Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Politicians Legalise Theft In Cyprus - Progressive Agenda Rolls On

Many people expressed their scepticism when I put forward the view last week, that the impending bank heist in Cyprus was a planned power and wealth grab by EU and global 'progressive' politicians. In light of recent events I suggest they look at the evidence, with their blinkers removed, and rethink their scepticism.

As any member of the hard left will confirm, this is how 'progressives' operate. The current bank heist on the island of Cyprus was a classic power grab operation from the start. The same tactics have been used in other countries and its really not that difficult to understand.

In this case the object of the operation was not rescuing the Cypriot banks or their sabotaged economy nor was it anything to do with the helping the Cypriot people in their hour of need.

The real object of this 'rescue' was breaking the taboo that private property is sacrosanct and with the added bonus of removing the right of the people to choose their own destiny via the ballot box.

The way the EU authoritarians, led by Germany's Angela Merkel, went about this operation deserves credit. It was brilliant in it's conception and carried out to perfection, with all their objectives achieved.

The people of Cyprus now join Ireland, Greece and Italy as a country where democracy has been suspended and where the government is run directly by the European Union. As with Ireland, Italy and Greece their national parliaments are powerless therefore the people are disenfranchised.

They will suffer years, possibly decades, of EU enforced poverty and despair, with no recourse to a democratically elected government for any alternative policy.

Ironically, the German people will get a vote on the bank theft and the forced austerity plan but the Cypriot people will not. The rest of the EU need to take note that this how a power grabs work and these are the consequences.

In exchange for some EU bribe money, the government of Cyprus has confiscated private wealth from the people, together with that of foreign investors, and effectively handed it over to the EU.

Before the bank heist was carried out the people were softened up with a bit of PR demonising spin. The line was pushed that there's plenty of money in the banks but it belongs to bad people, such as Russian oligarchs, the Russian mob and the 'rich', so it really wouldn't be so bad to seize it on behalf of the people. Who could possibly object?

The politicians responsible for this spin offered no proof of who held money in these banks but what is certain is that not all the depositors were oligarchs, mobsters or the 'rich' people. The bank seizure applied to pension funds and honest people's money too, these people had deposited legitimately earned money and life savings into the banks in good faith.

The Cypriot people should take comfort from the fact that the government sympathises with their plight. Their Dear Leader, President Nicos Anastasiades, is quoted as saying that he "understands your anger" and he called for "all Cypriots to work together".

This is a variation on the tired old slogan which is trotted out by politicians the world over whenever they are about to shaft the people, "we're all in it together".

As is normal in these situations, the guilty people who organised this crime, namely the political class and their cronies, the banksters and the well connected party donors, will get away unpunished with their ill gotten gains intact. There will be no justice for the people of Cyprus.

Now that the idea of  'private property is the government's property' has been entered into the public psyche, what can we expect from the political class in the future as they move their 'progressive' agenda of global equality and fairness forward?

It would be a mistake to think that this is a single instance or that it is confined to the Eurozone. Dutch Finance Minister, Jerven Dijisselobloem, in his moment of triumph, let it slip that this "represented the new template for dealing with a bank crisis". Ooops!

He was quickly reprimanded by his bosses Angela Merkel and Christine Legarde of the IMF and was forced to back peddle somewhat by claiming that it was a single instance. Too late Jerven, the cat is out of the bag!

Christine Legarde, who as Finance Minister was herself the architect of the French economic disaster, claimed that this bank theft was "a comprehensive and creditable plan".

Coming from the head of the IMF gives this bank theft international legitimacy so it will be considered as a green light for any government to seize private property. It should not stretch the imagination of anyone to see that unscrupulous 'progressive' governments the world over will be seizing private assets, safe in the knowledge that there will be no protest from the international institutions.

Spain, Portugal and the other indebted EU countries are next, followed by indebted countries around the world. This is an opportunity that the 'progressives' will not be able to pass up.

Our American cousins should take note that according to sources inside the government, their Progressive in Chief, Barack Obama, is planning a heist of his own.

As the saying goes 'even Stevie Wonder can see this one coming'. By refusing to deal with government deficit spending he is deliberately driving up an unsustainable debt. When the next downgrade comes he will raid their personal savings accounts in addition to their 401K pension funds in response.

He intends to do this by taking the cash and replacing it with a worthless government IOU. The American people who did the right thing will be stripped of their wealth and will be rendered as poor as their compatriots who didn't bother to save for the future. Equality and fairness for the masses in one stroke. Job done, mission accomplished.

The people of Europe should extend a hand to our American cousins and welcome them to the world of socialism. 'Come on in the waters lovely'.

If proof were needed that this is the start of a global heist, it will be noted that no government leader has expressed any outrage at this blatant theft, therefore we must assume it meets with their approval.

It is devastating for those British people who believe in liberty, free enterprise and prosperity that the leader of the Conservative party, the traditional guardian of these sacred values, has given his approval to this theft. There is no hope for the freedom loving people of Great Britain while the 'progressive' usurper David Cameron remains in control.

The great man himself has summed up this awful political low life that is destroying the British nation:

"That David Cameron is welcoming these plans shows how far the British political class is from any ideals of democracy, accountability and liberty. Instead the future to him is a technocratic, post democratic world, run in the most part by unelected, fanatical and deluded power-mongers in Brussels and Frankfurt". - Nigel Farage


  1. I'm not sure this will happen in America, too many people own guns over there.

    1. Not if the government gun grab is successful. This could get ugly.

  2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/7576357/Muslim-staff-escape-NHS-hygiene-rule.html#disqus_thread

    This is an outrage

    1. According to the proponents of multi-culturalism, this is racist or cultural apartheid. They can call it whatever they want, its shocking and its unacceptable.