Monday, March 25, 2013

Mass Immigration Debate - Euro Elections And The Rise Of UKIP

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive" - Sir Walter Scott

As their savings are looted by corrupt politicians, the ordinary Cypriot will agree that the European Union is a total disaster for the people who are forced to suffer the consequences of the political elite's dream of a United States of Europe.

The whole European project has been built on lies and deceit from the outset. To say that the European people were conned by the political elite is an understatement.

British Prime Minister Edward Heath and his cronies willfully lied through their teeth when they pushed the Common Market as a series of trade agreements and nothing else.

Those who knew that this was the beginning of the federal superstate project were derided, demonised and smeared, much as they are to this day. As the political class progressed their 'ever closer union' project through the various treaties, they continued to lie about the nature of the project and continued to demonise and smear those who spoke the truth.

The truth speakers were right, the common market became the European Economic Community (EEC), which then went on to drop Economic part of the title, and become the European Community (EC).

The traitors continued to lie about the superstate as the EC became the European Union and adopted its own currency, flag, national anthem, armed forces and constitution. Even now, to this day, they continue to deny that 'ever closer union' means a United States of Europe federal superstate.

The EU is where it is today on the basis of lies, deceit and smear, and this is coming home to haunt the ruling class as the disenfranchised people of Europe organise and agitate to take back control of their countries.

In Great Britain this movement is led by the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). From humble beginnings they now take on the might of the corrupt elites and the special interest groups that have dominated the European political scene, and have exposed the crooks for what they are.

UKIP represents the traditional British values that were tossed overboard by the main parties as they competed with each other to prove who was the most modern and 'progressive'.

As a result of their corrupt, lying ways, Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats, the three legacy parties, have used up the goodwill of the British people and they are hemorrhaging support to UKIP.  As a result of this dissent, they showing signs of panic.

The biggest issues for the British people are mass immigration and the imposition of a multi-cultural state. This has been a massive upheaval and subsequent disaster for the British people and it was imposed without consultation or consent.

This transformation was a long planned project by a remote elite who call themselves 'progressives' and who think they know what is best for the British people and the world.

In an attempt to stem the loss of support and to spike the guns of UKIP, the out of touch elite are doing what they do best... lying.

As an indication of their continued mendacity the legacy parties are trying to outdo each other by sucking up to the British people and sympathising with their plight over the immigration/multi-cultural disaster.

Right on cue, and as requested by his rattled Conservative party, 'Call Me Dave' Cameron made his long awaited speech on immigration. This speech was hot on the heels of Liberal Democrat leader 'Calamity' Clegg, who has decided that their long standing policy of amnesty for illegal immigrants is suddenly wrong.

In turn this follows a grovelling speech by Labour leader, Red Ed Miliband, who is claiming that Labours policy of open border mass immigration may have been a little misguided.

In addition to these exhibitions of mendacity, the 'progressives' have commissioned an ex Marxist pseudo-intellectual and self confessed lefty Hampstead Liberal, to hit the media with a supposed well researched view on the effects of mass immigration. (Why are these 'progressives' always ex Marxists. John Read, Peter Mandelson, Bob Ainsworth, Tony Blair etc.)

David Goodhart in his Saturday essay for the Daily Mail, is trying to convince the British people that mass immigration was really nobody's fault, it wasn't pre-planned, it was all some kind of accident.

He's at again today in the Mail with a piece about the effects of mass immigration on the town of Merton in South West London. He seems to think that the building of a super mosque capable of accommodating 10,000 worshipers, when there are already six other mosques in the area, is some kind of quaint anomaly.

Goodhart goes on to highlight the local park where different groups of Africans, Caribbeans, Tamils, Pakistanis, East Europeans and Somali's hang out and sometimes fight each other. Very enriching.

 He admits that there may have been some negative effects but on the whole the 'accident' of mass immigration and multi-culturalism has been a positive thing. The displaced white population think differently as the town they grew up in is transformed into a foreign country.

As anyone with a modicum of intelligence will understand, this sudden interest in mass immigration by the legacy parties, and their faux sympathy with the British people, is electioneering pure and simple.

European elections are due in 2014 and after the defeat in the Eastleigh byelection to UKIP, 'Call Me Dave' and the other leaders are desperate to regain lost ground and support.

True to form instead of telling the truth, they employ the dark arts of spin, lies and deceit. They don't know any different, they really are shysters through and through.

It must be acknowledged that if there was no election looming, the long planned project of mass immigration and the fundamental transformation of Great Britain into a multi-cultural society would continue unabated and with their full support.

The rise of UKIP is causing many sleepless nights among the party leaders and the remote elite, so lets hope that as the election gets closer these sleepless nights turn into nightmares and signals their descent into the dustbin of history.

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