Friday, March 15, 2013

Crooked Politicians Deliberately Commit Future Generations To Poverty

If there is one disadvantage of the new technological age, its the ability of politicians to communicate with each other on a global basis. They are all the same and they are all following the same 'progressive' economic agenda of universal welfare entitlements funded by the taxpayers, in place of free market economics.

What this economic policy guarantees is that expanded welfare entitlements, coupled with the accumulation of massive debts, will lock future generations into high tax regimes for ever.

For the 'progressive'/socialist/communist this is one of the ultimate goals of their transformational agenda, which is government mandated equality of outcome.

From the 27 countries of the European Union to the Antipodes, from the United States of America in the north to Tierra Del Fuego in the south,  politicians are accumulating massive debts by their absolute refusal to cut spending and balance their national budgets.

These are the same politicians who legislate to make sure that business people and individuals will go to jail if they follow the same example by spending beyond their means without a care for the future.

Millions of informed people have been watching the 'Progressive in Chief' Barack Obama, the so called leader of the free world, making a complete ass of himself by demonstrating his total ignorance of basic economics as he pursues his socialist agenda.

The latest utterance from the 'Progressive' in Chief is that the $16 trillion of debt, rising to $20 trillion by the end of his term, is not a problem. He attempts to convince the people that the annual budget deficits of +$1.3 trillion would be wiped out if only the 'rich' would pay their fair share. The 'rich' being anyone earning over $250,000 per year.

The 'Progressive' in Chiefs recent tantrum over a piddling $84 billion in 'cuts' gave everyone an insight into his infantile behavior and his dedication to ideology over the well being of his people. He knows, along with everyone else, that carrying on with this policy will result in debts that can never be repaid no matter how much economic growth there is.

What the President, and anyone with an ounce of sense knows, is that there is enough waste, fraud and abuse in the government bureaucracy, which if eliminated, would significantly reduce the deficit.

The Presidents fellow 'progressive' across the pond, British Prime Minister David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, is following the same course of willfully refusing to cut spending or eliminate waste in order to balance the budget.

'Dave' is supposed to be a conservative who should list fiscal responsibility as a top priority but who is continuing on with the disastrous tax, spend and borrow policies of his socialist predecessor Gordon Brown.

The debt and out of control spending by the political class is now so appalling that the people will be paying for this 'progressive' transformation with their children's prosperity for generations to come.

This economic situation is avoidable so one can only assume that it is being driven by ideological requirements and not necessity.

George Orwell once suggested "that if everyone can't have smart clothes then nobody should".

In the perverted mind of the 'progressive'/socialist/communist, so it is with prosperity. They would rather everyone be equally poor than some people be more prosperous than others.

Any politician who is serious about eliminating deficits and debt should be forced to read the Harry Phibbs article in Con Home.

It is by far the best article I have read in years on the subject of cutting spending and the size of government.

As far as many pundits are concerned there is no excuse for 'Call Me Dave' and his government to be running up deficits and debts in the way that they are, unless it is part of a deliberate policy to engineer an egalitarian and 'fair' society via high taxation.

I would recommend reading the article but here are the headlines with some comments from me:

Pensions - In addition to raising the state pension age, and due to higher life expectancy, those who are able should support themselves to the age of 70.

Abolish the Department for Culture, Media and Sport - In these difficult times there can be no justification for this superfluous department.

Abolish the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills - It is a mystery to me how a government department, which is stuffed with politicians and time serving career bureaucrats can have anything to offer the world of business let alone innovation and skills.

Cut Legal Aid and Government legal costs - Often when the state is being sued the government is paying both sets of lawyers. There is plenty of room for reform with this issue.

Asset sales to reduce debt interest - This shouldn't be on the table as it should have been done years ago. Network Rail, Channel 4, The Postal Service, the National Air Traffic Service etc. ad nauseum.

Abolish the TV Licence Fee - ( The television tax to finance the BBC) "the state should cease to be in the broadcasting business". Truer words were never spoken than these. Amen Phibbs, Amen.

Quangos (Quasi Autonomous Non Government Organisations) - These organisations are set up to help run the government machine outside of the democratic process, or to canvass government for more taxpayer funding for minority causes.

Quango positions are highly paid and much sought after by professional bureaucrats and they are often awarded as payback to political cronies.
Quango bosses should be made to appear before a panel of taxpayers to justify their existence.

Barnett Formula - This formula allocates funding to the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland devolved governments. This should be phased out. In addition to this, the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Offices should be abolished also.

Privatise motorways and trunk roads - As far as I am concerned the jury is still out on that one.

Tax collection costs - In my opinion root and branch reform of the archaic tax system is long overdue. This would include simplification and a flat tax. Collection costs would evaporate.

Harry Phibbs concludes with local government funding and e Invoicing and calculates that savings are in the region of 106 billion.

He hasn't touched the NHS, education, the welfare state, entitlements, Overseas Aid, the European Union, the ridiculous Climate Change and green energy scams, where there are further billions to be saved.

Deficits and debts on the scale that the current political class are deliberately operating with are unecessary and in many peoples' opinion they are downright criminal. Politicians will not behave responsibly with the peoples money therefore they should be compelled through legislation.

It must be made illegal for politicians not to balance the budget during their term of office under pain of sequestration of their personal asstes and prison.

The deficits and debts left behind by Gordon Brown and the outgoing Labour government were nothing short of criminal and must never be allowed to happen again for the sake of future generations.


  1. Harry's in the wrong party. Or Dave is.
    Did orwell have a change of heart in his later years?
    Paris Claims

    1. I don't know about Harry but 'Dave' is definately in the wrong party.

      I think Harry might be putting 'Dave' on the spot by showing how easy it would be to balance the budget.

      Although he was one himself, Orwell had an intense dislike for socialists.

      The second half of Road To Wigan Pier is a classic.