Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bob Geldof Scares The Kids - Irish Horseman Of The Apocalypse Predicts The End

Apart from English Premier League football matches and Top Gear I tend to avoid television altogether but for some unknown reason I recently tuned into the Science Channel to be pleasantly surprised and very much enlightened. The programme in question was 'How The Planet Works' which gave an informative hour on the construction and workings of the planet from the outer mantle down to the solid iron core.

It would appear that scientists have been studying the inside of the planet for over one hundred and fifty years but are still mystified as to how it works. They have confirmed that the solid core has been cooling since the earth was a molten ball of lava some four billion years ago and as it cools it affects the magnetic field. This magnetic field is vitally important as it protects the planet from the lethal radiation emitted by the sun.

Scientists have discovered an anomaly in the earth's magnetic field which stretches over a vast area of the North Atlantic. This anomaly negatively affects the instrumentation on the thousands of satellites that orbit the earth; even the instruments on the Hubble Space Telescope have to be switched off when it passes over the affected area to prevent damage.

These scientists and experts have put forward their evidence, calculations and theories for discussion and debate but they cannot explain this anomaly or many other aspects of the inner earth's behavior.

What also cannot be explained is how a failed Irish musician, who hasn't even mastered the most basic of tasks, such as combing his hair or taking off his sunglasses in a brightly lit room, can predict that the world will end in 2030 because of Man Made Global Warming, which has now been renamed Climate Change due to the lack of warming.

Bob Geldof was recruited and wheeled out in front of the One Young World conference in South Africa to scare the kids about the coming global apocalypse facing humanity due to the Man Made Global Warming disaster which, according to him, is caused by the selfish indulgences of the West.

It must have taken him months to walk to South Africa as we can assume he didn't fly due to the carbon pollution of aeroplanes which, incidentally doesn't seem to bother the globe trotting climate change alarmist, Al Gore.

It is unlikely that Geldof mentioned the humanitarian disaster taking place next door in Zimbabwe which was caused by one of the Wests' favourite sons, Robert Mugabe.  It is probably beyond Geldof's mental capabilities to understand that the type of forced redistribution of land and wealth that was visited upon the people of Zimbabwe would be more catastrophic than global warming were it imposed on a global scale.

How Geldof, better known as Saint Bob, went from a one hit wonder musician and failed actor to one of the world's foremost experts on climate science is a mystery.  One suspects that the climate change industry is using Saint Bob's notoriety as a so called activist to give some credibility to their rapidly failing scam in order to keep the grant money rolling in and the cause of global socialism on track.

When Saint Bob's career is put under the microscope it reveals a ruthless manipulator who used his contacts in the music industry and images of starving children to send dumbed down vulnerable kids on a guilt trip which, by accident or design, brought him back into the public eye and gave him a positive public image.

Despite being an utter failure in ending famine in Ethiopia (or anywhere else for that matter) or 'making poverty history' with his fellow multi-millionaire, Saint Bono, whenever a politician wants to exploit a humanitarian crisis for personal gain they arrange a photo opportunity with Saint Bob.

Images of Saint Bob with global figures have been making people sick from the covers of glossy magazines for decades.  Everyone from political shysters like Bill Clinton and carbon billionaire Al Gore to Nelson Mandela and David Cameron would like a photo opportunity with Saint Bob.

The fact that Geldof has been an unmitigated disaster for the people of Ethiopia and the world's poorest doesn't seem to deter these opportunists.  They will exploit his undeserved reputation for being a humanitarian activist in the hope it will burnish their own credentials by association.

Ethiopia has suffered famines from the ninth century to this day and there is nothing Saint Bob can do to stop it. He can however make things immeasurably worse by his ignorance and his emphasis on showering aid money, as opposed to education in good governance and famine management.

Ethiopia has suffered war and dictatorship under the eye of the utterly useless United Nations for generations.  It would benefit the world's poor more if Geldof and the UN campaigned against the dictators who loot the treasuries of these poor nations, including development aid money, than to campaign for the cancellation of third world debt.

The latest UN approved kleptocracy in Ethiopia is busy looting the treasury and appropriating arable land for their families and cronies; at the same time the world is being warned that a food shortage is imminent and aid money will be required to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

These crisis are recurring events that the world could mitigate but refuses to do the right thing. Famine is a multi-billion dollar industry that makes a small number of people very rich; Bob Geldof being one.

Read these articles from the Ethiopian Review and be informed.

The history of famine in Ethiopia.

Famine profiteering in Ethiopia

What should the world do and not do to save Ethiopians

Why are Ethiopians starving again

In conclusion it must be noted that having gained his notoriety during the Ethiopian famine in 1983/4 and as an anti-poverty campaigner since, Saint Bob Geldof has become an expert in climate science and climbed aboard the 'combating climate change' bandwagon.

Using fear and the threat of an apocalyptic end to the human race by 2030, Geldof and the rest of the charlatans advocate a global redistribution of wealth in order to cool the planet.

Apparently if all the nations and people of the world were equally poor this would stop the worlds temperature from rising; which it isn't.  It would stop the polar icecaps from melting; which they are not.  It would stop polar bear numbers from falling; which they are not.  But most importantly of all, stop the oceans from rising but Barack Obama has already promised to achieve that personally.

Update: As more people become aware that the whole climate change issue is scam the industry is adopting more desperate rhetoric to protect their taxpayer funded grants.

Some idiot in Hawai'i is predicting Armageddon in 45 years time. At least he's given us more time to party than Saint Bob.

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