Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Pope Changes Attitude To LGBT's - Gays Replacing Giant Panda As The Global Mascot

Many people are at a loss to understand why with all the problems facing mankind such as hunger disease, poverty, terrorism etc. the worlds leaders are obsessing about homosexuality. When the spiritual leader of South Africa's Christian community, Desmond Tutu, declared that he would rather go to Hell than a homophobic Heaven, it had the effect of triggering a response from the Pope himself.

After addressing three million loyal followers in Brazil, the Pope, not to be outdone by a former Archbishop, signaled a change in his attitude and, by extension the Catholic church, to homosexuality.

The Pope has now joined the global political elite who appear to have nothing better to do than spend their valuable time on a tiny minority of people who have been denied by accident of creation the normal attractions intended by nature.

Judging by the amount of global publicity given to this exclusive group one would think that the image of a gay couple will shortly replace the giant panda or the polar bear as the worlds most recognizable icon.

It is obvious that sexuality is the latest trendy cause to be adopted by the global 'progressive' elite now that the 'Combating Climate Change' hysteria is cooling along with the planet.

Leaders around the western world are tripping over themselves to fall into line with homosexual marriage legislation, from France's socialist imbecile, Francois Hollande, and Great Britain's media created David Cameron, to the so called leader of the free world and increasingly tyrannical, Barack Obama.

David Cameron flushed with success has had a sudden rush of blood to the head and is sending his gay marriage legislation team on a global mission to force all countries to pass similar legislation.

The world is waiting with mouth watering anticipation to witness his teams efforts in the Muslim world.

While the Pope and the former Archbishop Tutu are coming out and western leaders are bending over backwards for the homosexual cause, other deserving minorities, and more pressing problems, are being ignored.

One would have thought that these two religious leaders would spend their time preventing Christians  being massacred in ever increasing numbers around the world or preventing Tibetan culture from being eradicated by the Chinese.

Next door to Desmond Tutu's crime ridden rainbow nation, Robert Mugabe has been indulging in an orgy of rape, murder and oppression in Zimbabwe with hardly a word from him. Where were the UN and the western leaders when Mugabe was on his murderous rampage for thirty three years?

The same goes for other tragedies around the world where these leaders could better spend their time and talents in addition this tiny minority.

The biggest issue that should be of concern to everyone is that none of these charlatans has a mandate to impose the biggest social change ever on their respective populations. These changes were imposed ignoring all opposition from wherever it came.

There are many questions that remain unanswered:

How come this rush to legislation is taking part all over the western world simultaneously?

This is a global initiative that was decided behind closed doors. Who decided and where?

Who is co-ordinating this legislative charge, is it the UN, the G8, the G20, the EU or some other shady group?

Why was this massive social change not put to the various people's via referendums?

To thinking people this issue is not only about homosexuality or gay marriage but the ability of a minority of elite politicians to co-ordinate massive social change via legislation, on a global scale, without the consent of the people.

This action is not the precursor to global government by a secretive elite but a clear demonstration that an elite can impose massive social change on the western world at will and without recourse to then people.


  1. I wondering when the 1st TV advert will be shown featuring two fags buying a bed together. We've been force fed loads of adverts for black male/blonde woman buying beds and furniture together over the last few years. I'm reasonably sure this never occurred 5 years ago, now it seems every 2nd advert features a black man/blonde woman. It's been promoted as the norm. A Talk Talk advert even features a carton version of this at the end.

    1. It won't be long. Its already happening in the USA.