Friday, March 8, 2013

Failed Asylum Seeker's Human Rights - Politicians v The People

The problem of holding politicians to account for their appalling and sometimes criminal behavior can be partly explained by the rise of social media coupled with the 24 hour news cycle. These in turn have been visited on a pivotal group of people who are easily distracted and who have the memory span of a goldfish.

News stories, no matter how horrendous, are forgotten within a small period time, having been displaced by the latest asinine behavior of the Kardashians or the mutterings from the latest boyfriend/girlfriend of Justin Bieber.

Politicians, who have been trained in the art of pin and media manipulation (at public expense), use this phenomenon to cover up their behavior or to make promises they know they will not keep. This is on account that they will be forgotten the minute Bieber carries out another act of imbecility or some tattooed, body pierced, inbred moron announces he has made his sister pregnant on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

I recently trawled through old articles to look at stories which caused outrage at the time and which solicited similar outrage by the political class. They, in turn, made a raft of promises which matched the seriousness of the issue but which were quietly dropped at the earliest possible opportunity and which accomplished nothing in the end.

The long forgotten news story which caught my attention was the horrific case of 12 year old Amy Houston and her killer Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, a failed asylum seeker and career criminal from Iraqi Kurdistan.

It is an indisputable fact that despite the faux outrage, the weasel words, and the promises of action, the situation remains identical today as it was when the story broke some ten years ago in November 2003.

A brief history of the case is as follows:

Amy Houston was a typical 12 year old who was on her way to the store to buy a CD of her favourite boy band when Ibrahim mounted the kerb and hit Amy, forcing her under the wheels of his car.

Ibrahim fled the scene leaving Amy with injuries so severe they would eventually cost her her life.

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim was about as low a life as it is possible to be and despite having the opportunity to start a new life in Great Britain he immediately embarked on a criminal career which for some reason the UK Border Agency (UKBA)  together with the police and the criminal justice system chose to ignore.

He sneaked into Britain on the back of a lorry in January 2001 and claimed asylum. This was declined in July 2001. His appeal against the decision was declined on November 2002.

At this point there was no reason to prevent Ibrahim being deported or at least detained, pending deportation. The UKBA still does not have the human decency to give Amy's family the reason that they failed to act. Had they taken action to deport Ibrahim, then Amy would be alive today.

Those in the UKBA who let Ibrahim go free must be held responsible in the same manner as a Company Director would have been under the Corporate Responsibility rules.

The police and the Criminal Prosecution Service are accomplices by the fact that they only charged Ibrahim with leaving the scene of an accident and driving whilst disqualified, a crime for which he was already on bail for. They could have charged him with murder, manslaughter or at the very minimum, dangerous driving.

The Criminal Justice System are accomplices because they sentenced him to an unbelievably lenient 4 months of which he served only 2.

To give this outrage some kind of perspective, an innocent 12 year old girl was mown down by an illegal immigrant who had no legal right to be driving.  This young girl eventually dies from her horrendous injuries and the killer only serves 2 months in prison.

Whatever the multi-cultural apologists claim in mitigation, this punishment does not fit the crime.

On his release from prison one would think Ibrahim would be on the first flight back to Kurdistan but for some unknown reason the UKBA failed to act.

Ibrahim goes on to commit multiple crimes including possession of cannabis, burglary, theft, driving whilst disqualified and uninsured, harassment, damage to property and even more theft.

To cap it all Ibrahim was arrested for domestic violence against his so called 'wife' and bound over to keep the peace.

What is obvious, even to the most ardent supporter of the multi-cultural transformation, is that Ibrahim was shown leniency in his dealings with the police, the CPS and the judiciary that no ordinary British citizen would have been allowed.

As with the Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford Muslim paedophile gangs, it would appear that cultural sensitivities took precedence over justice in this sad case also.

On the 17th October 2008, five years after Amy's tragic death, Ibrahim was arrested prior to deportation, which was scheduled for two days later on the 19th.

