Thursday, March 28, 2013

Desperate Politicians Take Lying To A Whole New Level

"There are three signs of a hypocrite: when he speaks he lies, when he makes a promise he breaks it, and when he is trusted he betrays that trust" - Muhammad

I was lucky in that I was born and bred in an age where lying was considered as bad a crime as stealing. No shake of the head, time outs or sitting on the naughty step for five minutes. Punishments lasted until apologies had been accepted and the lessons about lying etched on the mind. Being labelled a liar was equally as bad as being labelled a thief.

No rational person takes kindly to being lied to on account of being patronised, demeaned and insulted, but what makes it worse is being lied to by a person in whom trust has been invested.

It should be obvious by now, even to the dumbest of observers, that the modern day politician has turned lying into art form.

There is no bigger practitioner of this than British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. He has either been well trained in the art of lying or he just can't help himself. He does it all the time without apology or shame.

Clegg's reaction to the successful appeal against deportation by Muslim terrorist Abu Qatada yesterday, is a classic example.

Since its imposition on the British people, Clegg has been the most vocal supporter of the Human Rights Act. Qatada is being allowed to stay in  Great Britain because of this Act.

The British people are outraged by this travesty of justice, so Clegg is now telling the people that he wants Qatada deported despite the fact that it is his beloved HRA that is preventing his removal.

Clegg's famous pledge over tuition fees was exposed as lie after the release of confidential papers and this should have served as a lesson for both Clegg and the electorate. Neither have taken note because Clegg still lies and the electorate still believe him.

The question for Clegg is simple: if he really wants an acknowledged "extremely dangerous individual" like Abu Qatada deported, will he support the deportation of the equally dangerous career criminal and child killer Aso Mohammed Ibrahim?

After killing an innocent child and serving only 2 months in prison, the illegal immigrant Ibrahim was allowed to stay on account of his 'human rights' being protected by Clegg's HRA.

To Clegg and the so called justices "the risk to the public was not a relevant consideration under Human Rights law" so Abu Qatada and Ibrahim get to stay on publicly financed welfare benefits for the rest of the miserable lives.

Nick Clegg was not the only one lying through his teeth yesterday. His boss, the pretend Prime Minister David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, was at it too over mass immigration.

Terrified by the public reaction to the mass immigration disaster and coupled with the imminent arrival of thousands Romanian and Bulgarian beggars and criminals, 'Dave' is going overboard making promises he knows he won't keep.

The latest whoppers in his campaign of 'making Great Britain unattractive to immigrants and ending the countries reputation for welfare and health tourism' are both desperate and blatant. Its not working because the people know his reputation for lying and refuse to believe him anymore.

'Dave' is going to put a stop to legal and illegal immigrant children getting a free education. He is also going to stop new immigrants from getting cash welfare benefits, free health care and free housing.

Dave 'Pants on Fire' Cameron has already been told by Britain's real Prime Minister, the EU Head of State Herman von Rumpoy, that he will not be permitted to do any of this.

'Dave' knows this, the people know this, and 'Dave' knows that the people know this, but in his desperation, he continues to spout forth with lies and falsehoods.

To compound his humiliation, the Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt has chastised him for telling these untruths, declaring that 'Daves' promises "are unfortunate". Incidentally, Fredrik believes in unlimited immigration and presides over a country where it is forecast that 50% of Swedish women will be raped at some point in their life by a Muslim man.

Thanks for the advise Fredrik but the only thing that's unfortunate is your Premiership of Sweden, at least for your womenfolk it is.

The reason for 'Dave's' sudden outpouring of false promises is the panic attack he is undergoing because he is on course to be a one term Prime Minister. He knows that his pro European, 'progressive' agenda has been rejected by the people and he is going to pay the price with defeat and then his job.

It could be said that 'Dave' and Clegg have modelled themselves on that other great European, Charles de Gaulle who is quoted as saying:

"In politics it is necessary to betray one's country or the electorate. I prefer to betray the electorate".  The difference being that 'Dave and Clegg are betraying both.

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