Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Young Mother Murdered By Ethnic Gang In London - Cultural Enrichment British Style

Any murder of an innocent person is a tragedy but the murder of a young mother out celebrating her birthday with friends is an even bigger of a waste of life because of a child's loss of a parent.

The area of London where this tragedy took place is Kilburn, which, in the days of my own misspent youth, was a gathering place for the Irish community. I can recall crawling around the Irish pubs in Kilburn prior to attending football matches at Wembley Stadium. Football days at Wembley consisted of boozing, hilarity and general misbehavior but it was all in fun. The Irish were great hosts and even though they had no involvement in the matches they joined in the ribaldry anyway, just for the crack or whatever they called it.

The Kilburn of today has followed the all too familiar pattern resulting from imposed multi-culturalism: the Irish community has been supplanted by Afro-Caribbeans, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalis, Sri Lankans and all manner of other third world immigrants.

Its doesn't take a genius to work out that the character of the area has changed beyond recognition and for the worse. Ethnic street gangs are rife and bring with them the inevitable illegal drug industry accompanied by violent turf wars that were missing when the Irish were dominant.

The murder of twenty four year old Sabrina Moss and the injuring of her friend is a tragedy and it raises several important issues concerning, the police, the local and national politicians and the consequences for the future.

The attitude of the police is indicative of the transformation that this so called 'service' has undergone since it was politicized by the Blair government as part of the cultural replacement agenda.

The officer in charge of the investigation in Kilburn, a John Sandlin, who labours under the grandiose title of  Acting Deputy Superintendent of Scotland Yards Homicide and Major Crime Command, has nothing to say other than the usual platitude that the victim "was in the wrong place at the wrong time".

Personally I find this trite comment unacceptable, it is as close as one can get to saying the victim was partially at fault for her own demise: he is suggesting that had she celebrated her birthday 'in the right place' she would still be alive today. It also suggests that a citizen's right to walk the Queens highway unmolested and 'without let or hindrance' is no longer applicable in vast areas of the country. 'No go' areas have arrived and if the police 'service' have their way, they are here to stay, protected by useful idiots like John Sandlin. (What's the odds that the size of Sandlin's salary matches the size of his job title?)

I am not so naive as to believe that rough areas don't exist in other towns and cities, in fact I come from one of the poorest and roughest areas in the South Wales coalfield, but people can still visit, celebrate their birthdays and not get killed.

The politicized police 'service' is so obsessed with political correctness and diversity that they will not effectively tackle ethnic minority criminals unless it is absolutely unavoidable. The police and the politicians have stood by as whole areas were turned into ethnic ghettos with individual groups staking claim to and defending their own turf.

This disaster for the British people is a direct result of the 'progressive' cultural replacement agenda which was facilitated by Tony Blair's open border mass immigration policy. Ethnic gang violence should  have been stopped when immigrants started arriving in ever increasing numbers, but imposing multi-culturalism took precedence over maintaining law and order and protecting the public.

Prior to Blair's mass immigration disaster the British people were enthralled by the bloody gangland rivalry between the Kray and the Richardson gangs with the only visible gang violence taking place between the Mods and the Rockers. These two groups of youths would beat the crap out of each other at seaside towns on Bank holiday weekends. By today's standards this was tame stuff.

The traditional crime families have been replaced by violent ethnic criminal gangs who have imported their bloody ancient rivalries onto the streets of British towns and cities making them off limits to decent law abiding citizens.

In a recent shootout on the streets of North London, not a stones throw from Kilburn, nineteen year old Mohammad Hussein, a piece of low life criminal scum, was shot dead by another piece of low life criminal scum in revenge for the murder of a rival gang member. He was shot dead as he exited his BMW and at a time when four members of his gang were due to stand trial for the original  murder. (A BMW at aged nineteen, nice work if you can get it).

It would be interesting to know if this criminal scumbag or his friends were in receipt of any taxpayer funded  welfare benefits.

Decent law abiding citizens will be rejoicing at the fact that there is one less piece of dog sh*t polluting the streets of their capital city but this shootout could have claimed another innocent victim like Sabrina Moss. Undoubtedly any victim would have been dismissed by the likes of Acting Deputy Superintendent of Scotland Yard blah blah blah..John Sandlin because they were "in the wrong place at the wrong time".

Unsurprisingly, the political class and their useful idiots ignore this carnage on the streets of Great Britain and continue to delude themselves that the country is an idyllic, multi-cultural Utopia where all ethnic groups celebrate diversity in an atmosphere of peaceful co-existence.

Despite the evidence of their own eyes, the teaching fraternity in Kilburn ignore the ethnic bloodshed taking place on the streets outside their classrooms and continue to celebrate diversity in attempt to brainwash their vulnerable pupils. Read this and despair.

Regardless of any promises made by the LibLabCon political shysters as they shamelessly tout for votes, there is no sign that will act to stop the open border mass immigration disaster. Mono-cultural ghettos will continue to thrive and the number of innocent victims of ethnic violence will continue to rise. These victims and the well being of their loved one's will continue to be ignored in the interests of cultural sensitivity and community cohesion.

