Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Looting The Public Purse Is Now An Epidemic - No Cure In Sight

After years of spinning to the contrary, British politicians are being forced to admit that living standards are falling dramatically for most people but more so for the hard pressed middle class.

This is the same group of people who always bear the brunt of the economic illiteracy that is endemic among the political class and their cronies;  a political class who always seem to be immune from the consequences of their own incompetence.

As is the case with the welfare addicted 'entitlement' junkies, for this privileged group of people there is no recession and their living standards only ever go up. The fact that there is no money left in the Treasury and the government is supposedly embarking on a series of government spending cuts, this group of cronies continue to loot what money is raised in taxes and award themselves public money which is borrowed from future generations.

Never has there been such a shamelessly dishonest soundbite than the one uttered by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, that "we are all in it together".

It was mooted that he was referring to himself and the public sector fat cats who all have their snouts in the public trough together, but alas no, he was referring to the country as a whole even though he knew we are most definitely "not all in it together".  (Having the ability to lie with a straight face is an essential skill for a career in politics and the public sector).

The Parliamentary expenses scandal is documented elsewhere but as an example of the contempt for the taxpayer and the overbearing sense of entitlement displayed by a politician, one only has to take a cursory look at the Jacqui Smith scandal.

This venal freeloader was appointed Home Secretary which came with a grace and favour apartment in the classic Admiralty Arch and a salary/expenses package worthy of a lottery winner. Smith turned down the accommodation and went on to claim that a box room in her sister's home was her primary residence.

According to the 'rules', she was thus 'entitled' to a series of taxpayer funded allowances and expenses for her personal residence.  She maximized these to the full including 80p sink plugs and pornographic movies for her husband to pleasure himself with while she herself slept blissfully in her sister's box room.  (Smiths husband was also employed as her secretary on an eye watering $67,300 per annum, care of the taxpayer).

Smith's constituents did the right thing and booted her out at the next election but the public teat is addictive and taxpayers are an endless source of money.  She has been given work by the BBC, ironically making a documentary on porn, and she is currently in possession of a sinecure with KPMG, care of her old boss Phony Tony Blair.

The extent of the looting is enormous,  it is being carried out with impunity and with complete disregard for the fact that this money has been earned by someone else then confiscated by the government under threat of imprisonment.

After a series of scandals, the disgraced senior management declared open season at the taxpayer funded BBC;  six figure payoffs were the norm, including $800,000 for one executive alone.  The Metropolitan police 'service' were called in but refused to open an investigation due to lack of evidence.  The politicized Metropolitan Police only investigate 'hate crimes' these days, in the interests of political correctness and community cohesion.

Another bottomless pit of taxpayer loot can be found at local council offices across the country.  Serving the public appears not to be a priority for these fat cats.

Council bureaucrat and career parasite Mark Hammond walked off with a $410,000 payoff before re-attaching himself to the public nipple with an appointment to the taxpayer funded Equality and Human Rights Commission, a short time after.

Kent County Council leader Kathrine Kerswell walked away with a staggering $950,000 payoff after only 20 months work.  Kent taxpayers doled out a massive $17,280,000 in exit payments for council bureaucrats in 2011/12 alone.

The giant socialist monstrosity misnamed the  National Health Service (NHS), is tailor made for looting bureaucrats. The public are being led to believe that the NHS is short of funding for patient care, yet the sky's the limit for paying off parasites.

Nine hundred and fifty managers have walked away with six figure payoffs, many of whom have resurfaced in another part of the NHS shortly after. The NHS has paid out a scandalous $2.2 billion since 2010 in severance packages for bureaucrats.  This is pillaging of the public purse on an enormous scale and from an economy the people are told has no money.

For more looting of the public purse, see here,  here and here.

Government ministers have acknowledged that there is a problem with excessive payouts to bureaucrats but have so far failed to do anything about it or to recoup any of the money on behalf of the taxpayer.

The sad fact is that politicians, thieving bureaucrats and government ministers are all part of the same machine that regards the public as it's servants and their hard earned money as their own to do with as they please.

I live in hope that one day the people wake up from their self induced slumber and hold these shysters to account, then vote the bums out once and for all.

Update:  To add insult to injury the odious career bureaucrat, Sharon Shoesmith, who's department's incompetence resulted in the horrific death of Baby Peter Connolly, walked away with a $960,000 pay off after challenging her sacking.

This package was arranged by her fellow bureaucrats on Haringey Council. Who says the political class doesn't look after its own?

Update II: Taxpayers gouged for another $320,000 for lawyers fees in Shoesmith case.

Update III: Looting at its worst. NHS give husband and wife team $1,600,000 taxpayer funded payoff and re-hires them shortly after.

There is no recourse for the taxpayer.


  1. "I live in hope that one day the people wake up from their self induced slumber and hold these shysters to account, then vote the bums out once and for all."

    I'd prefer to see them strung up, personally.

    1. So would I but don't tell them that or they'll do a runner.

  2. "....the economic illiteracy that is endemic among the political class and their cronies; a political class who always seem to be immune from the consequences of their own incompetence."

    So true,Daniel and for almost every government in any "democracy". One day the people will realise that it is their elected "representatives" that are the cause of their impoverished retirement, their shrinking pay-packet, their access to an ever shambolic and incompetent health provider and educational system, and the reason they have to work harder, for more hours and for longer. All of them are in this together, whether red, blue or green, and will cover for each other for as long as they can get away with it. Hemp rope and lamp posts!

  3. Your analysis is spot on and is fast becoming the universal point of view.

    There also seems to be a concensus forming that rope and lamp posts is the only solution for these unapologetic thieving shysters.

    I won't shed a tear, they've brought it on themselves.