Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baby Killers Go Free, Bureaucrats Get Rewarded - British Justice In The Post Democratic Age

It may come as a surprise to many people that the talk a decade ago of entering the 'post democratic age' has now become a terrible reality.

The consequences of this new age of unrepresentative democracy will be serious enough and the old adage of "you won't miss it until it's gone" is going reverberate down through history for the British people.  The British people have fallen asleep at the wheel and allowed their power to be usurped by an elite group of bureaucrats who have no intention of letting it go.

Representative democracy in Great Britain has all but disappeared and it has been replaced by Executive decree.  The will of the people is now routinely and blatantly ignored in favour of a 'progressive' agenda put together by a remote group of like minded cross party technocrats.

The British people are learning the hard way about the post democratic age as unelected, faceless bureaucrats impose themselves on every aspect of their daily lives.  Everything from weekly rubbish bin collections to parking regulations are dreamt up and imposed by bureaucrats who ignore local elected representatives or who bypass the democratic process altogether.

One dispiriting aspect of the post democratic age is the fact that these bureaucrats are identical, they think the same, they talk the same; they have all been brainwashed into believing that they are right all of the time and the people are being impertinent if they question their actions.

Sadly for the people, these automatons have been taught that they are untouchable, that they should stick together and take care of their own for good or ill.

Nothing illustrates this more than the tragic case of Baby P whose body was broken and young life was taken under the eyes of a local authority children's department run by career bureaucrat Sharon Shoesmith.

To recap briefly, 17 month old Peter Connolly was in left in the care of his abusive mother, her drunken, violent boyfriend and his paedophile friend.  They subjected the child to the most horrific violent abuse despite being visited by the police and Sharon Shoesmith's child services department on 60 separate occasions.

Shoesmith's department ignored pleas from the police to remove the child from his parents despite being in full knowledge of the abuse and the injuries inflicted on the child;  they claim they were working with the mother and she was attending parenting classes.

Peter Connelly died of his injuries, which included a broken back, broken ribs and his teeth knocked down his throat and the name of Sharon Shoesmith entered the public domain for the first time.  The people got to see a faceless, compassionless, box ticking bureaucrat up close and they didn't like what they saw.

What the people saw was an emotionless, automaton who showed no compassion for the murdered child, she showed no contrition whatsoever and was only concerned that her bureaucratic procedures had been followed, therefore she was innocent of any blame.

Baby Peter Connolly was laid to rest, the three child abusers were given derisory sentences and Sharon Shoesmith was held accountable for the failure of her department and sacked.  If the people thought that would be the end of the matter they don't know anything about modern day bureaucrats.

Shoesmith's indignation at this effrontery was palpable resulting in her launching an appeal for a $2,500,000 compensation package.  Her fellow bureaucrats on Haringey council, in a fit of compassion for their comrade, took pity and awarded her $1,120,000 of taxpayers money.

This is another example of government in the post democratic age.  This outrageous package was put together behind closed doors and all demands for the details to made public have been refused.

This is what government in the post democratic age looks like.  Sharon Shoesmith's fellow bureaucrats overturned her sacking in a secret session, then awarded her $1,120,000 of taxpayers money but refuse to give those same taxpayers any details of their largess.

The sense of immunity and entitlement beggars belief where these bureaucrats are concerned; Shoesmith obviously regards this pay out as vindication and proof of her innocence.  She has let it be known that she would like to work with children again; the people should take this to mean that Shoesmith will quietly emerge in a local authority somewhere in the country on a six figure package and expense account.

Baby Peter Connelly's killers also benefit from trendy 'progressive justice.  Jason Owen was sentenced to six years for his part in Baby Connolly's death but was released by the Parole Board after three years as it was deemed he was no longer a danger to the public.  The Parole Board obviously ignored the fact that in addition to being an accessory in the horrific death of a child, Owen was also a paedophile, a convicted arsonist, a burglar and a thief.

Owen has now been recalled to prison for breaking the terms of his parole but the authorities are sticking together and looking after their own by refusing to release the details to the public they are supposed to be serving.

Baby Connolly's mother Tracey is due for release after serving six years.  Her original appeal for release in August 2012 was refused because she was still considered a danger but in October 2013 she is now, in the view of the Parole Board, safe.  What a difference a year makes.

The third killer is an abhorrent piece of knuckle dragging sub humanity.  Steven Barker was jailed for 'life' with a recommended minimum of ten years, for raping a two year old child and twelve years for killing Baby Connelly.  He should be eligible for parole in four years time.

In conclusion, it's worth reiterating that these bureaucrats who have been trained to govern beyond authority in the post democratic age, look alike, think alike and talk alike.  Readers are invited to open the links and compare

Here is the notorious Rotherham bureaucrat, Joyce Thacker who removed children from foster care because the parents didn't agree with her political views.

Here is the Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police 'Service' Cressida Dick, who suffered no repercussions when an innocent member of the public was shot dead by armed officers under her command during a hunt for Muslim Terrorists.

Finally here is Kathrine Kerswell, a career bureaucrat who recently won the jackpot with a taxpayer funded $950,000 pay off from Kent Council together with her sidekick Clare Sumner.

The British people can rest assured that these people are imposing a pre-planned agenda and any objections they may have will be studiously ignored.  The post democratic age is here, representative democracy has gone and it isn't coming back until the people wake up take action.

Update: Taxpayers stung for another $320,000 for Shoesmith case lawyers fees.


  1. I really struggle when commenting on your posts not to swear. Generally I swear quite a bit on blogs but as you don't yourself I'm happy to keep it clean. This one however is really testing me. Some of the stuff I've read above and linked to has engendered a torrent of invective and generally sweary thoughts about the people I've not heard of before at the end of the post. I had to stop digging further as my iPad was in severe danger of being smashed to pieces out of sheer anger and frustration over these greedy buggers.

    I fully agree that the people need to wake up and I really want to do something, anything, to start trying to reclaim my life and my country. But what? Have you watched Chunky Mark's latest rant, The Revolution Is Here? That's how I feel.

    1. I know how you feel Humph. I get wound up myself writing this stuff. I don't swear on here but that doesn't mean I don't let rip with some blue invective when I need to let off some steam.

      The people mentioned at the end of this post are a drop in the ocean, there's thousands, possibly millions more of them, hiding in the woodwork somewhere.

      What to do to get our country back? We could make a start by not electing anyone from LibLabCon.

      In the meantime I will have a look at Chunky Mark. There is an American version called Drinking with Bob. This chap is going to blow a gasket one day.