Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bill Gates - Obama Needs More Power, Fundamental Transformation Too Slow

Listening to the latest pearls of wisdom from Bill Gates one can understand the reasoning that being rich doesn't necessarily mean you are smart.

In fact the opposite is often true when one thinks of rich people like Marie Antionette "let them eat cake" or Nancy Pilosi with her immortal line "we are going to have to pass the Bill to find out what's in it". This is what passes as intelligent opinion from people with shed loads of money in the bank..

Bill Gate's latest offerings to the media demonstrate how remote he is from the real world and also his complete ignorance of political systems or the reasons they were framed in the way that they were. Worse still is the fact that Bill Gates is helping to destroy the very system that allowed him the freedom to built Microsoft into a global company and make himself a fortune in the process.

It is now unquestionable that President Obama is an unreconstructed socialist who's stated intention is the fundamental transformation of America from a free enterprise system with constitutionally limited government into a collectivist system based on government mandated equality and fairness achieved by high taxation and income redistribution.

According to Obama and his socialist fellow travellers, there will be no place in the newly transformed America for millionaires, billionaires or corporate jet owners.

For Bill Gates to opine that he wishes Obama had more power to double down on the damage he has already done to the American people and their economy, is ignorance, stupidity or a combination both.

Bill Gates believes that Congress is an impediment to Obama doing what he wants and that is undesirable. The fact that the Constitution was deliberately framed that way to prevent government by executive power has obviously passed him by.

The idea of government of the people, for the people, by the people is obviously not something a great mind like Gates is able to process. Maybe some genius out there can find a way of putting into a binary format so that it might help him understand.

Gates claims that you wouldn't run a business like politicians run the country but he doesn't say if Obama could run Microsoft like he runs the United States government.

Instead of telling the people that Obama needs more power he should be telling them what the consequences for Microsoft would be if it were run on Obamanomic theory, which, as we all know, is out of control spending and unsustainable borrowing and debt.

To put it another way, would Gates run Microsoft like Obama runs America?

Bill Gates would like Obama to have more power to put into practice what his ideology commands him to do. He has suggested a system like the British government which has no separation of powers and is nothing other than government by executive decree.

So that our American cousins understand what this means, the following is brief history and what Mr Gates would like to impose on the American people.

There are no primary elections, the political party elites choose or approve candidates. They do not choose candidates who will make their lives difficult, consequently the British people have a supine Legislature filled with gutless sycophants who follow the Executive branch orders.

The judiciary and the second chamber are appointed by the government. This can be summed up as government, of the politicians, for the politicians, by the politicians.

The British people are powerless, they have been disenfranchised and consequently they have been fundamentally transformed against their wishes.

When Phony Tony Blair and his 'progressive' New Labour Party won the 1997 election they set about their long planned fundamental transformation of Great Britain by Executive decree.

Our American cousins will be forgiven if any the following is starting to look uncomfortably familiar:

There is no Second Amendment for the British. They have been disarmed. Gun ownership is illegal...for the law abiding only. Criminals pay no attention to the law and arm themselves regardless.

The government opened the spending floodgates, racking up deficits, borrowing and debt. The government confiscate and spend 50% of GDP.

They increase taxes openly and by stealth. This includes increasing property taxes by 100%. The Blair/Brown administration implemented over 100 new taxes.

The government expanded welfare entitlements and made them available to more people including illegal immigrants, criminals and failed asylum seekers.

They raided the private sector pension funds, effectively bankrupting them and closing them down for new employees.

The government opened the borders to uncontrolled mass immigration with the intention of creating a permanent Labour voting constituency financed by taxpayers funded welfare benefits. This mass immigration policy is also being used as a vehicle for cultural replacement.

They are enforcing multi-culturalism against the wishes of the people. Anyone who voices opposition to this is smeared and in some instances prosecuted.

