Friday, March 22, 2013

Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Is Now Wrong. Child Abuse To Remain A Shared Value

When politicians abandon their long standing positions and start aligning themselves with the people, it's a sure sign they are worried about their jobs. It's got nothing to do with their convictions, their principles or what's best for the country, it's all about them keeping their cushy, taxpayer funded jobs and imposing their will on the people.

The latest u-turn comes from Parliament's most despicable serial liar and Great Britain hater, Nick Clegg. How this appalling man came to be the Deputy Prime Minister is testament to the corrupt, undemocratic British political system and the stupidity of the electorate who repeatedly swallow his spin and deceit time and again.

For his entire miserable life this political low life has championed multi-culturalism. He has campaigned for the end of Great Britain as an independent, sovereign nation and an end to its unique Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture.

Nobody should be fooled into believing that Nick Clegg has 'seen the light' when he announced today that he now believes that giving amnesty to illegal immigrants is wrong. This policy was in his party's election manifesto, it is one of the core instruments he uses for the fundamental transformation of Great Britain into the egalitarian, multi-cultural society of his dreams.

'Calamity' Clegg's previous policy was for illegal immigrants to earn amnesty and British citizenship if they can stay undetected for ten years. He obviously doesn't understand the meaning of the word illegal. If there is going to be a statute of limitations for criminal behavior, why would it only apply to illegal immigration? By his own perverted logic this statute is discriminatory and exclusive because it excludes burglars, car thieves, vandals, expense cheats and Cabinet Ministers who pervert the course of justice.

Clegg now claims that his amnesty policy "risked undermining public confidence in the entire immigration system". One has to ask as to where this idiot has been since 1997 when Blair, with Clegg's approval, abandoned border controls and opened the immigration floodgates to facilitate cultural replacement and to 'rub the right's nose in diversity'.

Clegg and his gang of fundamental transformers would have us believe that this sudden change of heart is because of the lack of confidence in the immigration system and nothing to do with the up and coming European Union elections.

In a clear demonstration of Clegg's propensity for serial lying, he insisted that he would not "indulge in low populism that patronises the British people" nor would he "say things because he thinks that's what the British people want to hear" when that is exactly what he is indulging in by making this u-turn at this time.

This is patronising nonsense from Clegg and it clearly demonstrates his contempt for the British people. He is making the mistake of assuming that the entire nation is as stupid and naive as the electorate of his constituency in Sheffield.

This sudden change of heart coincides with a recent poll which puts the British people's concerns about mass immigration at the very top of their agenda.

It also coincides with the irrevocable rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party. UKIP has always proposed that the British people should regain control of their borders and put in place a moratorium on all immigration until the shambles presided over by Clegg is cleaned up.

The latest brainwave from Cameron and Clegg's incompetent government is a clear demonstration of how out of touch with the real world these people are. In order to "bring down net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands", they have announced a pilot scheme targeted at 'high risk' individuals from 'two or three nationalities'.  Relatives already in Great Britain will be required to post a bond which would be forfeited if their guests overstay their visa or use public services.

To anyone with an iota of intelligence it should be obvious that 'high risk' individuals from dodgy nationalities should not be given a visa in the first place. It should also be obvious that visitors determined to stay would be happy to forfeit a bond in exchange for a lifetime on welfare benefits.

There are currently no checks that would indicate whether an immigrant has used any public
 services. The Health Service, for instance, is universally available to everyone, no questions asked.

There is nothing in this policy to prevent a visitor who is intent on staying permanently from using the myriad of avenues available in order to prevent their deportation. This includes the hated Human Rights Act of which Clegg is the biggest supporter.

Nobody with an ounce of sense will be fooled into believing that Nick Clegg is doing anything but lying for electioneering purposes. This speech was cynically made to appease the voters' justified fears over mass immigration and to counter the ever growing threat of UKIP.

Despite this pathetic attempt at ingratiating himself with the majority of people over mass immigration, Nick Clegg let slip his true beliefs about a fundamentally transformed Great Britain. He is trying to convince the people that a multi-cultural society is a fait accompli where there is no going back, so we should just get used to it.

"For a diverse society like ours to function successfully, for different groups to integrate and co-exist, British citizens must believe that the rules by which migrants come and settle here are reasonable, and properly enforced".

Nick Clegg and his bag carriers know as well as everyone else that diverse groups such as Muslims, for example, have no intention of integrating, nor are they being encouraged to by the government to do so. In fact the opposite is true as Muslim leaders set up self governing 'no go' areas where only Sharia law applies, and this with the approval of his government.

With Clegg and his government's approval, heinous crimes by foreign cultures are being tolerated in the name of multi-culturalism, such as:

Muslim paedophile gangs and child sex abuse.

Drug abuse with it's associated violent crime by Jamaican Yardie gangs.

Slavery and people trafficking by Chinese Triad gangs.

Female genital mutilation by African tribal savages.

Female abuse inside the family by Asian cultures.

Premeditated murder, renamed 'honour' killings, by backward Eastern European and Asian cultures.

Organised crime gangs from Russia and Eastern Europe, including organised gangs of child criminals.

Institutional  or cultural corruption from Nigeria and other African countries.

Great Britain is also considered a safe haven for Muslim terrorists and torturers from despotic African regimes.

Are these the 'shared values' that multi-culturalists drone on about when they are spinning the benefits of mass immigration?

When he talks about 'shared values', Nick Clegg and his gang should point out to the British people, what exactly they are.

No matter how hard he tries or how much spin and lies he pours forth, Nick Clegg cannot hide the fact that multi-culturalism is being forced on the British people against their will because he despises the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture of which he has no interest.

If there is any justice in this world, traitorous people like Clegg, who have clearly committed treason, will face a day of reckoning and hopefully this will start with the fall of the European Union and his ejection from office at the next election.

With committed multi-culturalists controlling the government machine, it would appear that UKIP is now Great Britain's last hope for survival. The time has finally arrived for the British people to make a choice. Live proud, free and prosperous in the open world or poor and captive in the tyrannical EU.


  1. Clegg is truly despisable. His "I'm sorry" speech on university fees a few years back demonstrated what an absolutely clueless little knob jockey he really is. A hopeless politician.
    I would like to see immigration reduced not from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands but from hundreds of thousands to zero. Period. Especially with the likely influx of the Rumanian and Bulgarian mafia arriving next year. (27000 Rumanians arrested in the London alone over the last 5 years, out of 87,000 in total nationally. They are also responsible for most of the metal commodity thefts in this country on an organised scale)
    Next step, all illegals including those protected by Human rights legislation put on the next flight back to the countries they emanate from and the cost charged to their embassies.
    All this needs to be preceded by complete withdrawal from Europe to give us our powers back to enact these changes.
    By the way whatever happened to the law of treason? Why isnt it used anymore? Muslim terrorists holding a British passport are traitors and should be charged as such. I believe the traditional verdict would be death by hanging.

    1. Great comment, thanks.
      The Romanian/Bulgarian migration is shaping up to be a disaster and all because the political class have a wet dream about a European superstate.

      As far as I know Phony Tony Blair knew he would fall foul of the treason laws if he followed his European policy.

      He had them altered by Executive order or by stealth using that oily git Keith Vaz.

      These alterations should be declared null and void and used against the EuroTraitors.


    Perhaps if this chap had a bit of financial backing he could move things along.

    1. Thanks for the tip. It looks like Phony Tony repealed the whole Treason Act accept for bumping off the Queen.

      The British are no longer a free people.