Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Welfare Benefits Crisis - EU Threatens UK Government Over Immigrant Entitlements

Watching British government Ministers running around like headless chickens over a crisis of their own making would be laughable if it wasn't such a serious matter.

Despite all the spin and the attempts to downplay the issue, the disastrous consequences of the open door mass immigration policy becomes more apparent with every idiotic statement they make.

This crisis also highlights just who the real rulers of Great Britain are. Every policy announcement that the government makes in an attempt to appease the people is counteracted a European Union bureaucrat who indicates whether they will allow it or not.

It would appear that the success of UKIP in the recent Eastleigh byelection, and the likely defeat of David Cameron's 'New' Conservative Party during the next election cycle, has galvanised them into a fit of lying which is unsurpassed in the annals of political skulduggery.

Up until the election success of UKIP, the three main party leaders, especially the Euro fanatic Nick Clegg, were happy to pronounce their support for the European Union. They all played down the likely effects of the imminent arrival of tens of thousands economic migrants and criminals from Romania and Bulgaria.

Prime Minister David Cameron and his Deputy Nick Clegg have cranked up the government spin machine to full speed and the bovine excrement is being churned out in ever increasing amounts.

Firstly they are denying that they have any idea of the numbers that are predicted to arrive when controls are lifted in January next year. They are also claiming that any estimates currently in the public domain are pure speculation and guesswork.

They are lying of course, but in mitigation it must be acknowledged that they are politicians after all and lying is as natural an instinct to them as breathing is to us normal human beings.

To give us some idea of the numbers, Frank Field MP, the former Labour Party Pensions Secretary, announced that even with controls in place, 150,000 Romanians and Bulgarians have already arrived and they are continuing to arrive at the rate of 25,000 per month. So with the current restrictions removed one can assume its going to more of a deluge than a trickle.

Secondly, they are trying to spin that they are taking action on welfare benefit entitlements for these new immigrants, which would include housing, healthcare and cash benefits.

Currently there is supposed to be a residency test that requires immigrants to provide evidence that they intend to stay for a set period. In his statement, Frank Field revealed that General Practitioners (Doctors) are enlisting immigrants onto their patient rolls after stays as short as 24 hours.

The government spinners are claiming that they are taking action to make sure that local people get access to social housing ahead of immigrants but local authorities are refusing to release the data on how many immigrants have been offered social housing ahead of local residents.

Government ministers are spinning that they will put in place restrictions such as an Identification Card which will be required in order to claim benefits. In fact the government is claiming that it will put in place measures that will discourage welfare tourism in totality.

This outpouring of spin, lies and deceit is a direct result of the upsurge of support for UKIP and designed to steal their ground and entice defectors back into the fold.

It won't work because the current crop of politicians has lied to the people so often and have broken so many promises that they have used up any remaining goodwill. Trust is gone and isn't coming back any time soon.

Meanwhile the real government of Great Britain, led by the unelected EU head of State, Herman von Rumpoy, have already issued their instructions to David Cameron's fake government in Westminster.

All welfare benefits will be made available to all immigrants from the EU.

Any restrictions to any benefits will equally apply to British citizens.

Child Benefit, which is paid to at least 40,000 East European children, who have never set foot in Great Britain, will be made available to children residing in Romania and Bulgaria.

A new devastating edict issued by von Rumpoy's government in Brussels states that all qualifying restrictions for claiming any benefits are to be lifted for all immigrants from the EU.

Translated into normal language this means that all immigrants will be entitled to all benefits immediately upon arrival in Great Britain.

This is a disaster of epic proportions for the decent, law abiding, taxpaying British people, they didn't ask for this and they weren't consulted.

In fact the opposite is true, this was forced upon them by a fanatical, ideologically driven minority who would threaten, demonise and smear anyone who got in their way.

I believe that this fundamental transformation will end in tears and when the day of reckoning comes the perpetrators of this disaster will be held accountable and be punished accordingly.


  1. The solution is so simple.....
    No immigrant should have any access to welfare until they have lived here for a period of,say, 10 years. They must have obeyed the laws, learned the language, and paid into the system for that period of time. They should pay for their own education, healthcare etc and have made an additional contribution for our infrastructure i.e. law & order, defence etc. I cannot see how any reasonable person could argue with that.
    Paris Claims

    1. Personally I would have a moratorium on all immigration while unemployment is above 5% and the national debt is above 20% of GDP.

      After that then limited immigration would be allowed as required by the economy with your rules applying.

  2. "I believe that this fundamental transformation will end in tears and when the day of reckoning comes the perpetrators of this disaster will be held accountable and be punished accordingly." some how i don`t think so................we are now well and truly part of the U.S.S.E.U.......

    1. Thanks for commenting. You are probably right but I am trying to remain optimistic under these dire circumstances.

      I live in hope...more fool me.