Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Press Censorship - The End Of Traditional British Conservatism

It's a sad sign of the times when the age old British institutions associated with a free country are being systematically dismantled with the connivance of the very people charged with preserving them.

The British were a fiercely proud, patriotic people who sacrificed their loved ones in their tens of thousands to preserve their independent nation; a nation that was based on individual liberty, responsibility, respect for the law, decency, Judeo-Christian values and underpinned by a free and independent press.

Slowly but surely, as the political class became ever more ruthless in their pursuit of power, these precious institutions have been undermined and eroded, leaving the people powerless in the face of their own descent into mediocrity and their nation's ultimate demise into obscurity.

This descent would not have been possible if the traditional keeper of British values had stuck to their guns and refused to compromise. Instead they allowed themselves to be seduced by the 'progressives' of the day and all is now lost.

The news that the leader of the now thoroughly modern Conservative Party, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron has taken part in a grubby deal with Red Ed Miliband and serial liar Nick Clegg of the
mis-named Liberal Democrats to shackle the press, signals the end of the British Conservative Party as we know it.

The Conservative Party leadership over the years has been disastrous and packed to the gunwales with various traitorous low life's such as Edward Heath, Michael Heseltine, Leon Brittan, Kenneth Clark, Geoffrey Rippon, Geoffrey Howe, John Major etc. who would sell their country out like latter day Quislings, for a sinecure or a taxpayer funded expense account.

No real Conservative, or any patriot worth his salt, would consider even sitting down with the former enemy to discuss, let alone actually hand over, the sovereignty of their country.

No real Conservative would put up with the current comprehensive education system which was designed by socialists to engineer mediocrity for all. No winners, no losers and all must have prizes.

No real Conservative would inflict confiscatory levels of taxation on the British people. Even British working class people on what are now ordinary salaries are subjected to 50% tax on their incomes before the myriad of indirect taxes takes care of the rest.

No real Conservative would indulge in cultural replacement by open border mass immigration. "Reducing net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands" is a meaningless soundbite that seeks to patronise the informed British voter.

No real Conservative would allow the forces of law and order to be politicised to the point where enforcing political correctness takes a higher priority than enforcing the law.

No real Conservative would turn a blind eye to Muslim paedophile gangs, who sexually abuse under age girls, on the grounds of 'cultural sensitivities'.

No real Conservative would allow a self confessed Muslim terrorist, loyal to Al Qaeda, to remain in the country living off taxpayer funded welfare benefits, on the orders of foreign judges who wish to demonstrate their contempt for British institutions.

No real Conservative would allow an illegal immigrant to kill a 12 year old girl, run away from the scene of the crime, then serve a desultory 2 months in prison. No real Conservative would go on to allow the same killer to remain in the country to live a life on taxpayer funded welfare benefits on account his 'human rights'.

No real Conservative would unilaterally redefine traditional marriage against the express wishes of the people.

No real Conservative would stand by and do nothing while the BBC, the  taxpayer funded state broadcaster, churns out 'progressive' anti-conservative propaganda 24 hours a day.

This list of the abandoned policies is not exhaustive, but the grubby deal to muzzle the press, including the Internet, is the final straw that signals the end of the traditional Conservative Party.

Press censorship is at the top of every socialist's agenda from Mao, Stalin, Castro through to Red Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg. Its is just not acceptable for any freedom loving Conservative to be involved in any way, shape or form with press censorship.

The death of the current modernised Conservative Party is a blessing in disguise as it's passing away is allowing a new party to rise up out of the ashes and who have the traditional values of the British people as their core principles.

If the current members on the Conservative Party refuse to act and purge themselves of the 'progressive' cabal who have usurped power, and who have been complicit in the destruction of Great Britain and its cherished institutions, then they are accessories after the fact and they deserve the obscurity that is coming their way.

Only the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) offers the British people a chance to regain their country from the traitorous rabble that fundamentally transformed it and gave it away without their consent.

UKIP deserve all the support they can get and for what its worth they have mine.


  1. He'll get my vote too. However, he doesn't have much to say about the religion of peace. Perhaps he's doing his best to avoid been ternished as a racist. At least that old duffer he replaced had the sense to invite Geert Wilders to the H of L

    1. My guess is that he doesn't need to say anything about the religion of peace at this point. Anything he says will be twisted out of all proportion to paint him as a racist.

      The people have taken a guess where he stands on this issue and they are probably right, he agrees with them.

  2. My only concern about ukip is that they appear to ba a one man party. I agree with everything they say and they have my vote too, and the vote of most people I know.
    I would love to see some of the more honourable traditional value Tories jump ship to UKIP such as Hannan and Carswell for a start. That would make things interesting.

    1. A few traditional Tories jumping ship will make a world of difference. My guess is that it would start a stampede.

      At that point it would become less of a one man band as there would be a bigger pool of experienced people to choose from.

      Whatever happens, that dirty deal in the middle of the night with Miliband and Clegg to shackle the press as done it for me. The Tories can go jump in the effing lake.