign Secretary would have been sufficient to bring any misbehaving dictator into line, but the current incumbent couldn't frighten a kitten with his pathetic utterances. William Hague warns of "grave concerns" over the recent poll where the hated Mugabe got 61% of the votes. That will have Butcher Bob quaking in his boots as he settles down to another banquet in one of his foreign aid financed mansions while his people starve.

The people of Zimbabwe have been abandoned by the western leaders because, despite their weasel words, Butcher Bob Mugabe is still their boy. They chose him, they groomed him and they were instrumental in putting him into power.  After thirty three years of indulging his butchery they are hardly likely to dump him now.


  1. None of the cowards who pushed for African independence will stand up and admit that one colony after another reversed its course of development when handed over to Black rule. This translates into hundreds of thousands of deaths of mothers in childbirth, children who do not reach the age of 5, loss of educational opportunities, starvation and disease - in each country. Even South Africa with its industrial base and large economy, peaceful transition and advanced infrastructure has been on a steady decline. Corruption and political profligacy have halted any improvement in the financial and physical wellbeing of the poor.

    1. Thanks for that mawm. That was very eloquently put and I agree with every word of it.

      The 'development aid' industry continues to get rich on taxpayer loot. Half a billion pounds from the British taxpayers alone went to 'aid consultants' last year. Its racket and needs to be stopped.

    2. It must annoy the sh*t out of you having to hand out billions of your tax money to your ex colonies around the world just to see it squandered and pilfered by very anti-British dictators and their hangers on.

      The other side of aid that gets up my nose are things like school boys from SE England going to Kenya ............ to build houses for the locals! It is not like they have a labour shortage there and school boys from middle-class families certainly don't have the skills needed. Africa and Africans would do far better without this patronising attitude of the West.

      Aid is like welfare in that it traps people into its dependency.

    3. It annoys the sh*t out of most of the British people but Cameron and his cronies are sticking with their global agenda regardless of what the people think.

      Its laughable when you see kids from the UK building houses for the poor in Africa with hoards of Africans just standing there picking their noses and scratching their ar*es.

      I've witnessed this myself in Africa and India.