Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hugo Chavez Kicks The Bucket - Socialists Mourn Their Celebrity Tyrant

Multi- millionaire 'progressives' from the entertainment industry are weeping tears of lamentation in their Hollywood mansions today after hearing the news that their favourite tyrant has shuffled off his mortal coil and joined his bloodsoaked comrades down below.

The smell of sulphur must be wafting through the nostrils of the late lamented Hugo Chavez as he passes through the rusty gates to spend eternity with his new BFF.

America hating super rich hypocrites like Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Oliver Stone(d) and the one and only Hanoi Jane Fonda, made themselves immune from the consequences of Hugo Chavez's devastating rampage through Venezuela, choosing instead to hide away in their marbled mansions counting their money and pretending not to notice their hero's abuses.

It goes without question that Chavez was a bloodsoaked tyrant of the very highest order and typical of socialist politicians the world over.

It takes a particular kind of genius to engineer abject poverty, food shortages, hyper-inflation and a culture of corruption, out of a resource rich country which includes one of the highest proven level of oil reserves on the planet.

In good old socialist fashion, Chavez nationalised large and small enterprises alike, closed down any newspaper that criticised his tyranny, jailed and tortured any brave members of the opposition, rigged elections, appointed family members and cronies into positions of power and above all, like good socialist despots the world over, he accumulated a personal fortune estimated at $2 billion looted from the very people he was supposed to be liberating.

One question which is frequently asked is, if Venezuela's socialist system is so good, why did Chavez have to go to a notoriously backward cesspit like Cuba to get cancer treatment? That doesn't say much about the Venezuelan health service after 14 years of Chavez's socialism.

Chavez was perhaps most famous for his visceral hatred of America and its free enterprise system, although that didn't prevent him from selling his products to the US which, incidentally, increased his own personal fortune in the process.

Chavez and Vice President Maduro also entertained the world with their clownish behaviour. This
included the claim that it was capitalism that ended life on Mars and the accusation that it was the Americans that gave him cancer.

Perhaps we should assume that it was the Americans that gave the Marxist dictator 'Butcher' Bob Mugabe of Zimbabwe syphilis or maybe it was Americans that afflicted his friend and fellow tyrant Fidel Castro, with old age and senility.

Speaking of old age and senility, ex President Jimmy Carter, who many claim to be the worse President in history, led the tributes to his fellow socialist Chavez.

Carter helped with this assessment of history when he claimed that Chavez's election wins were free and fair despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary.

For the record and for the benefit of Jimmy Carter:

Opposition candidates were routinely and violently harassed, arrested, imprisoned and sometimes murdered.

Opposition newspapers were closed down.

Television stations were banned from giving air time to opposition candidates while Chavez propaganda was broadcast for up to 20 hours per day.

Opposition candidates were starved of funding while Chavez gave himself access to the unlimited funds of the Treasury.

Uncounted ballot papers were found at rubbish dumps outside all the major cities.

If these elections were free and fair then Iran's Ahmedinajad is a tolerant, Jew loving pacifist.

Tributes to the dictator came from his fans and supporters the world over including, the aforementioned Iranian nutcase Mahmoud Ahmedinajad, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi, the earths current homicidal mass murderer, Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

Unsurprisingly the British tributes to the late dictator were led by the wife beating, tax dodging communist Ken Livingstone. The ex Mayor of London did a deal for oil with Chavez in a political stunt to embarrass the British government. Livingstone also commended the universal Healthcare system set up by Chavez in Venezuela, which is so good he had to go to Cuba for cancer treatment.

There are at least 17 Hugo Chavez fans in the British House of Commons according to Early Day Motion 859 (EDM 859), which commends the bloodsoaked dictator for his 14 year Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. They also go on to praise the integrity of the electoral process that returned him to power because it was monitored by Jimmy Carter.

The EDM omitted to mention the thuggery, ballot rigging and human rights abuses directed against the opposition candidates by their socialist hero.

One of the Chavez cheerleaders in the House was Ronnie Campbell representing the Blyth Valley. This passionate socialist is a dinosaur left over from the National Union of Mineworkers, who, together with communist activist Arthur Scargill, was responsible for the demise of the entire coal mining industry costing hundreds of thousands of jobs.

He was joined by Jeremy Corbyn, the long time militant who represents the people of Islington North. Comrade Corbyn is a member of the Socialist Action Campaign and a writer for the communist rag, the Morning Star.

Comrade Corbyn is one of the socialist hypocrites who campaigned for the prosecution of Chile's General Pinochet but remained silent on the abuses of General Galtieri of Argentina.

Bloodsoaked military juntas and dictators are acceptable so long as they are approved by Comrade Corbyn.

The Mansfield Chapter of the Hugo Chavez fan club is led their MP Alan Meale. Comrade Meale is a Trade Unionist and career politician who puts into practice his belief in the redistribution of wealth.

Meale redistributed $21,000 of hard earned money from the taxpayer to himself for 'gardening' services. Hugo would be proud of this socialist crony.

One of Great Britain's most notorious supporters of Hugo Chavez is passionate socialist Linda Riordan representing the people of Halifax. She is a member of the extreme left wing Socialist Campaign Group and is a committed redistributor of other peoples wealth.

In good Chavez fashion Riordan set about building her own wealth by renting out her taxpayer subsidised apartment in London to a fellow socialist MP, who recharged the cost to the same taxpayers. This left Riordan without a residence, so she rented another apartment and recharged that back to the much abused taxpayers. It would appear that taxpayers hard earned money is there for venal politicians to loot as they see fit.

Brave Linda Riordan also secretly paid back some fiddled expenses and claimed innocence by blaming a lowly volunteer for the error.

The people represented by these socialist hypocrites should pay particular attention what they are doing and saying in their name.

Treating a bloodsoaked tyrant such as Hugo Chavez as some kind of celebrity to be worshipped in the manner of Justin Bieber, does nothing but insult the tortured and murdered victims of his tyranny.

These people should be ashamed of themselves and they should be making every effort to help the abused people of Venezuela recover from 14 debilitating years of Hugo Chavez's socialist dictatorship.

In the interests of humanity and in respect for the victims of Hugo Chavez's brutality, I look forward to these MP's signing and Early Day Motion acknowledging the demise of this despot and committing themselves to the rehabilitation of the newly freed people of Venezuela.


  1. I don't know a lot about him, but I knew Ken Livingstone admired him so I drew the only conclusion I could i.e. he was a nasty bit of goods. Did he have any redeeming features?
    Paris Claims

    1. Our Ken and George Galloway both. Chavez was a typical bloodsoaked socialist dictator of the Mugabe kind.

      I have looked throught his bio's and can't find a single redeeming feature. A thug pure and simple.