The government deliberately increased energy prices using Man Made Global Warming as an excuse. When this was exposed as a scam they renamed it 'Combating Climate Change" and carried on regardless.

Against the express wishes of the people the executive redefined traditional marriage to include homosexuals.

Great Britain has been fundamentally transformed, against the wishes of the people, beyond recognition and is no longer the country it was a decade ago. This is what happens when the executive branch is out of control and this is what Bill Gates wants to impose on the American people.

As is always the case with socialist regimes, Bill Gates will not have to suffer the consequences of his hero's transformation nor will he suffer impoverishment from his hero's redistribution of wealth.

For some reason the rich elite always manage to remain rich and elite despite their support for a political system that demonises private wealth and those that create and hold on to it.

Bill Gates is a hypocrite of the very highest order and people are getting tired of listening to this sanctimonious elitist who refuses to practice himself what he preaches to others.

Do the American people a favour Gates and put a sock in it.


  1. Interesting article.
    Its strange how people like Obama can become President of the USA. Its the same with Cameron becoming Prime Minister of Once-Great britain. At least Gates has proven himself a highly capable business man of extraordinary vision. I can respect him because of that fact even though I wholeheartedly agree that he is a hypocrite of the highest order. How can his current role of Social Engineer sit comfortably with his previous role of Elite Capitalist? Its a more than a paradox, its highly suspicious.
    But my point is this, loathe him or not, Gates was a very capable business leader who surrounded himself by very capable people.
    The same is not true of Obama, Cameron, Miliband, Clegg, etc. They are all ideologists who learnt about political theory at School and university. The only skill they have is believing their own bullshit and convincing stupid people that they know best when they dont. So in that sense they have no right to govern us despite what happens at elections.
    Whats worse than this bunch though, who are at least officially elected (even though that process is hardly democratic) is the European Union, which is run unimpeded by unelected clueless self serving leftist progressives.
    I would like to see more people getting involved in politics who have proven themselves in the private sector which IS the real world! Governments of all countries have proven in recent years that they are incapable of basic business common sense in their admin of our economies.
    Anyway rant over, keep up the good work, its good to know I am in thoughtful company. IMS

  2. "The only skill they have is believing their own bullshit and convincing stupid people that they know best when they don't".

    Brilliantly written, it made my day reading that.

    You are right that Bill Gates was an extraordinary businessman who has forgotten more than these political pygmies will ever know.

    He was also ruthless and would crush any opposition by fair means or foul. Thats why he's paid out hundreds of millions settling anti-trust law suits.

    I think the people are showing signs of waking up from their slumber but I also believe that the LibLabCon leaders are working on a common agenda to irrevocably transform Britain before they do.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I don't think he thought that when Congress was going after Microsoft for anti-trust violations. If the Republicans ever get another shot a governing this country, I'd put dealing with foundations set up by the likes of Mr. Gates high on the list. They generally turn out to be instruments of the left and tend to go on forever. Let's just say they need to pay their "fair share" of taxes and would therefore be out of business within a decade.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I think you are right about these charitable foundations being a tax dodge.
      In my view Bill Gates should trust the government he supports with his money, after all they can spend my money better than I can myself, so why not his?

  4. Bill Gates can well say thet because even if his Company is Nationalized, his billions are ravaged he'll still have billions hidden away and live a super comfortable life somewhere. But the average upper-class business person will be relegaded to the soup kitchen after busting he or her ass for 30 years to build a profitable company that employs scores of people.

    Bill Gates may be a great entrepreneur, but he's gone over to the Socialist dark-side by embracing Obi Wan Obama. He's not stupid so there must be a reason behind his kissing "the one's" ass (or arse as you say in the UK).

    1. Hi Toejam, Bill Gates is smarter than the average bear and a ruthless operator. He's got enough stashed away in event that Obi Wan Obama (LMAO) goes on a confiscation spree.
      The sad part is, as you have pointed out, that the average business guy and his employees get shafted, and that is criminal.