Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Lunacy - Its Not Harmless Nannyism, Its Fascism

It's not surprising that the mainstream media are spinning the dictatorial behavior of New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, as the harmless nannying of a man who is only trying to improve the lives of others rather than calling it what it really is.

Like all tinpot dictators they start off with small infractions of individual liberty then move on to bigger and more intrusive diktats from there.

Il Duce Bloomberg uses bansturbation as his weapon of choice against the individual liberties of his subjects. He started with Styrofoam cups then moved on to trans fats, salt, sugar, potato chips, guns, together with mandated calorie counts etc. It's anybody's guess what his next target would have been had a judge not called a temporary halt to his lunacy.

Like any other dictator Bloomberg doesn't think through his diktats or work out if there may be any unintended consequences.

The Styrofoam cup ban sounds environmentally sound but it was an expensive disaster. It resulted in an increase in costs for businesses, with a subsequent loss of jobs, and an increase in paper and cardboard usage which was environmentally unsound.

His sugar ban has caused an increase in business costs plus an increase use of high fructose corn syrup. This has had a negative effect on health and on the livelihoods of suppliers.

The biggest effect of his ban on pop sizes has been to increase costs on businesses and individuals alike and this has succeeded in upsetting them both.

The indisputable fact is that Mayor Bloomberg is an insufferable control freak and bully who cannot accept that he has no business interfering in the lives of a free people. These are individuals who are quite capable of making their own decisions on what is bad for them.

Being a vertically challenged 5' 6", many people believe that Mayor Bloomberg is suffering from Napoleon Syndrome, making up for his lack of inches by bullying, dictatorial behavior. *( It's worth noting that Napoleon, Nicholas Sarkozy and Benito Mussolini were all 5' 6" and Hitler himself was only a 5' 8").

In a typical act of despotism, Bloomberg has refused to accept the judge's ruling that his ban on soda sizes was "both arbitrary and capricious". He has vowed to carry on with his campaign of bullying and interference, for the simple reason that he is Mayor Bloomberg he cannot possibly be wrong.

To confirm that Mayor Bloomberg displays fascist tendencies he is quoted as saying that "poor people can't take care of themselves".

In other words he is saying that poverty prevents adults from making rational decisions that effect their own well being. Or to put it even in even simpler language, lack of money makes an individual too stupid to make decisions, therefore he will make them on their behalf, whether they approve or not.

Even if this nonsense was true, Bloomberg's ban affects rich and poor alike, therefore he is taking decisions on behalf of intelligent people also. That is fascism pure and simple.

New York City does have an elected authority but like his big brother, President Obama and the Congress, this acts an impediment to his personal agenda so he bypasses the legislature and uses Executive Orders to rule by diktat.  So far he has implemented 266 Executive Orders compared to Mayor Giuliani's 53. It must be remembered that Rudy Giuliani was Mayor during the Muslim terrorist attack on 9/11 where the use of Executive Orders could be justified.

So, with crime and unemployment spiralling upward, an economy spiralling downward, crumbling infrastructure in desparate need of repair, Mayor Bloomberg is obsessing about pop sizes. He shouldn't be trusted with a hot dog stand let alone the worlds greatest city.

Mayor Bloomberg has said that since becoming Mayor, he feels bound to look after the health of New Yorkers. This is like Mussolini saying he became Italy's dictator just to make the trains run on time.

All is not lost. It appears that sanity prevails in the Mississippi legislature. They are formulating a law that would prevent politicians from imposing limits on food and beverage sizes, together with any other impositions on individual liberty.

They are referring to it as the Bloomberg Law.

*Intended as satire.

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