Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Police Bullies Target Children - Protecting The Public From Hopscotch

In the not too distant past the word 'integrity' actually meant something good and if the word applied to any particular group of people it was the men and women of the police force.  In my experience the village bobby or town policeman were decent people who applied the law correctly and were approachable with any problem.  They really were there to serve the public and protect them from the bad guys which included petty criminals and public nuisances.

Unfortunately those days appear to be long gone.  With a little research and some dredging through my own memory, it's not too difficult to see when and why the rot set in and the police mission changed for the worse.

Upholding the law and protecting the public has been replaced with enforcing political correctness and imposing the 'progressive' agenda; a consequence of which is that the law abiding public are treated as potential criminals and therefore the enemy.

The police no longer serve the public, they have been co-opted by the government, politicized and now function as fully fledged agents of the state.

In Great Britain this process began in earnest in 1997 with the election of Tony Blair's 'New' Labour government and the appointment of his namesake Ian Blair to run the Metropolitan police.  The sinister taxpayer funded group Common Purpose were recruited as brainwashing agents and the descent into political correctness insanity began.

The qualifications required to become a police officer were relaxed to the point where any low life could join provided they met the 'equality and diversity' requirements.  Integrity was no longer a basic requirement and it was subsequently replaced by ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion and size. Ian Blair wanted more black people, women, homosexuals, Muslims and short fat people.  Healthy Christian white people with integrity need not apply.

Since the politicization, I have heard police officers referred to with all manner of different insults including 'pig ignorant', 'aloof', egotistical, bullying and most disturbing of all, Fascist.

Police behavior has been descending into imbecility since politicization post 1997 but their actions of late are embarrassing in their utter thoughtless stupidity.

The brave boys in blue from the Kent police 'service' warn a ten year old girl that her hopscotch lines in the street are illegal and constitute criminal damage.  These heros will no doubt be given a public service medal and a lifetime supply of bacon sandwiches for protecting the public from a dangerous ten year old girl playing hopscotch.

Not to be outdone, police in Surrey have sent flyers to households warning parents that children playing in the street is a crime.  Naturally there was an outcry so they are trying to backtrack but the damage has been done; the police 'service's' negative attitudes toward the public are there for all to see.

A spokesweasel for the police, Inspector David Hollingsworth, apologized for any distress by lying through his teeth;  he claimed that the flyer was intended to raise awareness of the danger of playing in the street.  If that's the case why did they mention that it was criminal behavior?

An anonymous spokesweasel for the Surrey police claimed that the flyer was worded incorrectly.  If she is so sure this is case then the person who drafted it should be disciplined or fired for the distress it caused the residents.

The truth is that the politicized police 'service' are the front line troops in the transformation agenda and their mission is twofold.  Firstly, to get the idea into the heads of everyone, especially young people, that they are now a government agency not a public service and they must be viewed as such. Secondly they are tasked to eradicate any activity that is considered to be traditionally British and this includes street games such as football and hopscotch.

These traditional street games have no place in the new multi-cultural Great Britain, however the Notting Hill Street carnival and Friday prayers in the street by Muslims are welcome and protected by the same police officers that bully a ten year old girl and warn children in Surrey about their criminal game of football.

In keeping with the theme that fundamental transformation applies to the entire Anglosphere, especially the USA.  Our cousins across the Atlantic are suffering similar imbecilities from their police 'service'.

The brave boys in blue are protecting the public in Midway, Georgia from children operating a traditional lemonade stand.  Like their British counterparts, these brave officers deserve a commendation for bravery above and beyond the call of duty.  These kids were obviously a threat to the safety and security of the neighbourhood by using lemonade as a lethal weapon.

Police in New York displayed astonishing acts of selfless bravery when they closed down a teenagers traditional bake sale.  This must have been an extraordinary difficult assignment bearing in mind the American police officers penchant for doughnuts and Danish pastries.  It must have taken all the self control they could muster not to partake of the contraband back at the precinct.

One last example is that of police officers shutting down a homeless shelter's bake sale to the opprobrium of the general public.  These officers should hang their heads in shame.

What is plainly obvious is that the police 'services' on both sides of the Atlantic have undergone a fundamental change brought about by a cynical, agenda driven political class who only have contempt for the public.

They are now fully fledged agents of the state who have declared war on the very people they have sworn an oath to serve and that's a crying shame that we will all live to regret.

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