Monday, March 4, 2013

Defeated Conservative Leaders Leave The Blinkers On And Open Fire On Their Own People

From the battle of Balaclava and the Charge of the Light Brigade to General Gordon and the Siege of Khartoum, British history is littered with glorious defeats. These defeats were usually the result of incompetent leaders. Traditionally the troops were immortalised in poetry or song and they have entered the folklore of British history.

In keeping with this history, the Conservative party leaders have managed to engineer another glorious defeat at the Battle of the Eastleigh byelection but with one exception, this defeat will not be immortalised in poetry or song, instead it will be remembered for the fact that these leaders wore blinkers and opened fire on their own troops before and after the battle.

It is now universally accepted that after he had usurped the leadership of the Conservative Party using a combination of spin, dissembling and outright lies, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, set about purging the party of its traditional supporters and transforming it into another version of the the Labour and Liberal Democrat 'progressive' parties.

Cameron and his cronies dropped the traditional conservative values of patriotism, individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, low tax, free enterprise, small government etc, by claiming that these values were old fashioned, regressive and therefore toxic.

In their place they substituted, high tax and spend, political correctness, mass immigration, forced multi-culturalism, continuing transfer of sovereignty to the EU, a ruinous green agenda and ever more intrusive government interference in the lives of the people. These policies were supposedly modern, trendy and 'progressive'.

'Call Me Dave' and his water carriers compounded their stupidity by using the modern political tactic of smearing their opponents. They shot verbal insults at anyone who disagreed with their 'detoxifying' exercise.

Dissenters were labelled as out of touch, living in the past or regressive if they vocalised a desire for the traditional conservative values, which incidentally, are held by the majority of the electorate regardless of political affiliation. The so called common ground.

To anyone who has not lived their lives in a remote, incestuous group of like minded trendies this 'detoxifying' exersise was always going to end in disaster. There was a subsequent alienation of party members together with their core vote and this was coupled with a mass defection to the United Kingdom Independence Party, now lovingly known as UKIP.

This alone should have given 'Dave' and his cronies a clue that the imposition of trendy 'progressive' policies on a reluctant party was going to drive even more people into arms of UKIP and put his election prospects into jeopardy.

In a display of  'Flashmanesque' arrogance typical of the spoiled elite who are incapable of indentifying with the people they are supposed to represent,  he shot even more insults at the very people he will need if he wants to retain the Prime Ministers Office.

'Dave' insults UKIP supporters by dismissing them as "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists".

This smear tactic must be party policy as it has been used before by the token Muslim woman and imbecile, the Baroness Warsi. In a television debate she tried to equate UKIP with the extreme left wing British National Party, known as the BNP, who carry the racist label.

Insulting UKIP supporters in this fashion was as amateurish as it was obvious and served as an indication that Cameron's detoxified party is as dirty and sly as the other two.

'Dave' in line with all other modern politicians is an accomplished spinner, media manipulator and liar who continued his assault on his own people up until election day at Eastleigh. Unfortunately for him, the people saw through his spin and deceit in ever growing numbers.

One would have thought that the humiliating defeat of 'Call Me Dave's Conservative Party by UKIP in the byelection would have triggered a little contrition and perhaps a rethink on the direction of his party. Not likely, 'Dave' sent out his bag carriers and mouthpieces to shoot some more verbal bullets at his own dissident supporters.

Apparently 'Dave' is doing the right thing on the important issues and will not change tack. He is doing the right thing on the economy, on immigration, welfare reform, the NHS, the European Union. According to the spin this is the common ground that they hold.

Former leader and serial loser, Foreign Secretary William Hague appearing on a Sunday politics show, insulted and dismissed those who supported UKIP as having an indulgence and who will return to fold at a general election.

In the same interview he then went on to spin, lie and run away from the truth on the imminent arrival of tens of thousands of economic migrants and criminals from Romania and Bulgaria next January.

"We don't have estimates on that" he lied. Off course he does but they are too devastating for this dissembling politician to reveal. "The figures are the figures that came out" he continued, "that immigration is down by a third". Is that gross immigration or net immigration?  Vague Hague omitted to clarify.

Hague continued to spin that any attempt to predict the numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians preparing to come to the UK would simply be 'guesswork'.

Vague Hague further insulted the intelligence of the UKIP supporters and went into full political liar mode when it came to restricting the access to welfare to the expected deluge of immigrants.

He claimed the government would work to restrict immigrants access to welfare and stated that benefit tourism "can't be allowed".  Yes it can and Hague knows it.

Hague is shamelessly lying through his teeth on this, he knows full well that Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants will be entitled to the same range of welfare benefits that other immigrants have.

In an attempt to spike the guns of UKIP, Hague claimed that Ministers are considering plans for immigrants to wait up to a year before they seek hospital care. Ministers can consider all they want, they know that the government's hands are tied by EU bureaucrats.

Poor Willie Hague gets desperate for a positive sound bite and rambles on that:

"It's important there aren't any artificial, perverse incentives for people to come to the UK". So yes we are looking in government at what more we can do to make sure that's controlled, that that is fair across Europe, and I think people would expect us to look at that, it's absolutely right".

What on earth is he rambling on about? If Hague thinks that is going to entice people back into the fold from UKIP then he is deluded.

He rambled on further that "benefit tourism can't be allowed" when he knows it can and it will be.

The 'New' Conservative Party under David Cameron is a fake party which was created to compete with the other two main parties on the basis of who is the most trendy. In the process they have sacrificed their soul on the alter of 'progressivism' losing the support of their own members in the process.

UKIP holds the common ground and with luck and God's help they will remove these fakers from office and return the country to the people from whom it was stolen.


  1. The Conservative party must be desperate for 2.5 years of more power to hang onto this progressive as leader. I seroiusly think they're finished as an electoral force. The only thing that can save them is some miracalous upturn in the economy coupled with a dumbed down electorate with goldfish-like memories. Cameron has acheived his goal...destruction of the Conservative Party. I'll never forgive them no matter what.
    Paris Claims

    1. I believe that they want another 2.5 years of power to finish the job of destruction that was started by Blair in 1997.

      Another two tears of tax and spend will wreck the economy to the point where high taxes will always be required.

      Another two years of mass immigration and Britain will pass the tipping point of cultural and demographic replacement.

      I am fast coming to the conclusion that sometime down the road there will be a violent reaction to this unwanted transformation of our country.