On the eve of his removal and again for reasons unknown, the UKBA allowed Ibrahim to make a fresh appeal to remain in the UK under the dubious claim that he had developed a relationship with a woman and had fathered two children by her.

The rest of the story is depressingly familiar to the much abused, law abiding British people. Despite lack of any proof that he had married plus evidence from neighbours that Ibrahim had only occasionally visited her residence, he was given leave to remain on account of his 'right to family life' under the pernicious Human Rights Act.

In modern Britain, fathering a child and walking away is considered a normal part of everyday life and is not indicative of a family life.

Amy's father, Paul Houston, campaigned tirelessly for the killer of his beloved daughter to be removed, only to be ignored by the political class and the appointed 'progressive' judiciary who are following their own political agenda instead of applying the law.

Supporters of the Human Rights law claim that the judges are being unfairly criticised because they are only interpreting the law as it stands and it is up to the politicians to amend a bad law.

This is the usual nonsense spouted by the 'progressive' multi-culturalists who will try anything to cover up the misdeeds of their accomplices in the judiciary.

On the Justice For Amy website, Paul Houston quotes Article 8(2) of the Human Rights Act and this gives a clear indication that the likes of Ibrahim can be deported without compromising the law.

"There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety, or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others".

Within that section of the law there is scope for deporting Ibrahim but the sad fact is that the judiciary are politically motivated and are openly helping the political class with their transformation agenda.

The politicians at the time of this tragedy were 'outraged' that Ibrahim was not deported and were promising all manner of actions to prevent re-occurrence of this perverted decision.

Jack 'the weasel' Straw promised to meet the family and to organise a meeting with other senior politicians; for what benefit is not made clear. What is abundantly clear is that Jack Straw was Home Secretary and a top Cabinet member when the Human Rights Act was incorporated into British law.

David ' Call Me Dave' Cameron promised he would repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, but since hooking up with his fellow 'progressives' who are masquerading as Liberal Democrats, this has been kicked into the long grass never to be seen again.

All the politicians of the day expressed outrage and sympathy for the Houston family but despite their crocodile tears nothing has changed; the situation is exactly the same and tragically, the British people have moved on with the conditions that allowed a killer to remain Great Britain totally unchanged.

When the next Amy Houston is tragically killed by an illegal, criminal low life, the very same thing will happen again. 

The criminal will be allowed to stay if he can knock out a kid, and there's plenty of old slappers out there who could use the extra child benefit or the money to fuel their drug habit.

In cases such as this, the human rights of the criminal/terrorist/murderer/rapist outweigh the human rights of their innocent law abiding victims and the same will apply should the same crime happen today.

Senior politicians such as Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Kenneth Clark, Vince Cable, Lord Heseltine together with the entire Labour and Liberal Democrat political parties, have vowed that they will never alter in any way, let alone repeal the Human Rights Act. This in spite of the expressions of sympathy with the victims of Ibrahim.

By ignoring the fact that the vast majority of the British public despise this Act and all it's works, this political rabble and their cronies are showing absolute contempt for the very people they claim to represent.

This cannot continue and hopefully the rise of the Independents, including UKIP, will continue apace and the current political shysters will be deposed and booted into the dustbin of history where they belong.


  1. hopefully the rise of the Independents, including UKIP, will continue apace and the current political shysters will be deposed and booted into the dustbin of history where they belong.
    Absolutely spot-on!

    1. I don't think LibLabCon will do whats necessary to rescue our country. It looks like UKIP could be our only hope.

      Its a shame its come to this but thats politicians for you.

  2. Did the HRA being any benefits that we did not already have?
    Paris Claims

    1. None whatsoever. The HRA was enacted to benefit immigrants only as part of the transformation process.

      The sad fact is that the current leaders of LibLabCon will not do anything about it because they are all totally committed to transforming the country into a multi-cultural society.

      They don't care what you think, stuff the people, its only what they want that counts.