Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Al Qaeda Terrorist Wins Another Appeal - British Government No Longer In Control

The news that Al Qaeda terrorist Abu Qatada has won yet another appeal against deportation is another bitter blow for the British people for several reasons. The first reason being that this low life gets to remain in Great Britain funded by welfare benefits, which are paid for by the very people he hates and who want him removed.

Secondly, the so called Justices have dictated that although he is a very dangerous individual, he cannot be deported on Human Rights grounds, therefore he cannot be held in prison indefinitely, regardless of the danger he poses to the British people.

This means that for their own protection, the British people have to pay up to $7,500,000 per year to keep him under surveillance.

Thirdly, all Qatada's legal bills are paid for by the British people to the tune of $1,000,000 and rising. Justice like this is unavailable to the British people on the grounds of cost.

Fourthly and most depressingly, it is final proof that the British government is impotent and can no longer run the country in the interests of the British people. The country is being run by some supranational entities with the connivance of a political elite who have nothing but contempt for the people they claim to represent.

Since Tony Blair's 'New' Labour government enshrined the European Human Rights legislation into British law, the people have had to suffer one humiliation after another as their country has become a safe haven for the worst criminal low lifes the world has vomited forth.

The truth is that prior to the incorporation of HRA into law, there was no problem with human rights in Great Britain. Common sense prevailed with the Home Secretary having the power, after consultation, to remove or refuse entry to anyone who was 'not conducive to the public good'.

Since the incorporation of this pernicious law, Great Britain has become a welfare funded home for terrorists, murderers, rapists, paedophiles, violent criminals etc. who cannot be deported because of their 'human rights'.

By their decisions, these judges have indicated that the victims of these criminals not only have no justice in their own country but they have no human rights either.

What kind of government allows the situation to arise where the human rights of  low life, foreign, criminals takes precedence over the human rights of their innocent victims, many of them children?

For the British people there is no recourse and they are now suffering the consequences of the political class surrendering their sovereignty to the unelected politicians of the European Union and the United Nations.

Conservative Party leader David Cameron, Labour Party leader Red Ed Miliband and the Home Secretary Theresa May, have all expressed their revulsion and frustration at their inability to deport Abu Qatada but they all refuse to remove the obstacles that keep him here despite having the power to do so.

Red Ed Miliband's protestations are doubly hypocritical as it was a Labour government of which he was a prominent member that imposed the HRA on the people in the first place.

Its must be mentioned that the Liberal Democrat leader Nick 'Calamity' Clegg is a big supporter of the HRA and has proudly made his intentions clear that he will never support its repeal.

In an expression of utter contempt for the victims of foreign criminals, Clegg unashamedly claims that it's a good thing that the criminal low lifes are allowed to stay as it demonstrates how civilised the British people are.

It would be appropriate that the voters of Eastleigh and Sheffield Halam should take note of what Clegg is saying on their behalf and examine their consciences.

It is worth noting that the Clegg family use their taxpayer funded wealth to insulate themselves from the crime infested ghettos that they have created for the rest of the people. The chances of this elite family becoming the victims of the foreign criminals that Clegg protects is extremely remote.

While Abu Qatada and the rest of the global criminals enjoy their taxpayer funded life in the world's biggest welfare resort, the British people's living standards are dropping faster than the temperature.  Meanwhile their government is obsessing about Man Made Global Warming, (now renamed 'Combating Climate Change'), homosexual marriage, raising booze prices, spending, borrowing and taxing the people into penury.

The British people deserve better and the crimes committed against them by the political class should be remembered at the ballot box. Roll the May elections.

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  1. The British people deserve better and the crimes committed against them by the political class should be remembered at the ballot box.
    And don't forget our 'unfit for purpose' judges, who seem to be totally immune from any form of 'justice'! A rotten political set-up and an equally rotten justice system.

    1. You are absolutely right dickie. These charlatans are not judges they are political activists who are following their own agenda.

      So we've the politicians following their agenda and judges following theirs. There's nobody there to follow the peoples agenda.

      Hopefully that will change as the people wake up and remove the buggers from power.

  2. I think there is a silver lining in this episode and its this: the public will be quite rightly outraged at this verdict and the only party who will have an effective solution will be UKIP, by way of removing us from EU rule immediately and its associated spineless and repulsive European Court of Human Rights.
    I doubt Nigel Farage will waste much time letting us know this and also letting us know that the liar Cameron has it within his power to do something now and that he wont.
    Ultimately this will drive even more folk into the UKIP camp. I wouldnt be surprised if UKIP make huge gains in the next few by elections and general election. Maybe a UKIP victory is no longer a pipe dream.

    1. I agree, the only way to put this right is to get out of the EU. I am becoming more confident with every opinion poll I see.

      It looks like the people have finally seen through the PR image of 'Call Me Dave'.

      Its looking unlikely that those who defected to UKIP in disgust will not return to the fold while the usurper Cameron remains in control.

      UKIP really are our only hope.

  3. An organisation named Briyain First has attempted to stage a demo or two outside the scumbag's house.( banned by the courts, needless to say)
    Perhaps they dhould focus their attention on the judge's house.

  4. Britain First....typing in the early morning gloom!

    1. Cup of Rosy Lee first, typing second, works every time.