Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Politicians Seizing Private Bank Accounts - Why The Suprise?

The announcement that the politicians who were elected to represent the people of Cyprus were planning to raid their private bank accounts in order to pay for their own economic incompetence raises several important issues.

Firstly, the politicians of Cyprus did what politicians do the world over, they willfully and shamelessly lied to the people during the last general election campaign.

When the politicians were campaigning for votes, they knew then that they were spending their country into bankruptcy, it didn't creep up on them suddenly out of the blue or take them by surprise. Their annual budget statements revealed that spending was exceeding revenue, which in turn was racking up unsustainable debt that would have to be paid off sooner rather than later.

They knew back then that bankruptcy was staring them in the face but no politician mentioned in their campaign literature that raiding their constituents private bank accounts was being considered. They knew full well during the campaign that this thievery was an option but they didn't have the integrity to inform the electorate.

Secondly, the political scene in Cyprus is dominated by the left, including the communist Progressive Party of Working People, which is the second biggest party on the island. Also included in this gang of tax and spend redistributers are the Democratic Party, the Movement for Social Democracy and the Greens who name themselves the Ecological and Environmental Movement. Their combined share of the vote makes them the biggest political bloc.

Thirdly, this disrespect for other peoples private property is nothing new when it comes to left wing politicians. These people are ideologically driven and their ideology is not a secret if one cares to look.

"the proletariat will use its political supremacy to wrest, by degrees, all capital from the bourgeoisie and to centralize all instruments of production to the state" - The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

This disrespect for other peoples private property is not confined to the Cypriot political class, politicians the world over are also guilty.

The Blair/Brown/Balls regime in Great Britain treated the peoples money and assets as their own. They introduced over 100 new taxes, they sold half of the countries gold reserves, they looted pension funds and borrowed  to the extent that the British people will be locked into a high tax regime for generations.

The Obama administration in the USA is following the same policy by taxing, borrowing and spending their peoples money with abandon, while at the same time they are trying to convince the people that there is no debt problem.

Then we have France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, all socialist governments who have knowingly spent their countries into bankruptcy and who are now looking for alternative sources of revenue.

Fourthly, and the most important issue of all, is that Cyprus and its people have been nominated as the trial area for breaking the taboo of governments seizing private bank accounts.

This idea of using a selected area to trial a policy is nothing new. It allows the political class to implement a policy which they know will be unpopular. They then monitor the reaction and use this information to prepare their spin machine for the wider implementation.

Prime Minister Thatcher used this method for introduction of the hated poll tax in Great Britain. It was introduced in Scotland first as a trial. The Scottish people were also the trial area for various alcohol initiatives, including pub opening times and the minimum price nonsense recently abandoned by 'Call Me Dave' Cameron.

The idea behind the Cypriot bank account seizure is two fold. It introduces the idea to the global public that politicians can and will dip into private bank accounts when the 'need' arises. After establishing this principle, they will then proceed to manufacture a 'need' in the form of some kind of crisis.

It also satisfies their ideological belief that all property should be communally owned and redistributed in the interests of equality and fairness. Property in this context includes financial assets also.

The Cypriot politicians voted down the measure as we all knew they would but the wider goal has been achieved. The idea of governments seizing private money to stave off a crisis has been introduced into the public consciousness and will be revisited at a later, more opportune moment.

The politicians of Cyprus, and any other bankrupt country, who knowingly spent their country into bankruptcy should be held accountable and be prosecuted for their criminal irresponsibility. In addition to a long prison sentence, their private assets should be seized and used toward paying off the debt they created.

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