For the attention of Tony Blair and the current 'progressive' elite -  It doesn't take a genius to work out that Indians hate Pakistanis who in turn, hate Bangladeshis. Sri Lankan Tamils hate Indians, Kurds hate Turks, Turks hate Greeks, Cypriots hate Turks, Arabs hate Jews and Muslims hate everyone. If these ethnic groups hate and kill each other in the big wide world outside, how are they supposed to get along together and celebrate diversity in Kilburn?


  1. You've a keen interest in social history Daniel, just like myself. When I grew up there were no 'social tensions' because we were one people - a settled people with a long, long history. Our 'end of days' began with victory over the Nazis and the election of the first post-war Labour government. We didn't know it then but the 'long march through the institutions' was just a decade or so away.

    The 1960's and 70's were the decades which spawned today's traitors, traitors of their own people. They followed the rules they were taught: of the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory and cultural relativism. If we do expire as a people (nation) then history must record these deeds as ends justifying the means. A socialist multi-racial utopia was bought at the cost of the historic peoples of the British Isles. Genocide.

    My Mum is from Treherbert, Daniel


    1. Your analysis is very similar to mine Steve. It was the 60's and 70's generation that took their eyes off the ball and let the rot set in.

      The years between then and the advent of Blair were spent preparing the agenda. The transformation started with a vengeance with the Labour election victory in 1997.

      Blair and the political class thereafter are all guilty of ethnic cleansing and traitors to their country.

      I visited Treherbet during my last tour, it's a great town. Your mum came form a historic place.

  2. The one and only "ethnic gang" that is resolutely policed is the EDL. Says a lot really.

    The fear by white people of being labelled a racist is Marxism's greatest success and until such time that the indigenous population of the UK shakes off this fear they will standby and allow this to happen.

    1. Doesn't bother me! In fact I'd be somewhat disappointed if a leftard did not call me a racist. One answer to the accusation.....
      Do you know what a racist is? It's someone who believes that different races have different capabilities and characteristics. Ever watched the Olympics?

    2. It might not bother you, and quite rightly so, but the rest of merry old England (and Wales) are so hand-wringingly careful to not insult other races or cultures (and, believe me, I do mean this in the nicest way possible, after all 1/2 my DNA comes from there). I also accept it as a badge of honour to be called a racist, an Islamophobe or a right wing extremist.

    3. I don't know much about the EDL but I'm in the process of finding out. What I do know is, as you say, that they are rigorously policed. More on that at later date.

      As for being called a racist, personally I don't care, I know I'm not and my ex pat career is proof.

      This kind of name calling is a smear designed to intimidate and close down any debate on immigration. Unfortunately you are right, the rest of British people live in fear of being called a racist.

      The authorities live in fear that one day the people will lose this fear because their days will be numbered thereafter.

  3. I hate Tony Bliar and most politicians today, and my hatred grows by the day, not that I will act upon it as others described in your blog do.

    More's the pity.

    1. You are not alone Roger, Blair and the political shysters are so corrupted they have that effect on people. What we need is for more and more people to see through the spin and lies and act accordingly.

      I live in hope.

  4. This reminds me of a case that happened in 1993 or so, a few months before (or was it after?) the murder of Stephen Lawrence. You might, just might, have heard about the Lawrence case, but a cyber tenner says you haven't heard of the case I'm about to mention. A young white man, in his teens, I believe, was murdered by a gang of about fifteen Asians in Somers Town, a not-so-pleasant part of north London, between Camden Town, Euston and King's Cross. As far as I know, only one member of that gang has ever been arrested and tried for that crime, and he did a short stretch for the relatively minor offence of assault or GBH. There are probably 'detectives' from that case who have now retired and are living in safe, pleasant areas like Dorset or the Algarve, and spend their days going for drives in the countryside or playing golf, when they should be doing a bit of time at Her Majesty's, for failing to do the job they should have been doing.

    By the way, the Irish word you want in the second paragraph is spelt 'craic'.

  5. Thanks for that, you are correct, I have never heard of this awful crime. It is a further demonstration that the authorities, including the police 'service', will cover up crimes committed by ethnics. It also demonstrates that they don't care about the victims of crime if the are white.

    I looked up Somers Town too, it appears to be one of the most violent areas in London. I notice it's referred to as a multi-cultural area as opposed to a ghetto.

    Looks like I owe you a cyber tenner.

    This is worth reading.

    1. PS I would never have guessed it was spelled 'craic'.

    2. I only found out about that crime a couple of years ago myself. Not only are the police to blame for not investigating it, but the entire London media failed to mention it, as far as I'm aware.

      A few years ago, I worked on London Underground, and I can remember that when I was on the last shift of the day, I'd be standing on the Euston Road outside King's Cross station, waiting for a taxi home. It's a place where you need to keep your eyes and ears open and try not to have anything to do with any stranger. I shudder to think what Somers Town, just a stone's throw away, is like. Like my parents and brother and his family, I left London a few years ago, and moved to an area that's reasonably English. Wild horses couldn't drag me back to London now.

    3. I've been taking a closer look at this and I must admit that that as opposed to the Stephen Lawrence case, I have never heard of the Richard Everitt case.

      This is disturbing because it shows the complicity of the press, the police and the local MP, Frank Dobson to cover up a murder on the grounds of racial sensitivity.

      It's an appalling shame when residents have to move away from their home to protect their own security and especially when that home is the nations capital city.

      I hope that you and your family have found security and happiness in your new location and thanks for the information about the Richard Everitt case.